Okiedokie folks, here’s the second batch of Winds of Fortune!

From Concord and Accord to Pride and PrejudiceConcord and AccordThis wind is all about the ongoing attempts to get a new Throne, and in particular, Conclave’s role in getting someone the biggest hat at Empire.Last season a declaration was passed by Conclave that the new Throne should show that they are prepared to work with Conclave. So now anyone who wants to be the new Throne must have an explicit endorsement from Conclave, or else the mages of the Empire will assume that they do not have Conclave’s backing at all. This would make life significantly more difficult for them if they took the Throne as they would not be supported by a large and powerful part of the Empire.Going forwards Conclave can put forth declarations to show their approval of any number of candidates (currently only Sir Claude Vyse Videre and Chiara i Zayden i Riqueza have this), or they state that someone is a preferred candidate (only one person can have this) or they can say that they really don’t like one person in particular and that they shouldn’t be Imperatrix.Getting the approval of Conclave would be considered the absolute minimum, getting preferred candidacy would create future opportunities for the player and conclave, and a denunciation would make the mages of the empire explicitly distrust the person and if they were voted in by Senate then they would also come to distrust Senate. Alternatively, Conclave could issue another declaration stating that they don’t wish to be involved with politics. If this was done then any future statements by Conclave on political matters would have a reduced effect.There is also a call to the mages of the Empire to become more involved with politics in general.Farewell WanderlustThis Wind deals with the effects of the recent Empire wide autumn enchantment and in particular the effects caused by it happening straight on the heels of a spring one.There’s a lot of stuff in this one.Player Pack MoneyThe Bounty of the Brilliant Broker was cast and it will affect all of the territories that were part of the Empire at the end of the last event, this means that Liathaven, Broceliande, Feroz and Spiral will not be affected but the Barrens WILL be. Everyone who will be going to E3 will be getting an additional 8 rings in their player pack, you are encouraged to say that you earned this extra money through mysterious and lucky means.CambionsPeople with the Cambion lineage can increase their lineage trappings for this event, you may also find yourself to be especially opinionated, driven, or competitive. There is also an option for using a special magical ability once this event. To activate this you must spend five seconds either denouncing a rival or monologue about your plans. If you denounce a rival then after the event which caused this (eg a battle) then should do some roleplay which could include, confronting your rival or someone connected to them, attempting to sway them to your side, or making it clear that they will not be allowed to interfere with your plans. If you chose the monologue option then you should spend an hour attempting to recruit allies to your plan, or making some other concrete step forwards in their plan.If you do one of these things then you can restore a single hero point, regain up to 2 points of personal mana, or brush off a role playing effect as if you had used a hero point.BusinessesAnyone with a business resource can diversify for free after this event, instead of having to pay the usual 1 throne.There are also more options for diversification, they can diversify to gain mine resources, herbs, forest resources, Liao and mana. Check the wind for the specific numbers if you are interested. In addition to this, many heralds from the Autumn realm have come to trade Bourse resources. Every business owner visiting Anvil will find in their packs a voucher which will allow them to buy one wain of upgrade material, a wain of Mithril costs 16 Crowns, a wain of white granite costs 20 Crowns, and a wain of weirwood costs 24 crowns. To buy these you need to cast Ephisis Scales, put at least one voucher in (you can join with others or trade for more) and the cash needed for the number of wains you wish to buy. You should also note on the vouchers or in some other clear way what wains you want.These wains of building material come from the stores of the herald that was killed during the attack on Rachensgrab, so be aware that these were originally bought with the slavery money. Your characters can have opinions on this!ALSO anyone who got their business enchanted last event will receive a minor magical item that looks like a small trinket or piece of jewellery, so find something to bring with you.MinesStrange minerals have been found in the mines of the empire, they are mostly useful for artisans and can be used to empower magical items. There are four different kinds of minerals (Warstones, Bloodstones, Spellstones, and Heartstones) which are found in different types of mines and can each be used for different things.Warstones are found in deposits of green iron. An artisan can use them to partially restore the power of a magic dagger, One-handed weapon, two-handed weapon, One-handed spear, paired weapon, polearm, or arcane weapon.Bloodstones are found in deposits of weltsilver. They can be used to restore power to magic armour, including mage robes, magearmour, or