Empire’s third event of the year is steadily drawing closer, and we are learning more and more about the opportunities available to players. Some of these are the straightforward fighting types, eg. send twenty people through the magic portal and hope they kill everyone they are supposed to. Other ones are more tricky, like those that need rituals cast or items retrieved. Dramatic stuff for sure!

Currently, the numbers for all of these conjunctions are still unconfirmed, so they may need a whole bunch of people or like five, we don’t know yet. There is also one missing which hasn’t been updated yet, by the looks of it I think it’s because the Wind of Fortune it is linked to hasn’t gone live yet. It should be at 20:30 on Friday in Bregasland, but that is all we know.

All of these conjunctions are expected to last about 20 minutes. 


18:30  – Semersuaq – So the Hylje (aka nice seal shapeshifters) have been helping out the empire, but one of the scouts they sent to help has been captured by the Jotun. The Jotun are holding him hostage so people need to go and rescue him or else the Hylje won’t help out anymore. The Mediator of the Hyljehal is supposed to lead this one.

19:00 -Semersuaq – Hayaak, one of the summer eternals, has given the Jotun a quest to gain his favour. They have to go and find a magical spear that was lost a century ago in a battle with a sea monster. If they find it and bring it back to him he will help them in the coming season, probably through an army enchantment. Jaheris, one of the other summer eternals, wants to screw this up for Hayaak and has given the Empire some details so they can go and get it instead. The Weigher of Worth has been put in charge of this. 

19:30 – Semersuaq – An important Thule Warlock has gotten in trouble in Semersuaq and the Thule need the Empire to go and rescue him. Apparently without him they cannot cast as many of the big rituals that they have been using so it would be a problem for the Empire. Since the Thule are the Thule they have also said that if the Empire cannot retrieve him it is OK to kill him so he cannot spread any secrets. To get him back through the sentinel gate will require a ritual be cast on him (The Cuckoo’s Egg). The ritual is a magnitude 6 night ritual. The ambassador to Otkodov (Thule capital city) has been put in charge of organising this.

21:00 – Bregasland – There’s a family in Bregasland called the Greywaters, they’ve been putting up a fight against the Yegarrah and Matilda Fisher. Fisher now wants to kill them all as a warning to the rest of Bregasland to behave. There is a conjunction to go and help the Greywaters hide themselves in the marshes of Bregasland before an execution squad gets to them. If the Empire does this then there will be significant tactical advantages when fighting in Bregas because of the added allies and insurgents hidden about. If the soldiers are not stopped from reaching the Greywaters then the majority of them will be executed and not only will the Empire lose the benefits of having those allies, but other people in Bregasland will be too scared to fight back against the Jotun. The General of the Strong Reeds is in charge of this one.


14:30 – Zenith – Khelver, a Druj warleader stole a precious amulet back during the war in Reikos. While there he stole a historically important amulet from a museum curator. He has been spotted and there is a chance to get it back, if we don’t take his opportunity then there is no telling when a future one might come up. The Amulet of Truth is to be given to the Curator of the White City Museum, who is also in charge of the skirmish. It will give the title holder one more liao and two votes. But by doing this the highborn armies will receive the unbreakable quality which is a big boost. 

15:00 – Zenith – A magical tome was found in an abandoned spire by some Druj. It was a spire on top of a spring regio and apparently they liked to do experiments so it’s not great that the Druj have it. The mission is to go and get it back, partly so that the Druj don’t have it but also so that we have it because it might be useful. The Grandmaster of the Unfettered Mind has been put in charge of this one.

15:30 – Sarangrave – An orc from one of the tribes that the senate spies identified as a potential ally in the mallum has been captured by the Druj. There is a chance they are still alive and there is a conjunction to try and save them. If the empire does save them then this will be a good opening gesture to the Bloodspear Orcs and we might be able to encourage them to rise up against the Druj. Or at least learn more about the Sarangrave and the Bloodspear Tribe. The Senator for Temeschwar is supposed to be in charge of this. In addition to the usual fighters the skirmish is recommended to have a good diplomat for if the target lives, and someone who can cast speak with the dead for if they don’t.

17:00 – Barrens – This is the big chance to impress Siakha, the Shark Eternal. She wants the empire to prove themselves by stealing a magic stone from some Druj, this will be a fight to the death, probably with a bunch of shark heralds and at the very least the Druj warriors will be juiced up. Later that night a meeting will take place at the Hall of Worlds with heralds of Siakha and this will be important for that. The Archmage of Spring is supposed to be in charge of this one. 

17:30 – Ossium – The Druj are sending a war party to the Bonehives to smash them up. There are four bonehives and each one destroyed means a season that they won’t be providing creepy honey. If the Druj manage to destroy all four then the knowledge will be lost on how to recreate them. There are also going to be the keepers of the bonehives who need to be kept safe. The insects living in the bonehives will attack anyone and everyone, they can “eat through living flesh with terrifying, lethal speed.” The group who goes will need plenty of marrowwart with them to make sure everyone makes it back to anvil for treatment for bug bites and stings. The Keeper of the Bonehives will be in charge of the skirmish. 

18:00 – The Barrens – The Druj have called a massive spring wolf monster from the spring realm. It is the responsibility of the Knight Protector of Spring to sort out these sorts of things so they are in charge of the skirmish. Apparently there are still druj in the area and scouts say they are acting weird. The monster needs to be defeated or chased back into the spring realm or else it is going to kill a whole bunch of the nearby imperial armies. 

20:00 – Barrens – A bunch of soldiers from the Golden Axe army have gotten trapped on the wrong side of a river, the Druj are prepping for a ritual to smash up the bridges on that river so they can’t get back and will be easy pickings. The empire needs to go and kill off enough of the ritualists that they cannot complete the ritual (get their number below 10) at which point the army should be safe enough to cross back over and not get killed by the Druj. The General of the Golden Axe army is supposed to be in charge of this one. 

20:30 – Barrens – The Wolves of War hired wagon raiders and they have been looting the druj, unfortunately they have been tricked and have been gathering up a lot of cursed treasure. Loads of them are sick and this is threatening the army as a whole. There is an opportunity to swoop in and take some treasure from a bunch of Druj and then experiment on it to see what the curse is and how to break it. The Wolves of War General is supposed to be in charge of this one.

21:00 – Barrens – Some Spring magicians have come up with a ritual to flood a big bit of the Druj held Barrens. It is a magnitude 24 spring ritual that would likely destroy or ruin for the short term a major mithril mining area and cover some marshland with sea, it can only be cast this summit because of astronomantic symbolism stuff. By doing so the Druj wouldn’t be able to magically raise any forts there for a while. There is a regio nearby that spies have identified where it could be cast, or other rituals could be cast, or both. The spring Archmage is in charge of this one. They will need to take warriors through with them to fight off the guards at the regio and enough mages to cast the ritual.