Watched Plot Never Boils

The website for author K Mackay


Hello and welcome to the personal website of K Mackay. I am an author, writing mostly in the many and varied Science Fiction and Fantasy sub-genres. I also write quirky, queer romance stories under the name Tobi Mackay. I also do copy writing, editing, and beta reading, so stick a comment under this post if you would like to get in contact with me. You can find links to my work and where you can buy it, here. You can also find various deals that I have searched out of the dark and dusty corners of the web, here

If you are here to read my posts on niches and trends in the various eBook markets, you can find them under the eBook Data category. Unfortunately I do not have the time to write an extra 6000+ words a week on this subject, but I will try and add to this when I can. I have also got some posts where I have written about trends and niches more generally, and they can be found under the Trend Advice category. And sometimes I write about the things I want to buy when I have the money to do so, the books can be found here, and the Larp and Cosplay stuff can be found on my personal blog.

I also have a personal blog which you can find, here, where I talk about what I am getting up to and what I am looking forward to in the future. I talk about writing a lot, mostly because that is kind of my life right now? And I also point out interesting things that I have come across, whether they are for research or writing opportunities. What I’m saying is that I am gossipy and this where I gossip, basically.

Also, as a heads up. I am Scottish and I live in Scotland. So that will flavour my posts quite a bit. I will also use Scots and slang from this part of the world quite often. I hope you enjoy what you find on this website and feel free to drop me a line whenever you feel like it, I read all the comments.


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