Wow! That live stream really took it out of me! It turns out that talking to yourself for an hour is a lot harder when you don’t really have any clear topics!

Next time I need to make a list of things to talk about and a schedule to keep to. Hopefully, then there will be less waffling and babbling.

But it went pretty well, all things considered, I didn’t get any trolls thank goodness!

If you are wondering what the heck I am talking about, last Sunday (the 30th of January 2022) I celebrated the launch of an anthology that has one of my short stories! The book is Dragons and Heroines and my story is Miss Haversmith Appreciates. And if you would like to grab a copy it’s currently on sale through Amazon UK, link here. Also a more universal link here for everybody else, link.

But I’m really proud of this story and happy to have written it and sent it off into the big blue world AND had people like it enough to put it into their anthology. So big thank yous to Dragon Soul Press for doing that.

But yeah, I did a live stream to celebrate and I hope that if you like what I do here on this website you will also enjoy listening to me talk about my new story and what inspired me and so on and so forth.

Here is the video if you would like to watch it. Also if you have a YouTube account please do go and subscribe to my channel it’s going to be a mix of my interests, crafting, LARP, and writing (hence the name Crafty LARPer, link here). I have about 5 subscribers at the moment so any positive attention makes my day.

Stay safe out there,