And we’re back at it again!

Pieces Missing Everywhere

This Wind of Fortune focuses on the Highborn. 

Several mandates went out in previous events which have encouraged the people of Highguard to support congregations, reduce their prejudice towards the Imperial Orcs and lineaged humans, and to weigh in on the mandates and statements of principle in other Nations’ assemblies. And if Highguard chooses to they can focus on helping out one particular nation and give it their all.

However the other nations might not want this help, and the Urizen assembly in particular have the option to not so politely say no thank you. If the mandate for this passes with a greater majority (as everything has to in that assembly thanks to the sword scholars) then even if they are asked to help by other mandates, Highguard will not be able to help Urizen.

In other news.

Currently, because the Highborn are so Proud of their armies, any time their armies take part in a conflict then a mandate in the national assembly will be generated.

In other, other news.

There is a conjunction set for Friday night at midnight. One of the tribes of orcs in the Barrens have asked to meet with nine Highborn so that they can discuss their surrender. They have said nine, should be made up of several magicians to do the diplomacy and their bodyguards. However, because these orcs are well known for being untrustworthy, and the fact that the conjunction actually has room for 15 people on it, some people are guessing that there is a chance for betrayal. Perhaps from the imperial side, or from the Vendarri side. Or both? Either way, it’s a conjunction at the sentinel gate, midnight on Friday, for nine or up to 15 people, all of whom should be Highborn.

Because the Highborn continue to be focusing on liberating rather than conquering the Barrens they also get another chance to speak to one of the groups in the Barrens and try to coax them towards joining the Imperials against the Druj. To do this they have to announce their decision plus the priest they are sending to do the diplomacy through a mandate in the national assembly.

There is also an opportunity to hunt out more miasma pillars in Zenith, this time by combining the use of a Heroic Defence order and a group of priests who can use consecration to get rid of the miasma pillars. This would remove them far more quickly and cheaply than previously expected, though it would occupy one of the armies for the season.

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Butterfly in Reverse

Possibilities continue to arise from the series of trips sailors took to the Sea of Snow last year.

There is a port on the Sea of Snow that belongs to the Faraden, they are open to extending it and turning it into a hub for trade with the Marches and Wintermark. The locals are willing to pay for most of it, so it would only cost 15 wains of weirwood and 45 crowns, it would then take 2 seasons to build. To get it started the Senate must put forward a motion ordering the Civil Service to transport over the required goods.

Any Wintermark or Marcher ships that docked at this port would get a bonus level of production, compared to the ships of other nations. The port would produce orichalcum, weltsilver, green iron and blood whelks, which are a strange sea beastie. When boiled in water the resulting broth can cure a great deal of things. “Provided they spend fifteen minutes resting and relaxing, after eating the broth, then anyone who consumed it will find that any venom or weakness they are suffering from are cured, as are any lost hits or cleaved or impaled limbs”.

Also, any ship of sufficient size could take the new fleet option, and go seahemoth hunting. Yes, the giant creatures of the sea, like Cambion Whales and Kraken! At level one a fleet resource would only collect some money from grateful coastal dwellers, not really making up for the cost of the trip. But at larger sizes and with enchantments on a ship they might be able to come back with trophies taken from the creatures themselves. 

If the aforementioned port gets built then there will be some more opportunities for building on this side of the Sea of Snow. But the seas near these potential building sites would need to be dredged so that more and bigger boats could get through. Dredging this area, Westmere, would cost 50 wains of weirwood, 30 wains of white granite, 20 thrones, and take six months to complete, but once done the regions surrounding the area would have a tax increase totalling 9 thrones a season. This would also give Meade the Coastal quality, which would mean a shipyard could be built there in the future. 

If this work was completed within the year then two opportunities for ministries on the coast would open up. One would be a mithril ministry in Meade which would let the owner buy mithril from a Faraden family, and another would be an Ilium ministry which would similarly let the owner buy Illium from a different family, though it would be in the Wintermark town of Fisk. Apparently, these two families are rivals and that is why they have decided to set up as far from each other as possible.

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The Troubled Words

Thanks to a mandate last event a bunch of sword scholars have set up in Holberg at the Scholars of the Sword Academy, and their ideology is gaining popularity.

It has particular strength in this part of the league because of a historical figure, Alexander von Holberg. He was executed for blasphemy and heresy over two hundred years ago and has become something of a folk hero. 

If nothing is done the ideology of Sulemaine will come to Holberg, to prevent it the Assembly must put forth a suitably worded mandate. 

There is a possibility to have the Lepidean Librarian investigate Alexander von Holberg and find out more about him, to quote the Wind “It might not be helpful to find out more about Alexander von Holberg, but it will probably be interesting.”