You win some and you lose some, that’s the main message from this new batch of war updates from the UK LARP game Empire.


A massive army of 40,000 Jotun have invaded Bradon’s Jasse in Kahraman from Liathhaven. They also have help from many summer heralds and Stephen of Sarcombe’s Mournwolders. 

Fort Braydon is taken and the Jade Range is mostly taken over. Luckily the damage from Stephen of Sarcombe’s destruction of the roads is still a problem and stops the Jotun forces from getting any further. However, they are close enough to the Mithril Mine at Sierra Brante that they could try for it in the coming months.

When the armies fight the Freeborn they bury them with the same respect as they do their own dead. But they are not so polite to their Navaar foes, the reputation of the “Imperial Druj” apparently is enough to see them tossed in mass burial pits and sometimes burned.

There is going to be a major conjunction at the next Imperial Summit, apparently it might be a meeting of many Jotun champions that the Empire can gate crash. 

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Laid Low

The Jotun have been attempting to consolidate their hold on Bregasland, encouraging Mathilda Fisher and her minions to spread propaganda while the Jotun built roads that would allow them to ferry in the white granite needed to bolster their defences. They were clearly expecting the empire to be waiting for them to attack Mitwold, and then be left doing nothing when they didn’t turn up.

They didn’t expect the the Imperials to attack.

The Strong Reeds were lying low in Bregas, so once the armies swept into the territory they were in a particularly good spot to cause absolute havoc on the Jotun. There are another 7 imperial armies in Bregas this season and they all work together to thoroughly stomp the Jotun. 

Bregasland is Imperial once more.

But Mathilda Fisher refuses to surrender, instead calling those loyal to her to retreat into Jotun lands once more, presumably to sally forth again when they have a better hope of reconquering the lands. There will be a conjunction at the next summit to target Mathilda and prevent her from trying for Bregas once more.

Interestingly, anyone fighting with the combined forces of the Imperial armies who is a changeling can roleplay that they have been inspired by the Summer heralds summoned by the Imperials. You feel that, “You are filled with confidence; nothing is beyond you if you put your mind to it. Now is the time to act, to pursue goals you have been neglecting. Anyone who questions your prowess must be taught a quick lesson about the foolishness of doubting you.” Any Marcher changelings in particular who sent a military unit to fight in Bregasland will have a temporary hero point that they can use for the Spring Event.