More Winds of Fortune!

We're starting off with Welly Boots, then Battle Cries, Rings and Crowns, Windfall, Chords, and ending with the Fate of the Many.
There are still more to come, but this post is getting stupidly long so I'm only including this 6 before I move on to the next.

Welly Boots
This Wind is about the opportunities after Matilda Fisher's retreat from Bregasland.
The Strong Reed Army stayed in Bregasland throughout the war, this has impressed the Bregasfolk. General Amberlain P. Black also said that "The Reeds will not forget this and we will never abandon Bregasland again."
There is an opportunity to make this more than simple words, instead making it an oath that will have repercussions. One option is for the National Assembly to pass a mandate that will advertise this oath to the people, then in the future whenever the Strong Reeds fight in Bregasland they will get an additional 1000 force from the locals willing lend a hand. Of course if the Strong Reeds were to go back on this, and for example not be there to defend Bregasland within a season of them being attacked, then this would have terrible repercussions. The army would never be able to Lie Low in the territory again and many more locals would align with the enemy.
There is also the opportunity to swear the oath on a pewter charm with ties to the Lictors, this oath would then go beyond Amberlain and mean the Strong Reed army would forever be sworn in a way that would give the Lictors power over them if they broke the oath.
The Breadbasket (a series of grain silos and food stores) has been looted by the various armies. It will take a long time to naturally be restocked, but it would only take 3 months if 15 thrones were to be thrown at the problem. This will be the responsibility of the Keeper of the Breadbasket.
There is also an option to hand over the breadbasket to the Greywater family in thanks for their help in the war, this would reduce the ability of the Breadbasket to support armies and give money to the farmers of the Marches. If the Greywaters are not supported in this way then the old rumours of them being poachers will come back even stronger.
There is now an option to extend the Breadbasket to include the Mournwold, this would mean that 1080 rings would be shared between the farmers in the territory. It would cost 35 weirwood, 15 white granite, 100 crowns, and take six months to complete.
Saturday 21:30 - The traitor Bushel Sykes has been seen hanging about in Ottery, there is a conjunction there with room for 5 people and General Asenath has been chosen to arrange for it. The civil service thinks this is going to be a trap.

Battle Cries
This Wind is about the repercussions of the fight against the Vyig, it includes some skirmishes and opportunities.
Overall the Vyig are pretty much smashed, but they still have some strongholds and the skirmishes are to finish up specific groups.
Friday 20:15 - The last Vyig of Tassato are fleeing south, they are taking with them important information on the identities and whereabouts of spies in foreign and barbarian nations. The Custodian of the Regario Dossier is responsible for making arrangements for this skirmish.
Friday 20:45 - The last Vyig of Varushka are going to the Butterfly Holt to destroy it, presumably under the orders of whatever eldritch patron they have picked up. There is a chance it is a local Sovereign or an Autumn eternal, so they might be powered up a bit. The Gloaming Sentinel is responsible for making arrangements for this skirmish.
Friday 21:15 - The last Vyig of Temeschwar are holed up in a fortress outside the city after a failed attack on the Assayer's Guild. This caused something of a diplomatic incident as they killed several members of a trade party from the Iron Confederacy. The family of the slain want the head of the leader and the hands of as many of her minions as possible, or else they will not return to trade again. This is made trickier as apparently this branch of the Vyig have contacts with an immortal artisan who has kept them well armed and armoured. The Custodian of the Assayer's Guild is responsible for arranging this skirmish.
At the moment the names of those who took the fight to the Vyig is private, but a carta has a list and they want to know if this list should be publicised to honour those who did the work. There is a mandate available for the League National Assembly, they may choose whether or not the names should be made public. This may result in further rewards being given to those who fought the Vyig.
Despise the Thieving Bandit
Several resources have been taken from the Vyig and are available for characters to claim. Irada von Temeschwar is responsible for divvying up the League resources, while Vaclav Mladenovich Kosti has been given the responsibility for those in Varushkan lands. In addition, anyone wanting to change to a business in Tassato will not have to pay 2 crowns to do so as there are so many going cheap.
A Lantern for Wolves
There is an opportunity to create a new title which will investigate criminals in the League, it would be called the Lantern Wolf. It would cost 10 wains of weirwood, 10 wains of white granite, 40 crowns, and take three months to build. They would receive 20 crowns a season to pay for their investigations. Depending on where in the League it was built, the title would be expected to have a different flavour to reflect the different tones that the cities have.
This has a deadline of Winter 385.

