Hello everybody!

So last night’s virtual book club meeting seemed to go pretty well! We chatted a bit and as I expected didn’t do much actual book clubbing, so The Only Harmless Great Thing will be next week’s book as well.

Here is the link again to The Only Harmless Great Thing on Amazon.

I also have some links that were asked for, so here we go;

Mark Oshiro of the Mark Does Stuff and Mark Reads websites. This is a link to the main page of the Reads website where you can find links to the past books he’s read and the current ones he is reading. I highly recommend watching his videos reading Discworld.

Here is an Amazon link to the book about the real world roots of the story, The Radium Girls by Kate Moore. While you can read the book without knowing much about the historical back ground I would say that knowing about it makes it an even better read. Does this mean that I am essentially setting two books for this coming week? Maybe. Am I upset about this? No.

The next book we’re doing is still going to be Jeannette Ng’s, Under the Pendulum Sun, but I’m putting it back a week. Which means you have more time to read it, yay!  Here is the Amazon link again. It’s a longer book, so we might end up reading that over two weeks if it’s too long. But I don’t mind if we do that, I’m not here to give people homework!

After that I was thinking that we could do another Science Fiction book, This is How You Lose The Time War, by Amal El-Mohtar and Max Gladstone. It’s again on the shorter side and shouldn’t be too difficult for people to finish in one week. Here is the Amazon link.

I’ve got a few more ideas for what might come next, but given that it won’t be for at least another few weeks I think I’ll hold off on saying what they are in case I change my mind.

But I think that’s everything. I was supposed to get this up last night but I forgot, so you get it now instead, happy weekend folks!