Hello lovely internet folks,

Well I said I had a bit of news for you all this week!

I have started posting chapters from my novel Hack and Slash on the web serial website Royal Road. Here is a link!

I’ll be posting a chapter every weekday which should take us up through most of the month and I am desperate to know what people think of it!

Of course, this isn’t the final version of the book. There is still some work that needs doing. My commas are still running amok, for one thing. But if you’ve been wondering what exactly I’ve been working on for the last few years this is your chance to get a look at it! I really would love to hear what you think of the story so far and the comment section on the website seems to be fairly straightforward. If you don’t have an account on the Royal Road website then you are welcome to post any notes to me on here, just say which chapter you are up to and maybe write SPOILERS across the top if you are going to spill anything.

But yeah, that is my big, dramatic news! As I said, only the first couple of chapters are up so if you are not up to reading a nearly 90,000 word book in one go then this might be the easiest way to get it in bite sized pieces. So here is the link again. I hope you follow it and have some fun reading what I’ve been working on. I’ll drop the summary of the book below so that you can get an idea of what it is about, but yeah. It’s been a really tricky path to follow to get this book to this state, but I am incredibly proud of what I’ve managed. Especially over the last year. It turns out that living through a massively traumatic, worldwide experience like a pandemic is not super conducive to writing. What a surprise!


The book is about the adventures of a young woman after the end of the world. Earth managed to get it’s resources together to build a series of cryogenic ships to blast humanity into space. But, because of a quirk in the design of the cryogenics, it was decided that the best way to keep people sane was to create a virtual reality for people to run around in. So you have a hefty slice of humanity poured into a game after a massively traumatic event! And that’s just the beginning of the problems!

Go read my stuff!

And stay safe out there,


Hack and Slash

A new life for Gwen. One that begins up a tree, hiding from a monster.

The world of After was supposed to be a sanctuary from a reality in which the sun is destroying the planet. National leaders mashed together a dozen video games and added the ensuing virtual reality to a cryogenics system big enough for a billion people. And then shot the lucky minority into the void on a space ship. This was the best plan they had.

Only, it turns out there are monsters in After that want to destroy humanity too. And as a Half-Elf Hunter, Gwen has found herself in the middle of a hoard of them.