Winds of War time!

Taken at the Flood

This wind is focused primarily on the Druj on the Eastern front.

At the last event, the Empire took enough territories of the Barrens to have official control over the area. The Senate voted to give the new region to the nation of Dawn. However, as of time out at the last event there were still some parts of the Barrens that weren’t under Imperial control, with a further push by several armies the amount that the Druj have control over has continued to decrease. Now the Druj only have control of 2 areas, Murderdale and the Heart of Peytaht. 

This has been hard fought as the Druj have raised numerous curses and enchantments, everything from sending massive storms to harry the tribe that surrendered to the Empire, to spring monsters in the trees that fight with a strange kind of intelligence. Luckily the Druj version of Rivers Run Red was prevented, but there is still a lot of damage being done. There are also some imperial magics loose on the Barrens, as well as the various rituals cast on the Generals of the armies to help them, there was a strange one which has encouraged black roses to grow, even on things that are definitely not roses. Like apple trees, apparently. 

There are heralds of Tharim and Eleonaris working with the various armies, they do NOT get on and in the future care should be taken to make sure that they are not forced to spend time together. 

Also, there are far more recently formed winter regio than anyone expected. This is probably a natural repercussion of all the violence and sorrow that has been occurring, and they might close up again once things have had a chance to calm down again, but they might not. No one really knows.

 The Vendarri of the Saltmarsh surrendered and now want concessions from their new overlords.

The Karass of the Bleaks and the Plain of Teeth have refused to build connections with the empire. 

The Rahvin still have control of the Mithril mine at the Fangs.

The Menrothat of Ossium want people to remember that they made an offer to the Empire some seasons back, you can read more in the Blood Makes Noise Wind of Fortune.

And finally, the Great Forest Orcs have heard that the Druj are close to being driven out of their home in the Forest of Peytaht and are preparing to return. 


18:30 on Friday – The Montanians have asked for help from the Highborn to rescue some of their number, who have been taken by the Druj, if they are not rescued then they will be turned into tortured souls and will be an ongoing threat. The General of the Valiant Pegasus has been requested to take charge of this.

19:00 on Friday – Varag Soulflayer is attempting to make a boon once more with Blood-On-The-Snow, if they are allowed to then there will be loads of blood thirsty spirits released onto the Barrens and 500 additional casualties will be spread between the various armies there. The Knight Protoector of Winter has been requested to take charge of this skirmish.

21:30 on Saturday – A force of Druj are coming for the elders of the Great Forest Orcs, this will obviously be a bad thing for those orcs, but it will also show everyone else in the Barrens that the Druj can punish those who betray them. Some Great Forest Orcs will be visiting Anvil at 21:00 to talk about what is going on and to try and persuade people to go on this skirmish. The Senator for Therunin is in charge of this one. There is also an area of effect aura on this area which gives everyone who is not either anointed or granted permission to be there the condition Weakness. UPDATE – PD has updated this page to make sure that everyone is aware that the Druj in the above skirmish will have the permission required, so they will not be under Weakness.

Shallows and Miseries

On the other side of the Empire (the West) they are fighting against the Jotun, here are the details of that war. 

At the Jade Range – Several Imperial armies enter the region, pushing the forces of the Jotun ahead of them. It is suspiciously easy to take back everything the Jotun gained, and foreshadowing is afoot.

Meanwhile in Tassato – A large force of Jotun raiders led by Eisa Winterborn have attacked the town of Cevia near to Tassato. They have made off with valuables and thralls, but focused much of their violence upon the canal locks, the Sapphire Stairs, and the nearby mural on Red Rock which was commissioned by the Gilded Horn Carta to celebrate being Tassatan. The Keeper of the Sapphire Stairs will lose their income from this sinecure and will need to get it replaced before they regain it, the replacement will require 10 wains each of white granite, weirwood, and mithril, 60 crowns in labour, and will take three months to complete.

Meanwhile in Mournwold – A large raiding party led by Yanya Uranduin invades across the Greensward. Most make their way towards the Singing Caves, a mithril mine, while some break away to visit the burial mound and apple orchards near the Overton battleground. When they hit the Singing Caves they are fought at first by the miners and labourers putting in an extension to the mines, then soldiers arrive to see them off. They were unable to take any thralls, but they were able to make off with mithril waiting to be shipped, and some of the weirwood being used in the extension. This weirwood will have to be replaced if the extension is to continue. The retreating Jotun seem to know where they are going, they hit small towns and villages and merchant caravans as they go, they may have maps made for them by Little Robbie Erskine, known traitor to the Empire. The local Mournwold Orcs show no welcome to the Jotun, many of them aiding their Imperial neighbours in both violent and non-violent ways. The Jotun seem very surprised by this. The Jotun manage to get away with a great deal of wealth, but only a few score (so 40 to 100?) thralls.

Meanwhile in Madruga – Hated traitor to the Marches, Stephen of Sarcombe, conducts a raid into Madruga, they attack the city of Trivento and several merchant caravans from the league who are waiting to cross the bridge there. However, it soon becomes clear that it was the bridge itself that was the intended target. They do not manage to entirely topple it, but they do manage to take out a big chunk of the middle, making it useless for travellers like merchants, or armies crossing into the Brass Coast. The senate will need to ask for an appraisal on how to fix it without damaging it further.