vestments that allow the wearer to use the relentless or unstoppable ability.Spellstones are found near tempest jade, and can be used to restore spellcasting abilities to a wand, rod, or staff.Heartstones are found alongside orichalcum, and grant additional resistance to damage to magic armour (including mage robes, magearmour, or vestments) that provides additional ranks of endurance.There are even more details on the page if you want to research this.You can also use the Revelation of the Jewel’s Sparkling Heart and Bulging at the Seams rituals to find more of these stones in the next downtime, each ritual will need a stone to act as a focus which will be destroyed in the casting of the ritual. Rather than the usual benefits of the ritual the mine will create four more of these deepstones, this usage of the ritual will only be available this season while the enchantment is still active.FarmsFarms will be receiving 72 fewer rings this event, instead they will be getting a dose of Ashen Residue. This is a complicated form of mana that only works for Autumn rituals and has a higher amount of power than a normal mana crystal.It can also be used to cast the mend or entangle spells without the person having to spend their own personal mana, and they do not have to actually know the spell to use it in this way. To Phys-rep the Ashen Reisdue you need a small box or pouch of ashes or something similar.In addition, the farms in the Marches are changing even more. A new rule is coming in that marcher farmers cannot diversify more than twice to produce mana, as such anyone with more than these will get their money back. Also, anyone with a farm in the marches can choose to switch to a mana site for free.ForestImperial Forest owners are going to get 2 fewer materials this event, instead they will get a strange metallic fruit which has grown on their trees. They are very valuable to eternals and so if you use a ritual to trade with an eternal and give these in offering then they will be equivalent to 5 measures of material. When used by themselves, they can be traded for a piece of vis but they can also be a part of a larger trade.The Deepest CutThis Wind of Fortune is focused on the recent push to consecrate the tomb of Sulemaine with a dose of True Liao.Sulemaine as an inspiration is complicated, she has not been recognised as a Paragon or Exemplar by the Synod, and in fact worked tirelessly to fight against the Way in Urizen. As such the only assemblies that could put forth the declaration for her inspirational tomb are the General Assembly or the Urizen, and if the Urizen Assembly did it then it would underline Sulemaine’s role as a national, rather than imperial, figure.Creating an inspirational tomb for Sulemaine means no statement of principle or mandate from the General Assembly, the Assembly of Nine, or the Virtue Assemblies will affect Urizen ever againStatements of principle by the Urizen Assembly will only affect Urizen if they achieve a greater majority and are completely unanimous, one vote against will stop the statement having any effect on Urizen.But what virtue should they dedicate it too?Wisdom – There would be a massive increase in the amount of philosophy, ethics and reason. Plus the Arbiter of the Four Winds would be able to oppose a single mandate in the synod every season by putting in a mandate in the Urizen assembly.Ambition, Courage, Pride, or Vigilance – These are also options, though there is no clear sign what will happen if these are chosen.Hate – There is a  priest offering to dedicate the tomb to Hate, if this was done it would draw many Urizen mages away from their work at the College, the Doyen of the Spires, reducing it to 3 ranks per season, and these mages would instead form the basis of a new Urizen army. It would require 200 wains of mithril and 50 thrones and take a year to complete as normal. The army’s general would need to be chosen by Urizen’s senators.SynodThe Synod has few options to stop this happening, they could make a statement making it clear that Sulemaine is NOT a paragon or exemplar and in fact make it illegal to consecrate her tomb, or they could send someone in afterwards with True Liao to remove the consecration.If the second option were taken an army would have to also be sent in to protect the priest doing so as the place is full of sword scholars who would no doubt be very unhappy. This could have the chance to be incredibly incendiary depending on what army was sent in.Inkpot GodsThe Autumn ritual that swept through the empire had a lot of effects on Autumn regios, one was to magnify the amount of eternal, herald, and boggart attention on the empire and caused a lot of them to become much, much busier.Ephisis At E3 the ritual, Scales of Ephisis, will work differently than normal. Rather than casting it at any time and an hour later the box returns with an offer from the City of Gold and Lead, the ritual will only be available on Friday and Saturday, and heralds will come to the Hall of Worlds to trade with the covens who cast the ritual on Sunday. The covens will receive a token on casting the ritual which they will need to bring with them to complete the trade, or to get their items back if they were not to their liking. If the token is lost or no one comes to claim the box then the items will be put into the caster’s inventory and the actual OC items will be put into lost property.

