Hello lovely people of the internet!

I posted a Warlock build for Dungeons & Dragons on Itch.io last night! It is mostly made out of fungus puns but I am pretty proud of it and I think it will make an interesting version of the classic Warlock for anyone who wants to play something themed around fungi and mushrooms, maybe for a Hallowe’en game?

There are some interesting features as part of the build, one of the powers you get is the ability to make things you kill turn into mushrooms. That doesn’t sound super useful for some monsters, I’ll admit, but if you are up against a vampire or something that can come back from the dead it should come in handy!

This version of the warlock also gets access to some extra spells that aren’t on the main warlock spell list. They are mostly spells from the druid and ranger lists, but I basically picked them because I thought they fit the idea of a spooky mushroom warlock and they sounded cool.

Here is the link, have a look and tell me how you think I did! I chucked it up on Itch.io as soon as I had it finished because otherwise I would probably keep changing things back and forth for days. And I couldn’t do that, there’s a Game Jam that I wanted to put it into! And yes, if you are thinking, “K only seems to be making game stuff for Itch.io when there is a Game Jam” that is true. I just find it easier to focus when I have a clear theme and a deadline. 

I hope people like it, I love it a lot and I can’t wait to play it at some point. Hopefully, I will be able to get some friends to play a Hallowe’en game and this little chap will get a chance to fight monsters. Here is the link to the page on Itch.io again, leave a comment if I have tempted you! Also, if anyone has experience of making their own class builds for Dungeons & Dragons please have a look and tell me what you think! Or just leave a comment here, it is always good to hear from the community.

Stay safe out there,