Well, hello again, it’s time for the Winds of Fortune.

Three and Three

First is the Plenipotentiary, aka, the official diplomatic news from the Archmages and the magical realms.



Estavus has refused a parley, apparently, they are too busy fixing up Zenith to come to Anvil. More about this will come out in the Zenith focused Winds to come. They also wish to make it clear that if the Archmage wishes to build a Fane (magical embassy), then it is the Archmage who should be selling the idea to them, not the other way about.


The Azoth

Azoth has agreed to a formal parley, in a chamber between worlds that can be reached via the Hall of Worlds at 22:00 on the Saturday. The Archmage is invited, plus one person, and 3 others are asked to attend. The Advisor on the Vallorn, the Penumbral Watcher and Skywise Gralka, Archamge of Day. To continue making the Azoth happy they ask that the Conclave make the ritual, Mark the Flesh Incorruptible, interdicted.


Eleonaris and Hayaak

Eleonaris has sent a message in the place of Hayaak, Hayaak declines the offer of parley. He is still too angry about the embarrassments he has faced in the past to speak with the Archmage. Eleonaris will keep acting as intermediary, but she says that really the Empire needs to reconsider how they are going about all of this because they are just upsetting Hayaak more. Hayaak has outlined what they need to forgive the slights of the past and trying to wiggle around them is not helping matters, so no a duel between champions will not make him forgive the empire.

On the other hand Eleonaris is interested in the citizen who offered to act as Hayaak’s champion, Blaze Dunning, and has given the Archmage a token to give to the citizen which will allow them to travel through the Hall of the Worlds to take part in a series of trials. This will take place just before 7 in the Hall of Worlds on Saturday.


Wise Rangara

Wise Rangara has agreed to a parley, it will take place in a chamber off from the Hall of Worlds at 23:00 on Friday. At this parley she wishes to discuss a number of things, like why the Conclave agreed to protections from Sorin when they refused her similar offer some years ago. Plus she wishes to discuss why she will not be selling her knowledge and why she doesn’t want a fane. In the group that joins the Archmage she wants no more than five others, one of which should be a Varushkan, plus “an old child, a young upstart, a lost guide, a wealthy beggar, a humble prince, and a silent storyteller”.



Siakha has agreed to speak with the Archmage of Spring, but has refused a parley. Instead she has invited the Archmage to meet in the ruins of a corsair town in Feroz on Friday Night. The group may number up to 20 people and they must take the paraphernalia of the Archmage of Spring with them to the meeting. Also there should be one member of each Imperial nation in the party. According to the Wind “The meeting with Siakha’s representatives is a combat possible situation, will involve some walking, and there will be minimal seating.” Also, “Yet the Empress of Sharks has no particular interest in testing the martial strength of the Archmage this time, and declares that any who remain within the circle of safety will be unharmed. Anyone who chooses to stray outside that circle, however, will be fair game.” So careful not to trip if you go on this conjunction folks, you might go over the line and right into the mouth of a shark monster.

The timing for this has yet to be confirmed on the WInd of Fortune so keep an eye out if you are interested. 



A mysterious monolith made from an unknown stone appeared at the imperial regio a week before the solstice with the following message carved upon it, “A formal parley is agreed at eleven hours after noon, on Saturday during the Summer Solstice, in the Hall of the Worlds, with the Archmage of Day.” The monolith disappeared in a massive blast of flame at sunset. Presumably, this has something to do with the fact that one of the Day eternals recently ripped themselves apart, but who knows? Well, Skywise Gralka, hopefully.

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Fate and Function

The next Wind of Fortune is all about the rebuilding efforts in Zenith. The territory was recently taken back from the Druj, however it was under their control for long enough to be very badly damaged, but luckily thanks to the hard work of the Imperial forces it is not haunted or under any horrible doom laden fogs.

