Hi folks I have some big news!

As some of you may remember from when I announced it last year, I have a short story coming out at the end of this month! It is going to be in the Dragons and Heroines Anthology from Dragon Soul Press and it will go live on the 30th of January. Here is an Amazon UK link and a link that should work for everyone everywhere.

But that’s not all.

To celebrate it I am going to be doing a live stream on my new YouTube channel!

Yes, somehow I have battled through the high winds of my procrastination to start posting weekly videos on YouTube! My channel is called Crafty LARPer and I would massively appreciate anyone who follows me on here going over there and subscribing to my channel. Here is the link to it.

At the moment it is mostly videos talking about the sewing projects I have taken on this year, but as I get through my to do list on that front I am looking forward to including more videos about my writing and all the other loves of my life. But back to the writing stuff.

The livestream to promote the book will start at 7pm UK time on the 30th of January 2022 and unless something goes wrong the video will be kept on the channel after that. So if you can’t watch the livestream live then you can watch it at your leisure. Also, after the livestream is finished I will do another post about it on here with the video embedded so even if you don’t watch it on YouTube itself it will still be available to you here on the website. 

I really hope to see some of you there on the night, here is a link to my channel and once more the livestream will be starting at 7pm UK time on the 30th of January 2022. And if you’d like to get your hands on the book here is the link for that as well!

I hope you are all doing well out there, I’m muscling through my usual winter hibernation sickness and am looking forward to the sun coming back!