Hello everyone! I’ve got a couple of interesting writing opportunities to show you.

First up, anyone here write horror? What about Warhammer? Anyone play one of the games in that universe? Well, they are looking for horror novels for their Black Library, an imprint that features books set in the Warhammer universe. These horror stories can feature Survival, Psychological, Gothic, or Cosmic horror, so you’ll have plenty of themes to choose from. They will be open to submissions from October 19th to October 31st, aka Hallowe’en. What they want from writers to begin with, so they can pick and choose the best ideas and ones that fit their settings the best, are a paragraph long summary of the story and a 500 word extract.

I am tempted to try for this, since I do love a good theme and the combination of a Universe to set the story in and a genre to write for sounds like a really fun challenge. 

The other writing opportunity is for the more academic writers among you. Luna Press Publishing is looking for works that analyse world building in Science Fiction and Fantasy for their Academia Lunare branch. They are looking for papers that cover a whole host of topics in connection with world building and they have a list of prompts for anyone struggling to come up with an idea of their own.

In case everyone wants to do the exact same topic they have asked people to send an email with the abstract for the paper to them as early on in the process as possible, so that they can give you a heads up if you need to avoid certain subjects. It would, I have to admit, be a pretty boring collection of papers if they all talked about the same things, so I can understand why they’re doing that! 

The paper needs to be less than 6000 words and they want it by the 30th of October. Anyone tempted?

I think that both these opportunities sound really interesting and I bet someone could have a lot of fun writing for either one of them, or maybe even both if you have the time!

Here is the link to the Warhammer Horror story page if you want to learn more about it, and here is the link to the Academia Lunare page so you can learn more about that.

Let me know if you try for either of these, they both sound really cool and I would love to hear more about them!

Stay safe out there,