In addition, a consortium from the City of Gold and Lead wishes to start a market for Vis. It would cost cost 30 wains of mithril, 60 crowns, and would take three months to build, and the traders will only allow it to be built if an Imperial Wayleave (aka the auctioned ability to commission a building project) is used. They have offered three places as options for the market, Anozel in Segura, Ashill in Upwold, and Guildenheim in Skarsind. 

CallidusCallidus wishes to buy Liao, you can trade it to him for a crown a piece through the Ephisis Scales ritual, which can be used as usual though still only on Friday and Saturday. Just add a Lann rune into the box to make sure it gets to him.However, what he really wants is a dose of True Liao. He is willing to either pay 75 thrones or he will send his best trackers to find one of the lost Pilgrim’s Shields if an ordinary person wishes to send him one. This is illegal, by the way. But the Gatekeepers can do with their dose as they wish and so he has several options if one of them wish to allocate their season’s dose to him.

  1. He could pay them 75 thrones for a simple (and illegal) trade.They could ask him to find a lost religious relic to trade for it.He could donate 25 thrones to the Virtue Fund every season for a year for a total of 100 thrones.

According to the last 4 auctions of True Liao the prices range from 100 thrones to 50 thrones, with an average of about 80 or so. You can find these details at the bottom of the Synod results if you would like to further compare prices. Any of the gatekeepers can send him the True Liao by putting it into a bag with a note saying which of the boons they want, and sending it off via operate portal at the Regio.Also, in a separate deal, some heralds of Callidus have come by a massive amount of beloye zerno, or white seed, which can be used to make mana site more productive. They have enough to fully outfit an entire nation, to tell them which nation should benefit they have asked that the General Assembly should make a statement of principle about which should get it. In another deal, a herald known as Sanvar Isk is offering to sell the Empire access to a creation in the Autumn realm which will allow people to codify arcane projections into ritual texts. The Loom of Spells will only be available to rituals of less than 10 magnitude, and to solidify the ties between the Autumn Realm and this one that will allow it to be used will cost 100 measures or ingots of crafting materials. In addition to the 100 measures anyone wishing to use it will have to win an auction for the slot every season. Sanvar Isk will be visiting the Hall of Worlds after the Arcane Colloquium on Saturday at 16:45 and again at 14:00 on Sunday. There is probably something going on with this deal since the Wind is at pains to point out how dodgy the herald is and that the deal cannot be broken after it is made.EstavusA herald of Estavus is running a sale of magical items, these are all items that imperial artisans can make, but are available this event without having to wait for downtime. To get them you need to cast Before the Throne of Estavus at the Imperial Regio with an increase in magnitude if you need to trade more than five ingots of crafting material. If someone attempts to buy something that has run out of stock then they will get warm ashes instead.There is a list on the page of the items available, how many are in stock, and how much they will cost.Estavus has offered a chance for the people of Wintermark to add new schema to the list of artisan items they can make in the private Runesmith’s Law. The cheapest schema costs 170 measures of crafting material, with others costing significantly more. The first magician that sends the required measures of material with a Lann rune will get the schema, there is only one copy of the schema available. Use the Ephisis’ Scales ritual, with the aforementioned Lann rune to indicate it is for Estavus.There are five schema available and the full details are on the page.The Archmage of Autumn asked Estavus to aid the reconstruction of Urizen and offered a fane (kind of like a magical embassy) in recompense. Estavus has agreed and has outlined the costs and what the person with the hat controlling it would gain. To build it the empire will need a commission from the senate, 10 mithril, 10 illlium, 20 crowns and it would take 3 months. Estavus has asked that it be built in Proceris and that the title be allocated by Tally of the Votes, as well as buying artisan items from the heralds of Estavus the title holder would be able to send a message to Estavus once a year, much like an Archmage can send a Plenopotentiary, though the Archmages can send one once a season.Obviously if the empire put Estavus under enmity then this fane would cease to work.ProsperoA herald of Prospero (called Melissa) will be asking for entrance to the Hall of Worlds at 13:45 on the Saturday in order to take guests with tokens through to meet with Prospero at 14:00.He has also offered some boons.First he has offered to arrange a meeting with representatives of the Empire and any one nation in the world if the Celestial Arch agrees to owe him a favour, and secondly he has offered to influence the nation of Jarm into not giving aid to the Grendel in the upcoming war if the Rod and Shield Conclave order agree to owe him a favour. To indicate that they have agreed to the deal the conclave orders must only submit a declaration of concord at Conclave this summit.Basileus