Hello and welcome to the first batch of Winds of Fortune summaries for Event 2 2023! Wooo!

Have You Seen Me Lately?

As is usually the case, we start off with a list of the Plenopotentiary messages. Basically these are the official diplomatic level messages between the Archmages of the various realms and an Eternal of their realm. Some of these result in meetings at E2, some do not.

Sung  –  Night Eternal

Has accepted the offer of a Parley, will be meeting with the Archmage at 22:30 on Saturday night.

Asked that the Shaman of WIntermark be brought along, as well as four other people who wish to discuss mysteries. Each person should be from a different nation, and if not plain human, should be a different lineage too. 

“The three topics that will be discussed will be: the mystery of the Labyrinth, and what it means to see the past; the mystery of Freedom, and what it means to be free; and the mystery of the Shears, and what it means to end.”

Meeting will take place in a chamber between the worlds, reached through the Hall of Worlds.

Ylenrith – Day Eternal

Has accepted the offer of a Parley, will meet with the Archmage at 13:30 on Saturday.

Is currently under enmity but apparently wishes to become friends again. They also wish to speak about something called the “Cold Sun” more about this will be revealed at the meeting. 

The Archmage offered to bring some musicians which the eternal likes the sound of (pun intended) and so the offer to the Archmage has been extended to include an additional 7 people, at least some of whom should be musicians.

Meeting will take place in a chamber between the worlds, reached through the Hall of Worlds.

Ossegrahn – Spring Eternal

Has not accepted the offer of a Parley, apparently, he is just too damn busy right now. However, a future link to another wind of fortune is currently visible in red as it has not gone live just yet, so more will be forthcoming. 

In addition, Ossegrahn has offered to introduce the Archmage to the mages of a city in Faraden that he has a link to. To do this the Conclave must announce a declaration of concord on the subject, the tone of the relationship will also be shaped by which of the conclave orders gives the declaration. There is no time limit on this, as long as Ossegrahn is not made an enemy of the empire it is available. 

The herald leaves soon after giving their messages, going off in the direction of Syrene to help remove a blight left over from last year’s floods. 

Ephisis – Autumn Eternal

Several heralds of Ephisis will be visiting to talk about the Empire’s stance on Free Trade. They will start appearing in the Hall of Worlds at 16:30 on Saturday, each will have only a short time to speak before the next batch is ushered in. This will not be a formal parley, but the message states that this is a sign of respect for the Archmage as well as a practical choice to make trade easier.

Rhianos – Summer Eternal

Rhianos has agreed to a Parley, taking place in the Hall of Worlds at 14:00 on Saturday.

Apparently, the Summer Archmage sent a list of possible adventures, the eternal has replied with their feelings on several of these adventures. Some are not to their taste, some are very much so and they wish to help out. If you know anything about Atun’s Ring or the Sword Fortinbras then come along and tell them all about it. 

They are also interested in speaking to enchanters of Dawn about the possibility of building a statue to watch over the Knights fighting in Broceliande. 

They would also like to speak to those who represented Rhianos in the Icy Crag Tourney and find out what they have been up to since.

And finally they have brought along a herald of Meraud (who is not part of the Parley) to speak to anyone who wants to talk about building coastal fortresses. This is because Rhianos does not care about fortresses and wishes people to stop asking about making new rituals to make them. 

Kaela – Winter Eternal

Kaela has agreed to a Parley, which will have two parts, one more public and then a second to be held with the Archmage themselves. The first will take place at the Hall of Worlds at 23:45 and the second part will take place after the first part has ended. 

Several of her heralds will go to the Hall of Worlds to collect stories from certain individuals, these stories should have something to do with Kaela’s portfolio, aka, endings. Those who do well may receive boons from the Grim Legion.

The Suns of Couros have angered Kaela and may take this opportunity to beg her forgiveness if they wish it. To gain her forgiveness they need to have a ritual she favours, Abandon the Mortal Shackles, put into Imperial Lore.

After all of this, the Archmage of Winter will be able to go off and speak to the Archivist of the Drowned, one of Kaela’s special heralds who researches the ending of endless things. 

willow that grow along the river
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Rain King

And here we go, the Wind of Fortune for Ossegrahn which shows what he’s been up to!

Apparently, Ossegrahn has been really, really impressed by the Empire lately and has decided to help out a whole bunch.

First, all farms in the Empire will receive a bonus of two drams of Marrowort in addition to their normal production.

Secondly, if a farmer who owns a level one farm casts Blessing of the New Spring every time they attend Anvil in 2023 then in the new year their farm will have been upgraded to a second level. This is only available to level one farms, so saves the farmer the equivalent of 2 wains of the expensive resource, Weirwood. It will also stop working if Ossegrahn is declared an enemy of the empire before Winter, because obviously if his heralds can’t get around the empire then they can’t help out.

Third, Ossegrahn has handed over several arcane projections that he has given leave to be codified by the Empire to become Imperial Lore. They do come with assurances, basically, things that mean he can pull them out of Imperial Lore again if we break up with him. These Arcane Projections have been given to the Sails of the First Flame coven, the Silver Chalice order’s Grandmaster, and the Marcher Egregores. 

Fourth, he has offered to patronise a location where people could be trained to make special, magical tools for aiding with healing. A citizen could then commission these items every season through the usual route for buying things through a Folly, he would provide the knowledge of how to make these items but the Empire must build the building. This has a time limit of the Autumn equinox. It would take 3 months from being commissioned and would cost 20 wains of weirwood and 60 crowns in labour. 