Rings and Crowns
This Wind is about Highguard, partly about their wish to be the best older siblings ever, and also about the fact that a spy ring was found in Necropolis.
Kinship and Greatness
Every season the Highguard National Assembly can choose another nation to send help to, however last season the League National Assembly put out a mandate refusing such help. Urizen, Navaar, and the Brass Coast have already had it so they cannot get it again, which leaves Dawn, Imperial Orcs, the Marches, Wintermark, and Varushka who can be given aid.
In addition, Highguard can put forth alternate mandates in their own assembly to what is appearing in other nation's, three assemblies welcomed this attention and can now do the same. These were the League, Urizen, and Varushka.
Eyes of the Basilisk
The Seventh Wave army has discovered a massive spying ring in Necropolis, the Grendel were not merely coming to the city to buy things, but also to learn and investigate their on-again off-again enemies.
There is a mandate that allows the Seventh Wave to use the Guard the Gates action to hunt out a spy ring, this will last for the next year. It can only be activated if a spy ring has already been discovered.
There are other ways to root out a spy ring, but they are complicated, especially since there could be spy rings in any of the coastal cities on the Bay of Catazar. Even Tassato, which is actually a bit inland, could be in trouble. Also potentially under threat is Spiral, all the Grendel there may not be answering to Salt Lord Kaliact.
But whatever needs to be done needs to be fairly subtle. Just announcing it to the populace may cause more issues than having a spy ring in the first place, after all.
Glare of the Noonday Sun
The Hall of the Noonday Sun wish to gift an ancient Atun's Ring (an artisan item that is very expensive and which gives the owner a rank of any realm for a single ritual once per day) to whoever was most responsible for the destruction of the Miasma Pillars in Zenith. This will be up to the Imperial Conclave to choose. The spire have also asked that it be gifted as part of the regalia of a title, rather than just to an individual, but recognise that this may not be possible.
A Sacred City
The plans to recreate Bastion as a massive sacred city to compete with Timoj are still in the works, the choice hasn't even been made as to which of the virtues it would be dedicated so they can't commission it yet. There is also some backlash from the League, if a particular mandate is passed then the League will not be able to support any building projects outside their nation for the next year.
Virtue and Reward
So it turns out that there is a bit of a problem with some of the titles, they were put in place by Senate but were given the power to take money from the Virtue fund, this isn't allowed so these titles won't be able to do so from now on. But the title holders can and should push the senate to get other monetary rewards and look into getting reards from the Virtue Fund through the Synod instead. 
This was a PD mistake so they are fixing it with a bit of in character flavour.

This wind is all about the startling news that Spiral is moving to the League and will possibly be getting it's name changed to Apulian after the biggest city in the territory. The decision will be made by the nation's egregore's on Saturday as to whether or not it will be attempted. There will be Apulian orcs visiting throughout the weekend to answer questions, but a bigger group will be coming before the decision on Saturday so they can find out in person.
A Question of Loyalties
There are a lot of opinions on Salt Lord Kaliact's deal. They certainly share a lot of qualities with the people of the League, but in turn there are numerous differences. The one that seems to be causing the biggest stumbling block at the moment is the lack of Loyalty they showed in breaking off from the Grendel and attempting to join the Empire. There will be some Apulian orcs coming to speak with the people of the League this summit, presumably well before the Egregore's make their decisions over whether it is possible to bring them into the nation on Saturday.
There is also the problem that the Grendel follow a religion that is only similar, not the same, as the Way. Interestingly, the Apulian orcs don't seem to mind too much that they will likely have to make changes to align with Imperial Law.
The Power of Names
One thing they are very clear about, however, is that they want to change the name of the territory from Spiral to Apulian. This will have the effect of making it very clear to any Urizeni still living there that there is no chance of it being returned to them. To rename the territory will require a senate motion. 
The Spoils of Diplomacy
There is a giant mithril mine in Spiral, Salt Lord Kaliact understands that it will have to be given up to the Empire on the territory returning, but she and her followers are very determined to still be involved in how that will get figured out. Aside from that, an appraisal will have to be issued to allow more knowledge of the territory before more opportunities can be found. 
This is continued later in the wind, but I'll put the info here to make it more straightforward.
Essentially, the mine can be made either a national seat or a bourse seat. The first kind is voted on by the nation, the second is put up for sale in the Bourse auction. The Apulians have asked that it not be allocated until there is a Senator for the territory to discuss it at Senate. Especially since it is very important for building protections against the Black Plateau.
Senator for Spiral
The election for Senator of Spiral has been delayed until Autumn to allow for everything to get sorted out. Currently, there are no League Business owners (the voters in League elections) living in Spiral except, perhaps, the allies of Kaliact. If there are insufficient voters then it will have to be delayed a further season to allow people to move to Spiral and set up businesses. In future, the election will take place at the Summer Summit, on the anniversary of the territory joining the League.
This bit is all about the very complicated series of rules about who can vote and how quickly they can gain the vote after moving to Spiral. Best to read it yourself if you are interested.
New characters won't be affected by a delay, so will be able to vote as soon as they arrive, as long as they are from Spiral and have a business.
Importantly, any of the Apulian orcs with a business will be able to vote when Spiral joins the League, most of these people have businesses and apparently, there is someone they have in mind.
Ballaghadruh and the Apulian Palace
There are two fortresses in Spiral, currently they are under the control of the Apulian orcs but if the admission of Spiral goes ahead then the fortresses will become the responsibility of the Empire to keep in good condition. If the admission does not go ahead then they will presumably be the main defences against the Empire when they try to take it back.
Players cannot make new characters that are Apulian Orcs at the moment and you cannot play a human that was raised amongst them.

