Hi folks,

Ooops. It has been a while hasn’t it?

Sorry for the lack of updates I had a bunch of rewrites and editing to do for my novel and it left me with a severe lack of energy to do anything else. But I am baaaack. More or less anyway. 

My old laptop had a tragic death (the charger jammed inside the laptop and then broke off) so I had to get a new one. Of course this happened days after Cyber Monday, so I had to wait for everything to come back into stock first. I haven’t been without a laptop for that long since I first got one in High School. I felt very vulnerable without it, let me tell you.

Especially since I had a lot of work to get done and not being able to work on anything at all had me moping around the house. I ended up play a ludicrous amount of phone games, my match three skills have seriously levelled up a bunch. But I am back on the horse and have passed my book back to my editor.

But with the absence of my long term project I am now looking for other things to distract me. At the moment I have become slightly obsessed with a wonderful thing on Itch.io (in case you don’t know, Itch.io is a website for independent creators to post the games they make, among other things). 

The Regency Romance Title Generator

I love this thing. This is for a bunch of reasons, the most obvious of which is that I love Regency romances, Jane Austen and Julia Quinn have both had a lasting impact on me and my writing. The other thing is that I am a terrible punner. I just love puns. The worse they are the better. So this lovely generator has had me giggling away to myself as I read them. 

My current favourite is “Saving Pirate Ryan” though “Hit Me With Your Best Scot” and “A Scot in the Dark” sound like two parts of a really good series. There are also apparently a never ending number of puns that can be made with the premise that “Earl” and “Girl” can be switched out for each other. “Earls Just Want to Have Fun” and “Good Earls Don’t” are decent examples of this, but there are so, so, so many.

Have a go with it yourselves, leave a comment with a few of the best ones you find! Especially if you do actually write Regency Romance and fancy using them for inspiration. Like I said, I read the genre a lot, but it isn’t one that I write in. I tend to get too interested in the real life history and end up forgetting what I was doing. Or I start to think about how these rich people got all their money and then I feel sad. 

I might make an exception for “Four Wallflowers and a Funeral” though because that sounds fantastic. 

Anyway, have a go with the generator and tell me what titles you get given. And if you know any from real books that have good titles like this leave a comment!

Oh, and if anyone out there is a fan of the Bridgerton novels say hello because I love those books and I cannot wait for the adaptation that is coming out on Netflix in a few days. I don’t have anyone I can talk about them with just now, so throw me a life line.

Stay safe out there,