I’ve found a real bumper crop of writing opportunities for you folks this month! To make it a bit easier to parse them I will be posting the deadline-free opportunities here in this post today, then do another one tomorrow where I post those that have a clear deadline. Let me know if you find this helpful and in particular if you send anything off to any of these, and especially if you manage to get your stories accepted. I love hearing about other people’s success and the idea that I might have helped contribute in some small way really inspires me to write up these posts. 

Also, if I may, money is a wee bit short this month, if you do happen to find this post and others like it useful then could you please donate a little money to my Ko-Fi account? I would appreciate any and all that you can contribute.

In case you don’t know about Ko-Fi it is a really useful website that acts as a tip jar for people who make their living on the internet. Think of it as leaving a little cash at the end of a fun evening at a restaurant or into the hat of a busker who thrills you with their music. Or in this case giving a little change to someone who looks out for useful writing opportunities and shares them. Anything would be gratefully appreciated and thank you for reading this far. 

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But with that awkwardness done, let’s move on to letting you know about all the new writing opportunities that are available at the moment!

First, let me go through the new markets I have found that don’t have a clear deadline for submissions. This doesn’t always mean that they will be open forever, sometimes these places will throw open their doors for a short while, just until they have the numbers they need, before shutting up again. In these cases, it is a good idea to send things sooner rather than later. I will post again tomorrow with the ones that have a deadline.

Interzone is looking for fantastika between 2000 and 17,500 words. They will pay 1.5 euro cents per word. No reprints please and nothing that has already received a pass from their sister publication IZ Digital. Here’s the link to their website.

Fantastika, in case you are wondering, is a genre which blends anything and everything with fantasy and the bizarre. It’s great fun to read and write because you can really throw anything you want into the mix!

The Maul Magazine is open to short stories with a focus on horror for younger readers, 100 to 3000 words. They will pay 8 cents per word for original writing and 2 cents for reprints. Link to website here.

I am not generally a massive fan of horror, all my friends will tell you that I am a squeamish baby, but to all of you that love horror, this sounds like a great chance to be someone’s first introduction to horror! Think of it, you’ll be shaping their expectations for the genre! There are definitely a few of you out there that are very tempted by this idea, I know some of you too well to doubt it.

Enchanted Conversation from The Fairytale Magazine is looking for short stories themed around the weather. They are taking short stories of between 750 and 1000 words and poetry with an upper word limit of 500 words. Writers will receive $50 (US) and the link to the website is here.

Given how closely fairytales are linked to nature I imagine that this will be an easy theme for some of you to manage. Let me know if you send anything off to this publisher, I follow them on IG and love their aesthetic.

And that is all for this evening. There will be another much, much longer post tomorrow once I have gotten all the opportunities with short deadlines written up. I hope you find this helpful and please leave a comment if you end up sending something to one of these opportunities. I am a terribly nosy person you see and I love to know what other writers are getting up to!

Stay safe out there,