FlintIf the Empire agrees to cut Axos out of the Liberty Pact (something that the Commonwealth and Sumaah are wanting) then Flint will arrange for one of the enemy regions next to the empire’s border to come under threat, thus making an attack easier for the empire. To agree to this the Autumn Archmage must send a plenipotentiary with the name of the region they wish to have put under threat to Basileus Flint.MazenThere is a belief in the Autumn realm that Flint has murdered another eternal, Mazen of the Many Faces. The Lictors are looking for information on this matter, and will reward evidence. If you have evidence then you may send it to them via Ephisis’ Scale ritual, simply add a Queros rune to the container before sending it so that it gets to them. In addition to this, many of the boons from Mazen to Imperial magicians, and the ritual that allowed communication with them, have stopped working. LictorsAlso, no one has seen any of the heralds of the Lictors about and it is getting worrisome. Especially, since it is the threat of their attention that keeps many of the denizens of the Autumn realms in line.BoggartsFinally, there are lots of strange boggarts appearing in the empire. Some are offering to trade with people for a token of a broken mask, if you get five of these you can in turn trade these to Ephisis for warm ashes. There are also some other boggarts which are causing trouble and stealing building materials, and another set who are offering strange contracts that have odd effects on those who sign them.Culling the ThreatThis wind of fortune deals with the various ways that could be used to defeat the Druj and stop them from being a threat to the Empire, and especially Ossium, after an appraisal “appraise an opportunity to remove the under threat quality from Echofell and the Drownbark Forest in Ossium” was put forth.Currently, three of the regions of Ossium are Under Threat from the Druj, which means that the barbarians could show up with little to no warning. One of the regions is owned by the Thule, but the other two are on the Imperial side of the border. They are the regions of Echofell and the Drownbark Forest.The easiest way to secure all of these regions would be to invade and capture the region on the other side of them, the Forest of Ulnak. There is little to no knowledge of what lies on the other side of this border, except for some belief that there is a defensive structure there somewhere. So this would hardly be an easy solution. To find out more a spy network would need to be set up, and it would take time to collect the information needed, but this is the most straightforward route to removing the Under Threat quality.Securing EchofellAlternatively, the Empire could rebuild the Tower of the Manticore which was destroyed by the Druj. This defensive structure would cost 80 wains of white granite, 40 wains of weirwood, and 15 thrones, and would take one year to complete. Plus due to the ongoing threat to the labourers the senate would either have to pay an additional 5 thrones a season to protect them, or place an army in the region with a defensive order in place, or have the Dawnish Assembly put through a mandate urging people with military units to help protect the area. This would create a new adventure option for Dawnish military unit owners, but would mean that no other mandates could be used to get this group of players to do stuff.Another way would be through diplomacy. There are several groups that could be reached out to to take the fight on their shoulders instead.The Dreamers of the Dark ForestThis group of orcs live in the Echofell, and a Senate motion could be put through to make them officially foreigners at which time they could be given weapons to fight the Druj and trained how to use them. However, they would then be well trained and well armed and there is no saying here their ambitions might take them next, it is unlikely that they would halt at the Druj.The ThuleThe Thule are willing to defend the area of Echofell if it is ceded to them, this would have to be done through a Senate motion and could have negative repercussions. After all, the Empire would be giving up a region. Cathan Canae for one has made her opinions of this sort of thing well known.Securing the Drownbark ForestThrough MagicThe ritual Dripping Echoes of the Fen could be cast continuously on the region in order to keep a magical fortress there to protect it, this would be very expensive but there is a plan B. Apparently, there is so much illium in the marshland there that it would be possible to permanently cast the ritual at a third of the usual illium cost, which would cost 100 illium.This would also probably piss off which ever eternal powers that ritual, since it would be permanently removing the power from their realm to the mortal realm. Bad enough, but no one knows who *is* the eternal who has control over it, which makes things tricky.The two ways described to find this information out are either to use a Declaration of Concord to ask the Order of the Unfettered Mind to look into it, or the Dean of the Lyceum could use their declaration of Imperial Lore to find out instead.Through DiplomacyAn individual known as the Landgrave of the Still Deeps has offered the help of their patron, if the empire wishes it they will pull the entire region under water, also making much of the neighbouring Nearweald into marshland, and would remove all the Druj. The Palace of Orieb would be submerged, the Stinking Market