Hi everyone!

I have some really exciting news to share!

Last year I spoke to a publisher about a novel I was working on and I am pleased to say that you can now see the wonderful cover!

The current draft is still with the editor at the moment and there isn’t a definitive date for when the book will be published, but I am just so thrilled to be able to share with you the cover and blurb!

I’ve been carrying this story around with me for a long time and it is so satisfying to be able to share it with all the world. Here is the link to the publisher’s page. Just scroll down a bit to spot it!

And now to tell you all about it!

So, this book is a LitRPG novel, meaning that there are gaming mechanics and plot points used in the story. That’s quite a broad description of LitRPG, actually, in this case the gaming mechanics and so on come in because the characters have had their minds uploaded to a virtual reality. In that virtual reality, they are fighting monsters and travelling in a Fantasy style world with magic!

But here’s the blurb so you can read about it yourself!


A new life for Gwen. One that begins up a tree, hiding from a monster.

The world of After was supposed to be a sanctuary from a reality in which the sun is destroying the planet. National leaders mashed together a dozen video games and added the ensuing virtual reality to a cryogenics system big enough for a billion people. And then shot the lucky minority into the void on a space ship. This was the best plan they had.

Only, it turns out there are monsters in After that want to destroy humanity too. And as a Half-Elf Hunter, Gwen has found herself in the middle of a hoard of them.


Watch this space to find out when the book is due to come out! I’ll be telling you all as soon as I am allowed, so following this website or setting up an email alert for it will make sure you get kept up to speed!

But yeah, I am super hyped about this and I cannot stop grinning. Here’s the link again.

Stay safe,