Well, it’s another day and some new updates from Profound Decisions. There was a bit of a delay because of some family emergencies on their end, but because they got the posts up at a reasonable time today, I was able to write them up pretty much immediately. Hope you enjoy!

Good Old Smooth Red Wine

Every season the leader of the Prosperity Virtue Assembly gets a chance to direct people to think of ideas to bring Prosperity to a certain area. This time it is the Dawnish territory of Astolat’s turn. The majority of these offers are for Yeofolk of the territory since the Dawnish nobility are not supposed to have anything to do with money. 

To put it simply there are a whole bunch of different markets that could be built. Some of them are for building resources like mithril and weirwood, while others are just for good old-fashioned money or magical items. New titles would also be created for this since someone would need to be in charge of them and these would be voted into position by the traditional Dawnish routes.

In addition to more markets, there is the chance to create an area that would be inhabited by the heralds of Rhianos (Eternal, deals a lot with the adventure and the sea) and which would inspire the owners of fleets and military units to go off and do great and glorious deeds. They would then get the chance to do a specific downtime action which would get them summer vis (mana specific to a single realm). This area would be a small forest with mithril fish hung from the boughs; it would cost some money and resources but more importantly, it would have to be ceded to Rhianos and would work until such a time as they are put under enmity by the Conclave.

There is also an opportunity to refurbish the tournament grounds at Laroc. The basic benefit for this would be to bring more money to the various businesses in the Astolat region, however, there are also some bonus benefits to the owners of military units. To begin with, for the next year expanding your military unit would cost one less mithril per upgrade. ALSO in the season after the tournament grounds are fixed up the Castellan of Spiral Castle is willing to pay for up to a dozen first-rank military units to get upgraded to the second rank. 

These opportunities are only available until next summer.

Throw Back The Echoes

This Wind of Fortune is all about how the Dawnish have a bee in their bonnet about the Barrens. 

Last summit the general assembly put forth a mandate that means anyone fighting in the Barrens under any quality but break the chains will get a -1 penalty; since the Imperial Orcs are the only ones who can do this the Dawnish are not thrilled as it makes it significantly harder for them to conquer the territory. This has made the Dawnish stick their heels in by all accounts and now there are competing mandates from the Dawnish assembly about taking it as a challenge. One option is to raise a mandate that will give all Dawnish armies fighting ANYWHERE else a -1 penalty. Another option is to raise a mandate that means the Dawnish armies in the Barrens would be working to try and save the orcs who have left the Druj, because making it harder makes it more glorious to win!


Some eternals are offering ways to make this easier(?).

Jaheris (The Unicorn Prince, Summer Eternal) is offering to send a whole bunch of magical warriors (and some murderous unicorns, because branding) to help defend Dawnguard. This would be a force of 2500 specifically for defending Dawnguard and not anything else, and they would stay there as long as there was a fane for Jaheris there. Because yes, this is one of the fane deals where we cede some land to one of the eternals and they get to do whatever they want with it, which isn’t worrying at all. 

Janon (The Shadowed Prince, Night Eternal) wants to inspire the nobles of Dawn to great passion, aka give the Dawnish generals the chance to use the triumphant charge quality. The price he is asking for is that the Cathedral at Laroc be instead consecrated to the idea of Passion instead of the Way. This would create a title which would receive five night vis every season, Janon has his preferred person to get this but normally it would have tenure and would be chosen through a usual Dawnish way.

Tharim (Lord-In-Chains, Winter Eternal) has also offered to help. If the Dawnish agree to sacrifice 36 rings or 1 mana from every farm and mana site in the nation for a year then he will give a group of black plate armour-wearing knights which are equal to 1000 points of fighting force. In addition, if Dawn wished more cadres of knights then they could agree to hand over one (or more) of the commissions of Dawn to be destroyed his forces. There are four commissions that could be destroyed in this way to get these magical soldiers, and to do so it would have to be abrogated through senate. 

Alright, that is the news for tonight! Hopefully, there will be more tomorrow!