would have to find a new home, but Marshstand Skerry would be unaffected. Legally it should be a Senate motion to approve this  sort of thing, but the General Assembly or the Varushkan Assembly could also ask for it.Conjunction21:00 Saturday – There is a troupe of Druj and Surut heralds making their way to Marshstand Skerry to destroy the stone and disrupt the workings of the Sinecure. The Cabalist of the Hollow Stone is has been made responsible for the skirmish.Deep Forests and Dark HillsTrade is up in Varushka, thanks to the better transport links and a statement from Witold Stefanovic Petrov last event. This has resulted in several opportunities for the nation.The Eternal Shafts of TimeThe mithril mine is known for having a bit of a wobbly wobbly relationship with time and a herald of the eternal Estavus has offered to show how to use that to the miner’s benefit. It would cost 10 white granite, 20 Crowns, and take three months to complete, and thereafter it would create a folly that would allow the title holder to buy extra mithril with money.Granites of VeltsgorskThere is a white granite quarry where for some reason things go faster and more safely when a storyteller is present and telling tales of Varushkan heroes. Since the new roads have opened up the area people are proposing building an inn nearby so that storytellers can be more easily supplied. It would cost 10 weirwood, 20 crowns, and take three months to complete, after which the title holder would be able to buy more white granite with money.Neither of these opportunities have a deadline.Boyar of the Iron RoadThere is an opportunity to create a special title that would allow Varushka to build a ministry every season – without using the Senate’s commission slots. There would be a series of offices which would house the warriors employed to guard the roads, and to do all the necessary admin. It would cost 30 wains of white granite, 30 wains of mithril, 15 thrones, and take six months to complete. The title would be chosen by Tally of the Votes. The Metal of TrioskThere is an opportunity to build a new ministry that buys magical metals, plus, once a year the owner can upgrade a level one mine to the second level. It would require 16 mithril, 4 thrones and take 3 months to complete, plus the usual senate commission would be required. The title would then be chosen annually by tally of the votes.Northern ProsperityThe Varushkan trade opportunities have also spread to the other areas of the Northren Trade network, bringing more opportunities to the ministries sited on the roads. The owners of these ministries will be able to buy more and in some cases trade with different items.The Horror and the WildThis Wind of Fortune is about the push for the people of Varushka to speak with and make deals with the monsters and wolves of Varushka. This is being encouraged by a series of statements and mandates in the Varushkan Assembly.The Beast of the SemmerlakDho’uala is still causing problems on the Semmerlak, fleets trading there still work at a -1 rank to their production. Last event some Varushkans promised to have people executed via drowning in the lake, but this has yet to begin and she has yet to be appeased. Also, some people are still taking treasures from the shores of the lake, which is angering her.The Senate could change the law to make drowning an acceptable form of execution, and they could make it illegal to take things from the Semmerlak, these laws could not be combined and each might cause issues with the human locals in the future. Fisherfolk would see the law against taking things from the Semmerlak as a reason to leave and it would result in 2 fewer thrones in tax from Karov, Weirwater, and Semmerholm – EACH.Irina’s GroveThere is an opportunity has arisen to refurbish the roads leading to a settlement of what has turned out to be Mora trapped via Varushkan hearth magic to appear like the simple village of traders that they are treated as. The hearth magic is breaking down, but if the roads are done up then people should be able to continue trading with them. This counts as a ministry that creates the title “Tender of the Warded Grove” and will cost 16 weirwood, 4 thrones and take 3 months to build. The ministry will provide herbs for cash.Heart of the TempestA pack of Dubik have moved in to the ruins of a college of magic, locals have discovered that they are willing to trade magical tonics that they make for blood. Lots of blood. So much so, that the building works for this opportunity are to build a slaughterhouse to supply more of that blood now that the local area has become bereft of beasts to bleed for their delectation. If the slaughterhouse is not built by winter then the Dubik will organise things for themselves, which sounds worrying. It will take, 12 wains of weirwood, 24 crowns in labour costs, and three months to build the slaughterhouse.Speakers of the VoidA cabal wishes for help to build a chamber in the mountains, to do this they need a senate commission slot, 10 white granite, 5 weirwood, and 30 crowns. Everyone involved in the building will be blindfolded during as well as the travel it takes to get there. The cabal is willing to make it a ministry that will allow someone else to answer all questions and do the necessary trading, but it must be arranged before the end of autumn as they are impatient. The owner of the title will be able to buy tempest jade with cash.ConjunctionsFriday 23:00 – Areloe Larmallevés has been invited to investigate a village where things are going weird. The skirmish is combat possible and will have haunted themes. There will be room for 5 people on this conjunction.Saturday 20:45 – A strange being known as the Schlacta of Rot and/or the Deadwood Knight has been seen in the border country between Karov and Weirwater. Champions from both territories must fight this being, one territory will gain a boon, the other a curse. 