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Currently the only thing keeping this website going is a whole lot of caffeine and hope. Donate to the first to inspire the second!

As readers and writers cheap ways of getting your hands on books is always going to be super important, check out the links below for some of the best ways to get your hands on those books! Plus if you sign up to any of the deals in the links below we get a little money sent our way as a thank you from Amazon!

Here is a link to a free month’s trial for Kindle Unlimited!

Plus, a link to a month’s free trial for the Kid Friendly version of Kindle Unlimited!

And, here is a link to a free month’s trial for Audible!

We are also lucky enough to have an affiliate membership with Smashwords, so if you want to buy books there just follow the link here to go to their front page. The folks over there are really generous to affiliates like us and we’ll get about 11% of the proceeds from any sales!

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