This Wind of Fortune is about the religion of the Apulian Orcs and how this might differ or be similar to that of the Way. I'm going to be honest, this one is pretty stripped down from what it says in the actual Wind. If you want to know more I really do recommend reading it, but this should be enough for you to get started with.
The Grendel Beliefs
The Grendel believe that there are several virtues which help an orc in crossing the Howling Abyss. Three of the virtues they follow are what the Empire call Ambition, Prosperity, and Vigilance. But there are several other ones which make things more complicated.
These virtues are audacity, cunning, fidelity, and retribution.
These might be entirely different virtues, they might be dangerous false virtues, they might just be different names for the virtues or aspects of the virtues, we don't know and further study needs to be done to figure these things out.
In particular, there is some worry about Retribution being another name for Vengeance. But the orcs seem happy enough to change the words they use when speaking of it, or even drop it entirely. Apparently the ultimate motivation for Grendel Orcs is Power, something that no longer works to bring you Power is no longer useful and therefore no longer a virtue.
A Statement of Principle will need to achieve a greater majority, which will create a mandate that will also have to pass, before anything is decided one way or the other for any of these virtues. The Apulian Orcs have asked that a decision be made so that they can understand which of these virtues they should follow to get ahead in the Empire, especially as they apparently believe that only the most powerful orcs will be able to cross the Howling Abyss.
And of course, if any major changes, like adding a new virtue to the Imperial roster, are wanted then this will take a significant amount of work. It will also likely cause some diplomatic issues with the other Way following nations, so that is something that should be considered before anyone jumps in.
There will be Apulian Orcs visiting Anvil and you can ask them questions about their religion, only a few of them are Questioners (their priests), but they will likely know more than the average Imperial citizen.

The Fate of the Many
This Wind of Fortune is about the people currently living in Spiral and what they think about this whole suddenly becoming Leaguers thing.
There are mixed feelings in that some people are really pissed off and some people are sad, but relieved, and some people are grimly determined.
The Path of Least Resistance
If nothing is done then the Urizeni living in Spiral will slowly leave until it is only the most determined who still live there. The magical college that uses the Heliopticon to analyse rituals will continue to work with the people of Spiral for as long as the Heliopticon still works there.
Victory in Defeat
Caela, a mage from Spiral, has offered an alternative view of it. Essentially she says the League are likely to lose Spiral to the Grendel again, if that happens then there will be another fight to reclaim it and Urizen can swoop in at this moment and regain their land. There is a mandate for those who might wish to support this point of view.
The Citadel Guard would face a penalty of twenty percent to its effective fighting strength for all purposes while fighting in Spiral while the territory was under the control of the League. The penalty would become a ten percent bonus to fight in Spiral if the territory was controlled by the Grendel. No one would aid the Grendel, but people wouldn't get in their way when they invaded either.
A Shared Victory
Agathea, one of the architects who has been profiting from the Grendel needing protection from the Black Plateau has an opinion. She thinks the Grendel are bloody awful and that the people of Spiral should stay in the territory to dilute the effect of the Grendel on the rest of the League. There is a mandate to support this viewpoint as well which would encourage people to stay in Spiral. 
The mandates for Victory in Defeat and A Shared Victory are in competition. You can enter other ones if they are significantly different from these two routes.
A Precious Secret
Rather than handing over the secret to keeping the Black Plateau from overly effecting you the Urizeni chose to allow the Grendel to commission them to build their houses. Currently, the cost to build any great works in Spiral is massively increased. Now that the territory is to become part of the League do they want to change their minds? If so there is a mandate that the Assembly can pass to have this done.
Wyrms and Serpents
Sadogua has offered to move something in Spiral to one of the other Urizeni territories, to do so Elyssiathian, Archmage of Night, must reaffirm that Sadogua is under Amity with the Conclave and in that declaration give the name of the object and where it should go. There are some rules about what can and cannot be moved, but mostly it seems to come down to size and it not belonging to another eternal.
This boon is only available until the end of the Autumn Equinox.
The Eternal Sung wants the Empire to create a title, the Oblivion Sentinel, with the responsibility to keep an eye on the Black Plateau. It would be an Urizeni national title and the General of the Army would be responsible for choosing who had it.
The title holder would reside at the Oblivion Edge Spire in Screed, which is currently under the protection of Sung, and they would be notified by the Eternal of any news from the Black Plateau, and would get a feather talisman that would allow them to communicate with them.
In addition, a pair of mithril statues could be built which would stop the current spy network working, but more importantly would allow anyone to use rituals to hide their home and create a mystical tie with the other parts of the Urizeni nation. It would basically allow the people living under this ritual to be able to act as if they are in another Urizen territory without having to move physically.
The resources under the shroud would be immune to conquered territory stat decreases, and would face no issues from being in a different nation.
Also, for a year after the creation of the statues, the cost of making the ritual permanent on your resource would "only" be 20 rings of illium.
The mithril statues would not require a senate commission, but would cost 10 wains of mithril, 20 crowns, and three months.