20 people may go on this skirmish and Vaclav Mladenovich Kosti is responsible for arranging it.Pride and PrejudiceThis Wind of Fortune is again based in Varushka, but this time all about the push to communicate with the orcs who live in Varushkan territories and make deals with them.The ThuleThe Thule recently freed their slaves and now rumours of starvation are spreading out of their lands. There are several opportunities to trade with them, most of which appear to be for money so that the Thule can then import food.Gift of the Dwindling StarThis opportunity is to upgrade a current trade post to buy more ilium from the Thule. It would cost 8 white granite, 16 crowns and take three months to expand the Dwindling Star. Once complete the title holder would be able to buy up to 4 rings of ilium a season. Of course, this would also require a commission from senate and it MUST be commissioned this coming event to be finished for Autumn.Masks of the Trees and HillsOrathator of the Hourglass is a Thule warlock who makes magical items that help with the casting of rituals to increase the productivity of mines and forests. He is willing two deals he wishes to make that will allow these masks to be bought by the holders of the Warden of Trees and Hills and the Gloaming Sentinel titles. First he wishes to gain access to a place he calls the “Well of Shadows” which appears to have a link to a night eternal, probably Sadogua? And secondly he wants the ritual text for Delve Deep Beneath the Mountain, which he will use and sell access to in turn.Both of these are available until the end of the next Winter event, so e1 2024.Warlocks of MirnatoczA community of thule are rearing a strange red moss that can be used by healers and battle mages, they are willing to trade dragon bone for it if the Custodian of Ivarsgard Docks would be willing to set aside a space for them at their docks so that they can trade with the Sarcophan Delves. To do this the Custodian must agree and tell the ambassador to the Thule to send a message letting it be known that this permission has been granted.Alternatively, the empire could steal the secret from them. Either through a discrete raid by wagon raiders that would have to be passed through the Varushkan Assembly or through the use of Highborn Unconquered who would likewise have to be informed through the Highborn Assembly. Or the Shuttered Lantern could be told do find out through a Declaration of Concord in the Conclave.If the empire decided to steal this knowledge, then the Thule would only learn how it happened if someone told them, but it would cause a diplomatic incident if it was found out. Eventually, it will become obvious that the Empire has acquired the knowledge, but they won’t be able to figure out the details of how.The Orcs of BranocThere is a small sept of Orcs called the Leshun who have lived in the forests of Karsk for generations, they have ties with the Charnel Lord. The suggestion is that the Varushkans establish a small market outside the main Leshun settlement in Branoc, the village that shares its name with the sept. This would cost 16 wains of weirwood, 3 Thrones, and take three months to complete. It would establish the title of Speaker to the Leshun, who would receive custodianship of a small ministry related to trade with the orcs. This opportunity is available until the end of the Winter Solstice.Menrothat in OssiumThe Menrothat are currently living in Ossium, but what they would really, really like is to have their ancestral lands in the Barrens returned to them. If that were to happen they would be much friendlier and open to more trade. If this were to happen then they would also be willing to trade their greatest treasure, a single Black Lotus, to the Imperial Orcs with explanations on how to use it. Should any Varushkans wish to negotiate further, they can speak with elder Saroso Menrothat, via Winged Messenger.Shrines at OriebThe Menrothat are willing to help build a series of shrines (up to a maximum of six, one for each realm) at the Palace of Orieb that would allow people to trade with the eternals for vis and other useful things. The Varushkans would have to find eternals willing to make these deals and avoid being accused of idolatry by the synod but this does come under making deals with dark entities so they can’t complain too much.Mission of MercyThe people of Highguard want to help the Thule under class who are starving. The treaty says there musn’t be any raiding, but donating food, blankets, tools, and basic literacy lessons don’t count as that so it is a bit of a loophole. There is a mandate that, if passed, would allow highguard characters with a military unit to go on this mission, but they would receive nothing for it. There might be future donations from the benefactors of Highguard, but that would be in character stuff and wouldn’t be a downtime thing.Tolerance and AcceptanceThese actions and the mandates that spurred them on are reducing the amount of prejudice towards orcs in Varushka. It will still exist but it is becoming less and less acceptable in public.