Fifth, he does not like the Vallorn at all, so is offering to patronise buildings intended to be research stations to fight it in ways that do not involve destructive magics like Venom, which he also does not like. The proposed positions for these research stations are in Miaren and Casinea and would both require a building commission from the senate. They would also cost 204 weirwood or white granite and 48 crowns of labour costs. They would give the person who ran them the opportunity to commission special items which are powerful against the Vallorn and Venom, and this person would also get a magical amulet from Ossegrahn himself that would make them more powerful healers.

If the Empire wishes to get further into his good graces he has provided a list of things we could do;

  1. Officially give him Amity
  2. Put Arhallogen under Enmity
  3. Criminalise rituals that create poisons, make poisons illegal, stop making up new poisonous rituals and poisons

If he is put under Amity then he may give the Empire the opportunity to make a Spring focused Magical College. 

He would also like it if all of the places where Imperial soldiers fight had Rivers of Life cast on them to make the people fighting there more likely to survive. If the Conclave will put out a declaration that the preservation of life is more important than slaughter he may help out by pointing ut where there are regios that could be used for this purpose.

bed of flowers
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Children in Bloom

Last event Hallow of the Green World was cast, this is a Spring ritual and it is now Spring, so everything got super whammied.

Forests are going to be full of strange and magical flowers, people with a forest resource will get a ribbon for a strange flower, they are thus encouraged to bring with them a phys rep for this. These flowers have a roleplaying effect and can be used like a talisman, a type of magical item. These flowers can be bonded to through the create bond spell, and their magical properties will stick around until the beginning of the summer solstice.

People with Briar lineage can up their trappings for this event, AND they will get the chance to heal up to 3 lost hits if they roleplay appropriately for 5 seconds. This can be done once and like all abilities it cannot be done if you are weakened.

For the next season there will be no cost to diversify either a farm or a forest, this includes the Marcher only option to gain mana crystal diversification for farms.

If you wish to switch to a farm then it will not cost the usual two crowns to get the basic farm, but if you have an upgraded resource you are swapping then it will cost two crowns to get the upgraded version.

Any Navaar who has levels in spring magic and a mana site will be able to get an extra dose of spring vis.

The chaos fruit are still viable and if you planted some in your forest last event then you have the chance to do it again this event too! You can even use the fruit that were harvested from the forests over the last season to do so, however this is THE LAST season that you can plant chaos fruit after this they will no longer be viable.

Speaking of the chaos fruit, some people are growing concerned about them. The Navaar and Highborn in particular have the opportunity to put out some mandates in regards to them. And if a Cardinal wishes to they may instruct the Silent Bell to make a list of everyone with some planted in their forests.

The riot of spring magic has caused damage to the Empire’s roads, there is the option to not do anything and let them fall into ruin. However this will have a negative impact on the money that they bring in, reducing it steadily until after nine months (three seasons) they would cease to bring in any money at all. The civil service will deduct 26 thrones from the budget every season to keep them going, though the Senate can decide not to do this and let them fall apart.

In addition, if Hallow the Green World is cast again within the next two years then the roads under threat will be damaged beyond repair.

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A Murder of One

Again, this is a repercussion of the fact that Hallow of the Green World was cast at the last event. A massive amount of bang for your buck when it comes to plot.

There are a bunch of different weird spring creature showing up around the Empire this season, they are called boggarts. The three main kinds are corbs (human/crow creatures, destructive pests who love kids because they see them as kindred spirits), greenteeth (audio will o the wisps, they call out to people and then kill their would be rescuers, they also love kids but because they want to eat them), and grimmelkint (they eat magical forest materials and if you kill one another will pop up almost immediately).

Many of the grimmelkint are already causing havoc all over the empire, if a way to get rid of them isn’t discovered by the end of the summit, then forest owners will have a negative 2 penalty to their production over the next season. A herd of them seem to be on their way to Anvil and are expected to arrive about sunset on Saturday. An expert on them suggests that it is possible to coexist or even profit from their presence, but there isn’t enough known about them. So time to do on the field research! If you have a forest you can role play that you have been bothered by these creatures over the last season.

In other news, Arhallogen (spidery spring eternal) is encouraging the Navaar to go full murder on the Jotun and ignore morality entirely. There is a mandate that they can put forward that will increase the amount of jotun killed, but reduce the amount of victory points gained. If this mandate is successful then there will be the chance to make its effects permanent. 

In other, other news, Siakha (sharky spring eternal) wants the empire to remove the enmity stopping her from being able to send her minions into the empire. She wants this to happen so that she can look at all the savagery and murder the empire is getting up to. She promises not to send her heralds in to eat everyone in the hall of worlds again, at least for the next two seasons, if the empire agrees to do this. Siakha isn’t thought subtle enough to lie about it, but no one is really sure what is going on, the Grendel probably wouldn’t want the empire to get chummy (pun intended) with her after all, but this doesn’t seem to matter to the high priestess that is acting as Siakha’s mouthpiece on this. 

And that appears to be it for tonight, so I will post this, and hopefully, we will see plenty more tomorrow! After all, every wind of fortune we get now is one less to come out on the Thursday before LARP when we are out in a tent in a field and won’t know about it.

See you next time,