OK, so in a desperate attempt to make the latest updates from Profound Decisions about their game Empire make sense, I have made a spread sheet to try and list everything and let it be a bit clearer. I do not know if that was achieved. I do not know if I make any sense any more. I will most likely come back at some point and neaten it up, but it is not impossible that I might just run away, into the night, denying any knowledge of this work.

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Here is the link to the main winds of fortune page. Here is also a link to a book I have a short story in.

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NameRelevant Nation/GroupOpportunities?Brief Description
Some Heavenly MusicUrizenYes, RitualsThere are some magic grimoires and Urizen can do things to get them
Cloud Waves BreakEveryoneYes, RitualsA magic fog is making people forget things and some magic rituals have gone weird
Horn ResoundingKids, Eternal BotherersYes, Eternal BoonsKids have magically aged a bunch, some eternals have offered boons to kids
Impossible LandscapesMagicians, Eternal BotherersYes, Eternal Boons and architectureThe eternals are calling for a chat and some have favours on offer
Stone and StoneNeighbours to the bloody big hole, statue fans, Eternal BotherersYes, Eternal Boons and architectureAdamant, an eternal, wants to build a bunch of statues and stuff and also the bloody big hole has a bloody big infestation that might eat people’s faces
Apples from a TreeResource traders, Prosperity fans, the Marches, Wintermark, Varushka, FreebornYes, architectureResource selling buildings might be getting built if people can get organised
The Price of WisdomWisdom Priests, Urizen, FreebornYes, architectureIt’s mostly internal politics but there is also the chance to build sword scholar temples to fight against the barbarians
From the Sieve of Your HandsUrizenDeals with GrendelThe grendel overlord wants the knack for blocking the black plateau, she will let the citadel guard receive resources for an extra six months if we tell her, if not she might just take over the spires that already have the block in place or destroy it. Also politics in dealing with the new Grendel overlords, be good or rebellious?
To Curb Those Raging AppetitesFreebornDeals with GrendelHow to deal with the new grendel overlords, be good, leave, or be rebellious?
Everything has a priceFreebornYes, Deals with Grendel, architectureTrade and politics with the grendel, maybe building an embassy to make things easier, also repatriate slaves
Bones in the OceanFreeborn, Priests, ExorcistsYes, spies and an exorcism schoolThere is a super haunted island, the Grendel say a limited number of priests can stay there to keep an eye on things, we can build a better home for them, also there is the chance to make a spy ring based here too.
All Lift TogetherWintermark, Herbalists, HealersYes, architectureThere’s a lot of stuff about wintermark specific herbal sinecures and how to make things better, also internal politics
An Unexpected AlignmentWintermark, Varushka, Imperial OrcsDeals with ThuleThe thule want to rent us some armies, but we have to give them a bunch of land
Seize the MomentsImperial Orcs, Dawn, Barrens TribesTaking over the Barrens, deals with tribesSo the Imperial Orcs want to take over the Barrens, there are a few ways that could be done, including wiping out the local tribes or making friends, maybe aiding and abetting a rebellion? Also the Dawnish still have a chance to take over the Barrens but it’s shrinking and the local tribes hate their guts more than normal for imperials.
Between Wind and WaterDawn, Troubadors, AsavaeansYes, architecture, deals with AsavaeaStory tellers and troubadors are really popular so there are some opportunities to build them some stuff to get resources. There are also some asavaeans who are visiting and want to find out what’s the deal with Dawnish
Beyond the LightOssium, Varushka, Imperial Orcs, Dawn, League, Ossium TribesYes, architecture, deals with Thule, deals with tribesOssium isn’t quite conquered yet, there are a few ways to go about doing it and some of the non-varushkan groups can help out if they want to, one of the ways would be to have the Imperial Orcs reach out to the local tribes and get some help that way
Thousands or MoreOssium, Varushka, People who like moneyYes, architectureThere are a whole bunch of different opportunities here to build things that are useful for getting stuff, ports, sacrifice holes, bone hives, you name it Ossium has a spooky thing related to it
Across the AbyssSand Fishers, League, Priests, ProsperityYes, trade with sand fishers, deals with tribesThe sand fishers are interested in the Way and have begun to philosophize. They want to trade a bunch and also get an education, the Empire can open up the healing and magical knowledge to them if we want, and help them build up their own resources.
Daughters of the EmpireMemorial fans, empress fans, HighbornYes, architectureThere are some opportunities to work with the memorial to Britta, and to build the official memorial for Lisabetta. Also to make a thing that will record the names of imperial warriors who die so no one is forgotten.
The Net of the HeavensEveryone, Eternal Botherers, UrizenYes, architectureA LOT of opportunities for building things in Urizen to get boons from eternals.
Three Celebrations and a FuneralProsperity, League, Zemress, Freeborn, SumaahYes, architectureThe main church for the Little Mother burned down and now they need to rebuild it, there are also some Sumaah who want to talk about their version of the way and maybe have some places consecrated that connect to their way of worshipping it. That includes the site of Zemress’s ship, and a shrine to Adelmar the Lion, and the Maze of Zoria. There is also a big hullaballoo about the Freeborn festival the broken wheel and the Sumaah want it changed.
The Virtue of SharingHighborn, Dawn, NavaarVallorn stuff, deals with DrujMostly this is about the Highborn and the Dawnish becoming good friends while fighting the Vallorn, however there is also some problems because someone made a deal that got some Druj warriors fighting the Vallorn last season and now people want to know who is to blame.
Hard Times Come Again No MoreImperial Orcs, the Way, Ossium TribesDeals with Ossium Tribes, ArchitectureThree groups of Ossium tribes have made it to Skarsind and want to share their knowledge with their new neighbours, they are considering joining up to the Imperial Orcs and if 2/3 of them do there could be a new Imperial Orc army. They each want the resources to make a folly in their land to make them feel at home.
Written in SaltImperial Orcs, Axos, the Commonwealth, ShipsYes, bring new orcs to the EmpireThe Axos gave up slavery but they are still being terrible to the orcs that live there, there is an opportunity to send loads and loads of ship captains to go and rescue them. Otherwise the Commonwealth are going to do it. This might cause friction with the Axos.
Whither the SeedVallorn, NavaarYes, architecture, VallornSo a big curse was cast on Broceliande and now people want it taken away. There are a few ways this could be done, including making some fancy new comissions to get potions, trading with Jarm for a ritual, or making a deal with Kaela to give up another region to have the curse removed.
The Winds of FashionLeagueYes, architectureThere are a lot of chances to build things and to start new traditions in the League. In particular a new masquerade tradition could be started, as well as a tourney and some other ideas.
A Health to the CompanyArchitects, LeagueYes, architectureThe architecture uni in Holberg wants to show off, they are looking to make lots of buildings and at least one in every city in the league before the end of the new (Empire) year. If they do their new impressive title will give people stuff.
Signs and SigilsHighborn, Winter PriestsYes, architectureThere is a chance to make a new winter regio-ish thing and do it by building traps for the local animals so their horrible deaths will create magic potions and stuff.
Tend to the flameMarchers, Imperial Orcs, Priests, MilitiaYes, architecture, also bring new orcs to the empireOk so the Whittle Hatred cult stuff seems to be coming to a head. That is interesting and some people might get inquisited and put to death for heresy. This might cause some problems since they have a community in Tassato. There are also a bunch of orcs in Mournwold who could become Marchers, but there are questions about religion if they were to do so. They do however want to build a militia in their territory because they keep getting bandits bothering them, this would also bring in some money for the person who gets the title.