The building of the Crucible of Fate is bringing hope to the people of Zenith, it will be where the new ushabti will be built that will in turn help to rebuild Zenith. Ushabti, in case you don’t know, are the peculiar magical constructs that only work in the mountains of Urizen. It was decided to focus on function rather than beautiful form. This has also become a theme for the architecture of the region, so any artists should pay attention to that.

Also, because of the readily available ushabti workers, the cost for having a single season of higher production for a forest, mine, or herb garden has been reduced from 6 crowns to 3 crowns for Urizeni characters.

Any Urizeni character with a resource outside of Zenith can transfer a starter level resource to the territory with no cost, if it is levelled up in any way then it will be 2 crowns per level. However, if your resource has a name then it is region locked. Email PD to get your resource moved.

The Heliopticon towers have been built in Zenith, this will allow faster communication across the region and there has not been any disruption to the Urizeni College of Magic. Also, the sheep sized talking spiders from the Autumn realm are moving into these new towers to help with the college and its long-distance scholarship.

The person running the Crucible of Fate needs a title to properly access their powers, Senate needs to pass the creation of the title ASAP on Friday so that the Tally of the Votes can be taken on Saturday. In return for looking after the Crucible and ensuring its security the Architect of the Crucible would be able to commission special ushabti to upgrade a Urizeni non-military resource for 4 thrones a level, purchase magical staves and buy illium. 

The illium comes from a flock of five birds from Estavus, the birds are called Alea, Hona, Roosa, Sind, and Forn, and can be sent out into the mountains of Zenith to look for illium.

Prosperity Business!

The Urizen or Prosperity Assemblies may enact a mandate that encourages people to visit the Crucible as part of a pilgrimage, this would then give the Architect of the Crucible the opportunity to buy magical items from three new ministries.


There is the opportunity to build a memorial at the Crucible for Achilles of Damakhan’s Forge, one of the most famous magical item traders to visit Anvil in the current era, this would again provide the Architect with another potential ministry to buy from. However, Achilles was murdered and the murderer was never found, so this may result in unknown problems. 

In other news, the koboldi who built little tunnels under the Crucible have been allowed to stay there by the Conclave, so far there appear to be no downsides to this, and they are very enthusiastic trying their best to help out.

Finally, there are some out of character notes at the bottom of the wind that explain the writer’s choices. This is pretty interesting if you want to learn more about the behind the scenes stuff and how the winds get written.

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Restoration and Renewal

Last event the Senate asked the civil service to “appraise the Gardens of Pallas in Zenith being restored to their former splendour or beyond.” This is the result of that appraisal.

The Gardens of Pallas were destroyed by the Druj, to rebuild them to their original power would be a simple matter of arranging for either a senate commission or an imperial wayleave to be used. It would take 20 wains of weirwood, 40 crowns in labour and 3 months. 

However the appraisal was to see how to make them even better than before, and so the civil service has come up with some ideas. 

  1. Get special ushabti commissioned from the Crucible of Fate for 4 thrones, this will provide the option to buy more herbs.
  2. Move the Garden to Proceris so that it can become entwined with the night magic found there, this would allow Reamsroot to be grown. It would cost an extra 2 wains of mithril and 4 crowns of labour. The night herald who would work in this potential rebuild would also have to be bought out from their current employer, Lumi of Wintermark.
  3. Zenith refugees who settled at Bleak Tower in Morrow might be persuaded to come back, this would be difficult as they have settled there, but if a mandate was raised in the Urizeni Assembly some of them might be persuaded. The amount of herbs provided by the Bleak Tower in Morrow would decrease by 30, while 40 herbs would be shared amongst the herb gardens of Zenith.
  4. Magician healers from Fountainhome Spire have offered to give their help, to do so would require building them a special greenhouse to work from which would up the cost of the build by 10 mithril, 10 weirwood, and 40 crowns. The herb gardens of Zenith would each gain a share of 40 magical herbs. This would cease to work if Ossegrahn was ever put under enmity.

Any and all of these options can be put into place, but aside from the basic version of the garden, they are all time limited to the coming summit.