Well they did it. Minutes after I posted my last update on the Winds of Fortune they posted two new ones so I guess I have to write some more to stay up to date!

Down the Cavalier Road

This Wind of Fortune is quite a complicated one, it gives the reader a brief summary of what the majority of the Summer Eternals are up to and what they think about the Empire at the moment. 

Eleonaris – Last summit the Empire made a great big statue in her honour and ceded it to her. She has been flattered and pleased by this and so does not seem to be angry with the Empire anymore. However, she is still not allowing people to use the Knights of Glory ritual, but having thought things over she has decided she doesn’t want anyone using it. She is going to make a new ritual and the Summer Archmage should get some info about it at some point at the winter solstice.

Jaheris – Last summit Jaheris’s squad won the Tourney of the Icy Crag so now he is the patron of the magical college. As such he has sent a couple of heralds to help out there and now the college is basically super charged for making new curses. At the base amount the college can study 15 ranks of magnitude each season, but this can be added to by paying money for expensive ingredients or items. It starts off at being 2 thrones for the first five ranks, then 5 for the second five ranks, then ten thrones, and it keeps doubling. 

Cathan Canae – She still disapproves of the Empire’s choice to give up land for treaties and things. 

Adamant – Seems pretty chill, very pleased with the Master of Koboldi’s work.

Barien – Will be hosting a party at the Autumn summit for the people who have fulfilled his challenges to come and talk about what they have done. More to come on that in a future wind of fortune.

Meraud – Another Eternal that doesn’t seem to bothered about anything the Empire is up to, pretty pleased in general, nothing to report.

Rhianos – Very chuffed with the Empire right now, we’re doing lots of adventurous stuff which is right up his alley so he is pleased with us. Has an offer that will be in a future wind of fortune that hasn’t come out just yet.

Hayaak – Unfortunately, Hayaak is pissed off with the empire because it was some imperial citizens who apparently went and beat him up which resulted in him losing his Major Eternal status. Also one of his heralds went to a party and they were sat next to one of the aforementioned imperial citizens. In revenge he has thrown his backing fully behind the Jotun and is doing his best to persuade Eleonaris to do the same. Hayaak’s heralds have said that until this Edric de Gauvain is executed and his head gifted to Hayaak he will stay allied with the Jotun, however this is a bit of a pickle because de Gauvain is apparently already dead and if I’m reading it correctly couldn’t have gone to the party that the Herald was insulted at as it was over three years ago that he died. Tricky business that.

Anyway, apparently, one of the reasons that there is so much going on with the Dawnish and the Summer Eternals at the moment is because an enchanter of Dawn is trying to coax a number of Eternals into putting forth offers to be the patron of one of the Dawnish armies. Anyone in Dawn who is a recognised enchanter can have a go at speaking to one of the Eternals and trying to get them to become a patron of an army. This patronage would be a contract so as long as the empire held up their end the eternal would be bound by it, though things would probably get tricky if they were seriously pissed off or put under enmity.

The enchanters who want to get involved have until summer next year to do so. Currently, Eleonaris seems to be in the bag for this, but everyone else is fair game. There is a maximum of five Eternals that can be patrons, with the idea that the same one can’t be called on two seasons in a row. Every time one got called on the army would have a very specific quality that would be linked to that eternal.

The Wind of Fortune has a big list of all the Eternals and what each wants versus what they would give. Check that out for more details.

The Bones of What You Know

This one got a sudden change of name this morning so it is lucky that I didn’t start this summary until after that! Anyway the general idea of this wof is that the Navaar have a lot of interesting history, over the years of Empire more and more has come out about the Terunael Empire and the creation of the Vallorn. However, last summit a synod mandate was put out to say that basically the Navaar should look to their own history rather than that of ancient Terunael and that they should be proud of what they have accomplished rather than constantly looking back at what they had. 

So there is an opportunity to expand the Great Library of Hacynian and turning it into a centre for Navaar history and focus it on the study of ways to destroy the Vallorn. It would need to be commissioned as a Folly and would require “50 wains of white granite, 40 wains of weirwood, and 30 wains of mithril, 240 crowns in labour, and taking a year to complete” after which point it would take another two years for the big study on the Vallorn to be completed. 

There are also ways that this two year study period could be considerably shortened. 

One is for the League Assembly to tell their followers to look through their libraries and find out anything about Navaar or the Vallorn and share it with the Great Library. They could also send their army, the Towerjacks, who are military engineers to help build the library. With all this help the two year period would be shortened by three months, aka it would be one season shorter and the info would come an event prior.

Highguard could similarly issue a mandate telling their people to look in their libraries for anything that might come in handy for learning about the Vallorn and Navaar. If this was done it could also shorten the study period by three months.

The general assembly could also put forth a mandate talking up the Great Library, however rather than shortening the study time, it would instead mean that the person in charge of the Great Library would receive loads and loads of building resources from the various ministries all over the Empire. The public bourse would be stripped of these resources too. But the Great Library would have access to as much as they would need to get the Library done as quickly as possible. Once the building work was finished (or something else happened to stop the library from being built) then the resources would go back to normal.

Additionally, the Advisor on the Vallorn could ask the Historical Researchers in the Civil Service to concentrate their focus on finding out as much as they can on the Vallorn etc. This would reduce the number of historical research slots to one per season as the researchers would be too busy. This would reduce the study time line by six months, aka two events.

In total all of these different research boosts could take a year off the research time frame.

However the opportunity for getting this done is very, very limited. Literally just this event in fact. Expect the Navaar to be incredibly busy and stressed this event because this is basically an offer to get them the ultimate goal for their nation in a couple of years, rather than a thousand.

There is also an option to build a new ministry which would act as a staging post for people going off on adventures to find out about the Vallorn. Navaar with a military unit could then take the downtime action to “Explore the Ruins of Terunael” and they would get money, forest resources, herbs, and spring vis. There would also be a shiny new wiki page all about the Terunael ruins.

And then for something a bit different

Last summit there was a vote to pick a new name for the city of Seren, the City of Dreams won out and now there is an opportunity to build a special temple called the Temple of the Waking Dream which would give more liao and synod votes to congregation holders in Miaren. 

Finally, there is a choice of mandates which could be raised to bring the assemblies of Highguard and Navaar more closely in sync.

And that’s it, I’m expecting that this will work the same magic that my post last night did and a whole bunch more posts will come from PD once I publish this. Fingers crossed for some good ones!