OK, I feel like we are closing in on the end of these Winds of Fortune now, which is pretty good since we are less than a week until the event. But here is the next batch of summaries, and as the Youtubers say, Like, Comment and Subscribe to make the algorithm do stuff!

Mime Each Lonely Word

This Wind is about the Maze of Zoria and other very Varushkan things, like monsters and sovereigns. 

The maze of Zoria had a dose of True Liao used on it, this has had some interesting effects. For the next year, any player can say that their character visited the Maze of Zoria during downtime and came out of it having found new questions or answers about themselves.

The Guardian of the Maze of Zoria has gained some new powers;

  • The ability to perform the insight ceremony three times every day without needing to use liao, know the ceremony, or be dedicated.
  • Their aura is permanently marked with a unique effect visible to those able to see such things.
  • They can create powerful personal auras on themselves that cannot be removed.
  • They can draw on the knowledge of the Maze to create unique potions, even if they are not an apothecary.

These powers are attached to the title of the Guardian, so if someone else becomes the Guardian then the powers will transfer over to them.

In addition to this, once per year, the Guardian may write down a question that will be answered via a dream of walking through the maze.

The Thule have a relic of Zoria, her Staff of Pure Vision, and they are willing to sell it to the Empire for EXACTLY 120 thrones, 4 crowns, and 11 rings, and they will then spend this money on food. This offer is only good for this season.

Profound Decisions have decided to make a list on the wiki of all the BIG Sovereigns in Varushka, to give this an in-character reason they are saying that the consecration made people living nearby have mysterious dreams, some of which have given info on the Sovereigns. 

In addition, the wolves of Varushka (only some of which are actually fluffy) have become more active and there is now a downtime option for players with military units to send their units monster hunting. This is open to Varushkan characters and Dawnish characters. The characters will receive money, plus tree and mine resources in payment.

ice arch on the sea
Photo by Jygen Dechavez on Pexels.com

Midnight Rain

For several seasons people will fleets have been going through the seas North of the Empire, last season was the last part of this adventure. 

Everyone who went on the trip got 4 ingots of metal and 30 rings, plus a map of the Sea of Snow and a list of the most important landmarks. 

The map isn’t good enough to do magical scrying with, but it’s a lot better than the big patch of nothing that people knew about the area before this. The map will be added to the wiki after E1.

photography of black hanging bells during daytime
Photo by Aakash Sethi on Pexels.com

Full of Sacred Sound

After thoroughly beating up the Druj last season the Highborn are feeling really inspired.

Highborn Armies

  • Can no longer choose crusading storm as an order as they are going to be acting that way automatically. 
  • Now every time a new order is issued a mandate will be inspired by the generals’ orders.

Highborn Assembly

The people of Highguard are so inspired that the Assembly can also get extra powers. 

If they wish to activate these powers then they must pass the following mandate, “Nothing is beyond our reach if we strive for it. We send {named priest} with 50 doses of liao to remind every Highborn congregant that the virtuous build up their fellows. Let us Loyally support each one of our siblings in their hour of need.”

  • First, they will gain the power to use a statement of principle to aid another nation to do something. This cannot be used on Urizen or Navaar since they have received a lot of help from Highguard recently.
  • Secondly, they will gain the power to support or oppose other nations’ mandates.

Another mandate has come up, this one will push the people of Highguard to support themselves and help their own people first. 

  • All congregations will gain 1 dose of liao, 2 votes and a crown to their usual income.
  • Any sinecure or great work which produces liao and votes will have the price to build it reduced as donations come from the people of Highguard. For every 4 wains of white granite the people will donate 1 wain and 2 crowns of money.

The third mandate deals with the anti-lineage and anti-orc biases that are in the Highguard brief, if it is passed then the nation will be encouraged to rethink these biases and may stop having them. If they do then other opportunities may arise in the future about them.

These mandates are not competing, therefore all of them could be passed or none of them and they will not impact on each other.