It’s time for part two! Profound Decisions has continued to borrow from Taylor Swift’s backlog for their titles, though some other songs are in the mix. Let’s dive in!

Bad Blood

So there has been a lot of anger over the last few years as people view the Magicians of the Conclave as “getting away” with casting curses on the Empire. It has finally bubbled over, and now there is a push to get a proper position in the Conclave for investigating possible Sorcerors.

To make this possible the Senate needs to create such a position, then the Conclave will have to put forth a Declaration of Candidacy to fill the position.

Various groups have ideas about what the position should do, and in an effort to push their ideas to the front of the queue, they have offered up items that they will give the new position if the senate uses their preferred description.

  1. Legendary Thresher Alisoun Bathwater offers a Thresher’s Cudgel every season (Thresher’s Cudgels give the wielder the chance to call Shatter on Magical Implements) if “the title is to identify anyone using magic to the detriment of their neighbours, and that the Conclave won’t seek to limit who they can investigate,” and it will be hallowed with the Hallowing of the Torch.
  2. Magisters of Highguard want the focus to be on “ensur[ing] that those who deal with eternals are doing so virtuously, and not seeking to make secret agreements to the detriment of fellow Imperial citizens,” and they will endow the position with an item called the Lantern Ring which “allows a wearer versed in the insight ceremony who performs a thorough insight to discover if the person whose aura they are observing has recently visited a chamber between worlds. It will sometimes reveal what realm that chamber was associated with, as well.”
  3. And finally, Navaari Vates want the senate to “make it clear that the title should actively investigate anyone with an Imperial title appointed by the Conclave, and ensure that they are not becoming corrupted by their power” and in return they will give a Thornpath Sash every year. Thornpath Sashes give the wearer a boost to their Divination magic rituals.

This opportunity has a very short timeframe, if it is not put through by the end of Spring 385 (aka E2 2023) then the chance to get these free items will be lost and if the position does get made then they will have to find their own way to getting good equipment.

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This Wind of Fortune is all about the push by Navaari players to make a new Archetype, the Vine which is focused on the art of Healing.

Essentially the folks at PD want the players to debate and discuss the archetype and put some thought into how the healing will be funded, who exactly they will heal, and what does healing mean? Are we talking individual soldiers on the battlefield or society wide problems.

This info can be passed back to PD through either interactions with the egregores or through the Navaar Assembly.

There is a conjunction on Saturday at 8:45, a bunch of Marchers have gotten trapped on their way back from Broceliande and need help.

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The Money Goes Around

This Wind of Fortune is a League focused one. Last year there was a new title created which allows new commissions to be created for League specific opportunities, now to celebrate it’s inauguration they’re running a competition. Essentially the completion is to see which of the four cities of the League can use the most wains of bourse resources to build new things or upgrade old resources. 

The Civil Service will be keeping track on a “League Table” of how many wains each city has used.

Several old Opportunites that did not get picked up have been brought back, they now have a deadline of Autumn 385, aka the end of E4 2023. I’m not going to write them all here, check them out yourselves.

Upgrading your personal resource costs one less wain than normal, which gives people a chance to participate on a personal level too.

This competition will last until directly before Winter 385, aka E1 2024 if we keep to the regular schedule.

The winning city will get the chance to brag about it and an increase in the number of future opportunities.