Meanwhile in Kahraman – Geht Aran, Lasambrian Warlord, attack bourse resources in the Kahraman. A magical shroud was placed over the territory last event to protect it from a plundering army, this isn’t quite what the ritual was designed to protect against, so they are able to circumvent it. The bandits are able to make off with mithril and white granite from the Great Mine of Briante and the Damatian Cliffs. The defences currently being built are not far enough along to do much to help, however there is every sign they will do in the future. The bandits do not take any thralls, instead just ignoring anyone who doesn’t fight them. 

Fort Braydon – Most of the Jotun in Kahraman are in and around Fort Braydon, it is revealed that they are mostly the last remnants of those veterans of the Mournwold war and have chosen this to be a last stand. All of those stationed at Fort Braydon are killed and it seems like that’s the way they wanted to go, so well done them. Fort Braydon is almost entirely destroyed by this point, there was an enchantment placed on it that has kept it from entirely being demolished, but that will wear off soon.  But Kahraman is entirely Imperial once more, about 1000 Jotun died compared to 200 Imperial soldiers, but the biggest potential loss would be Fort Braydon – luckily there is a battle opportunity to go shore up the fortress if the Generals choose that option.

All of those who owned the named resources attacked can email in to ask for a traumatic wound to represent the fact that they have been hurt in the defence of their resource.

With the Armies – The owners of military units who fought alongside the Burning Falcon can choose to have been affected by the presence of the various summer heralds, if you wish you can take an additional hero point that will be used up and not replaced once used. Meanwhile, anyone fighting with the Fire of the South can choose to have been affected by the winter ritual cast on them and have the roleplaying effect of “they become cold and calculating to the point of callousness, and value only results as opposed to methods.” This effect is particularly strong on any character of the draughir lineage.

Battle Opportunities – There are two potential battle opportunities linked with this Wind, one to block the mountain passes out of Serra Damata on Saturday and one which is to shore up the damaged Fort Braydon, which is available for either Saturday or Sunday’s battle.


20:30 on Friday – Magnus Ironarm, one of Eisa Winterborn’s champions, plans on attacking the Arratan Gamble in Tassato, and making off with both thralls and white granite. The Custodian of the Arratan Gamble is responsible for protecting this bourse resource. 

21:00 on Friday – A warband of Jotun are looking to raid the Marracossan enclave in Madruga, if they are not stopped they will make off with many artisans and their works. As such the prices for trading with the Marracossans will increase, as such the Marracossa Sendito is responsible for seeing them off, but also the Spider’s Tollkeep might also wish to be involved.

21:30 on Friday – Jarl Haakon and a warband have made their way into the Mournwold and are looking to set up strategic resource stashes and defensive outposts. The local ex-thralls have asked for help from the Bailiff of the Downs to help fight them off. If this isn’t managed then the area may become Under Threat.

16:00 on Saturday – Lasambrian Jotun have looted a relic of Zemress, a platter believed to have been owned or at least owned by the exemplar from a church in Reinos. The General of the Red Wing Corsairs has been asked to bring it back and give it to one of the Brass Coast egregores.

The Current When It Serves

This is the final Wind of War and deals with the invasion by Imperial forces into Jotun lands.

Three armies and 15000 soldiers cross the border into Skallahn, the Blood Cloaks and the Green Shield, and the Summer Storm. All of the armies have chosen to fight as heroes rather than killers, so there are very few civilian casualties. Almost all of the people in these lands are thralls, mostly orcs but with some humans scattered in. There are some from Semersuaq who are obviously delighted to be liberated, but most of the thralls are terrified and run away.

The armies come across the first Jotun quickly who spread the news of the invasion via signal fires at various outposts. 

The first region of Skallahn, Greenwall, is taken in a little more than a month.

The next region, Iron Stand is a little trickier.

Blade Quencher’s Hall is a fane dedicated to Estavus, the Forge Mistress. There were no orders to target it from the generals so the armies left it as it was, but now it seems to have woken up and it is on the move. Scouts have sent warnings that thousands of warriors have come out of the building, many of them giant heralds made of forged matter, and that it is no longer the cross between a feasting hall and forge that it once was, it has grown to the size of a small castle.  It is not an immediate threat to the armies in Iron Stand, but it is likely to take back some of the territory that has been lost to the Imperials and prevent them from being able to set up a sturdy base or beachhead where they have taken land. Luckily, there is a chance to fight these heralds and keep the armies from being attacked from behind.

Battle Opportunity

Sunday – Defeat Bladequencher’s Hall to defend the gains that have been made in Skallahn


15:00 on Saturday – Since everyone is going into Skallahn anyway, Blerunning Hall have asked the Watcher of Britta’s Pool to arrange the retrieval of the Shield of Blerung Bright Lantern from a ghodi who has been using it to train jotun warriors. If it is retrieved then it should be given to one of the Wintermark egregores who will ensure that it goes to the marsh were Blerung is buried. If this is achieved then Blerunning Hall will give the Watcher of Britta’s Pool an artisan item every season which could then be gifted on to someone the Watcher felt was worthy.

15:30 on Saturday – The General of the Summer Storm has been asked to take charge of a skirmish focused on killing the Jarl of Greenwall to prevent their loyal soldiers from grouping up with them and becoming a 500 force strength boost to the Jotun of the territory.

In addition to the Winds of War:

  1. The Jotun armies and those of Matilda Fisher have left Bregasland, though Fisher in particular will likely return in time. She has left one of her supporters, Bushel Sykes, behind to encourage secessionist feelings. 
  2. The Wolves of War have entered Spiral as part of the peace treaty with Salt Lord Kaliact, things seem to be going well, despite the Black Plateau being unpleasant.

And that appears to be that!