And here we are for the last batch of Winds of Fortune I will be covering, I need to get ready for travelling tomorrow so watching the page and waiting for new updates is not going to be on the cards tonight.

The Silent Page

This Wind is all about the Barrens.

There are lots of tribes in the Barrens that the Empire could reach out to to try and get their help in conquering it. Unfortunately, we have pissed them off by being untrustworthy in the past so they don’t really have any reason to accept what we are saying. If it were easy then it would have been done already.

The Great Forest Orcs

There are already a bunch of GFOs living in the Empire, because of this it would be easier to convince these orcs to help, but they are also the least respected group we could reach out to.

The Black Wind

We’ve betrayed this lot before, so while they are powerful and respected, getting them on our side would be especially “challenging”. Not impossible, but PD rarely say something is impossible unless it is an ooc decision.


We haven’t had much contact with this bunch, so they don’t have much reason to hate us yet! Not no reason, we did send storms to batter their coastline recently, but less than most everyone else. They are also considered shifty and untrustworthy by most of the other tribes, though. If they thought we were going to win they might come to our side, but the second we looked in bad shape they’d be back to the Druj.

The Montanians

Descendants of Freedom loving Heretics, they seem to think they know better than us about how to throw off the shackles of oppressors, or at least that seems to be what they are saying in the letter they sent. Since they have initiated contact they might be some of the easiest to reach out to, but they see us as only a bit better than the Druj so it might be an uphill battle.

The Karass

Apparently, this lot have a favoured position with the Druj and if we reach out to them we may get snitched on, but they are apparently incredibly skilled herbalists who have a mysterious herb much prized by the Druj. This may or may not be true, though, as the Druj rarely let anyone else have something they think is valuable.

The Dawnish

There are still lots of human Dawnish people in the Barrens, mostly yeofolk because the Druj horribly murdered the nobles. This lot are the easiest to contact and the easiest to convince, in fact not talking to them will probably cause problems since they might get huffy about decisions being made without them later on down the line.

A Mandate

So there is a mandate in the offing for the Priests of the Way (unaligned to a particular virtue), if it is passed then every army fighting the Druj will inflict 10% more casualties than normal. There will also be a lot of spontaneous spiritual auras.

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Don’t Blame Me

After Ratibor’s tomb was infused with True Liao the flames that burn there do not go out, you can carry a torch away from the building and it will be extra difficult to put out. Aka this is an additional in character explanation for LED lights in the field.

Some Mandates

The first will encourage leaguish people to follow their ambitions, this will give all congregations 2 extra votes and an extra liao for the rest of the year.

The second will be even stronger than the first, changing several religious buildings from Pride to Ambition. Several opportunities will also occur, like building in Holburg and getting resources for building the Blood Red Roads. There will also be a rise in the taxable income of the League, by 10 thrones, which will reflect new businesses succeeding. 

If either of these mandates pass then future mandates for the league will reflect Ratibor’s cold and unyielding personality.

Vyig News

So the Vyig are causing trouble again and the League have a mandate they could pass which would create a downtime activity that would give people in Varushka, the League, and the Imperial Orcs with military units the chance to go hunting Vyig between events.

If this is done by the start of the Summer event the Vyig will be broken and massively reduced in power. To reflect this the Magistrates will no longer need to collect 25 thrones from the Senate to fight the Bite trade.

Varushkan assemblies may also submit their own mandates that are similar as long as they directly address the Vyig in said mandate.

Dodgy Roads

Apparently, a road through a forest has become overcome by nasty beasties, possibly ones aligned with Skathe. At the moment there are several knock on effects, but there are more and worse ones to come if it isn’t fixed up. Currently the upkeep of the Fortress of Salt has increased by two thrones, and several ministries in the area cannot get their top rank of benefit while this problem is ongoing.

There is no impact on the trade with the Thule here, because the Thule thought that this was just how that forest was and didn’t pay it much attention. To quote, “They hadn’t mentioned it previously because they’d just assumed that the presence of the creatures was part of some deal the Temeschwari had made with the Queen [[the Thrice-cursed Court] and did not wish to pry”

To combat this the League National Assembly could raise a mandate or the Conclave order, the Rod and Shield, could get sent to sort things out. 

If both of these are done then weird stuff might happen, the Wind of Fortune says that it is only “unforeseen circumstances” and doesn’t give more info.

Mining Opportunities

There is an opportunity to upgrade the mines outside of Temeschwar, it would cost 50 wains of white granite, 50 wains of weirwood, 200 crowns in labour, and take six months to complete. Every mine will get a share of 1080 rings and every business will get a share of 50 random ingots of metal. Plus the Custodian of the Assayer’s Guild will get an additional two ranks to their ministry. Plus there will be an increase of 5 thrones to the taxable income of the region.

Forestry Opportunities

There is an opportunity to make a new ministry which would harvest wood from the Vardstein Vale. It would take 40 wains of white granite, 20 wains of mithril, and 120 crowns in labour, and would take 6 months to build. 40 forest resources would be shared amongst the businesses of Temeschwar and there would be a ministry going forwards that more could be bought through.

The land cleared by the logging would create fertile ground for farms and with those farms (plus the businesses to cater to them) an extra 10 thrones would come into the taxable income of the region. Also, more opportunities in relation to farms and businesses would likely be available in the future.

Thule Trade

There is an opportunity to build a ministry for trading with the Thule. It would cost 10 wains of white granite, 10 wains of mithril, and 40 crowns and take 3 months to build. This sounds great, but the problem is that it would wipe out a lot of the trading opportunities for other parts of the Northern Empire, some ministries would lose the top two ranks of their trading options. 

So this would probably be incredibly unpopular every where EXCEPT the league.


Any statements made in the Varushkan assembly relating to Ratibor will get more interest than they might have done otherwise.