Hello everyone!

This is another post listing some of the items that can be found in the Black Lives Matter bundle on itch.io. As before this has been done by me, a human, so there are likely to be some mistakes in it and some things will be put in the wrong place or something else. If it is dramatically terrible, tell me in the comments and I will do my best to fix it.

If it all seems to be OK and you find it helpful please also tell me in the comments. Unlike in the previous post, the names of the items in the bundle for this list are pretty self-explanatory, so for a lot of them I will let the titles take the lead. Some of the things on this list were given by the same creators or are otherwise related, I’ll try to link them on the list but if it is not obvious I may miss them. I will probably also miss some, where it is obvious that they should go together.

A bit of background on the bundle if you’re not sure what I’m talking about. In order to raise funds for various Black Lives Matter causes loads and loads of people donated their games and other items to a bundle on the website itch.io. One of the really cool things about this bundle is that it provides masses of art assets and various things for making games. However, if you have bought the bundle it can be more than a bit daunting to look at all the stuff on the 1700 item (and more) list. So I’ve started making posts where you can find out about all the different things you can find there.

My previous post was on the many Table Top Role Playing Games included in the bundle. You can find it here.

But let’s get started, the list is very long and it is not going to write itself, unfortunately!

  1. Global Games Industry Guide – A big list of useful names and companies to know
  2. The Twine Grimoire, Vol. 1 – Tutorials for Twine game code
  3. Kenney Game Assets – Art assets
  4. Hex Kit  – multi-platform desktop application for building hex maps
    1. HPS Cartography Kit – tiles that can be used in Hex Kit or other software
    2. Hex Kit: Spaceland Part One: Space
  5. DragonRuby Game Toolkit –  2D game engine
  6. Tape – Project management tool
  7. CanariPack 8BIT TopDown – Art and music assets
    1. CanariPack 1BIT TopDown – Art and music assets
  8. HUGE pixelart asset pack – Art assets
  9. Heroic Asset Series: Overworld – Art assets
  10. Multi Platformer Tileset – Art Assets
  11. Medieval Fantasy Characters Pack – Art assets
  12. Pixel Art Infinite Runner Pack – Art assets
  13. RPG Items: Retro Pack – Art assets
  14. Frank’s Photoshop Pencils – Photoshop assets
    1. Frank’s Photoshop Inkers – Photoshop assets
  15. Top Down Dungeon Tileset – Art assets
    1. Top Down Interior Tileset – Art assets
    2. Lil’ Dragon: Pixel Art Tileset – Art assets
  16. Tiny Adventure Pack + – Art assets
  17. RPG Farming Kit – Art assets
  18. Deep Forest Pixel Tileset – Art assets
    1. Lava Caves Tileset – Art Assets
  19. Gentle Forest – Art assets
  20. Heroic Building Pack – Art assets
    1. Heroic Icon Pack – Art assets
    2. Heroic Creature Pack – Art assets
  21. Rage’s Platformer Movement Plus – Movement engine
  22. Pixel Art Platformer Painted Style – Art assets
    1. Pixel Art Forest – Art assets
  23. Low Poly 3D Cuty Builder – Art Assets
    1. Essential Pool Billiards Table Asset Pack – VR/AR – Art assets
    2. Low Poly Auto Racing Car Pack – Art assets
  24. Apollo Visualizer Kit – Tool
  25. The Old Windmill: Game Tileset – Art assets
    1. City: Game Tileset – Art assets
  26. Bear FX Explosions – Art assets
  27. Candy Platformer Tileset – Art assets
    1. Extended Monster Pack – Art assets
    2. Dungeon Game Asset Pack – Art assets
  28. [Music Assets] Three Red Hearts – Prepare to Dev Edition – Music assets
  29. Hitboxes and Hurtboxes – Art assets, Coding help, Tutorial
  30. Japanese City – Art assets
  31. Pixel RPG Icons – Art assets
  32. Humble Fonts Gold – Art assets
  33. Glitch Pixel Brushes II – Art assets
    1. Glitch Brushes (Dithering & Text) – Art assets
    2. Glitch Brushes (Maze & Organic Textures) – Art assets
  34. Paid RPG Pixel Art Assets 2 – Art assets
  35. PV Game Sci-Fi Game Assets – Art assets
    1. Medieval Town and Country Interiors – Art assets
  36. 8-Bit Sound Effects – Music assets
  37. FunkyQuadz For Construct 3 – Art and coding assets
  38. Vicam – Webcam simulator
  39. SC: Monster Pack 1 – DELUXE EDITION – Art assets
  40. Snapshot Shaders Pro – Art assets
  41. Kings and Pigs Godot Source Code – Art assets
    1. Transitions Godot Assets – Art assets
  42. Lo-Fi Stellar Skirmish – Art assets
  43. HG101 Presents: The Guide to Classic Graphic Adventures – Tutorial
  44. Modular Cartoon Low Poly Dungeon Props and Tileset Pack – Art assets
    1. Medieval Low Poly Cartoon Character Pack- Art assets
  45. Way With Worlds Book 1: Crafting Great Fictional Settings – Writing Tutorial
    1. Way With Worlds Book 2: Details And Discussion – Writing Tutorial
  46. Cabbibos Play Pack – Tutorial and Coding Help
  47. Generic RPG Starter Pack – Art assets
  48. RPG Town Tileset – Art Assets
  49. Pixel Spaceships (Shoot’em Ups): HD – Art Assets
  50. MM’s Twitch.tv IRC Interface for GameMaker – Twitch Interface
  51. SNES Original Soundtrack Small Collection – Music Assets
  52. Sprite Pack – Fantasy Female Mage – Art Assets
    1. Sprite Pack – Fantasy Male Mage – Art assets
  53. 8-Bit Overworld Tileset – Art assets
  54. RPG Boss Monsters & Minions Pack – Art assets
  55. PICO-8 – Software for game making and sharing
  56. Farming RPG GUI – Art assets
  57. 8-Bit Music Booster Pack – Music assets
  58. Forest Zone Bitsy Tile Pack – Art assets
  59. Tutorial: Versatile InDesign Book Covers – Tutorial
  60. Swords Pack x6 – Art assets
    1. Swords and Daggers Pack – Art assets
  61. Make your Adventure – Game making software and tutorial
  62. Game Maker Studio 2 Top Down Engine – Game making software
  63. mMcFabs’s Texture to SkyBox Converter – Game making tool
  64. Platformer SFX – Music assets
  65. Simply The Best – Book of interviews with game developers
  67. Gothic Haunted Castle Tileset – Art assets
  68. Flappy AirShip GF/X Asset Pack – Art assets
  69. Classic JRPG Music Pack – Music Assets
  70. Anime RPG Tile Pack [PIXEL OF LIFE] – Art assets
  71. Vaporwave Background Pack – Art assets
  72. Sound Effects: Reptiles and more – Music assets
  73. Voxel Currency – Art assets
  74. 64px Textures/Tilesheet – Art assets
  75. Old Man Character Sound Effects – Music assets
  76. SuperShot – Screenshot Tool – Software tool
  77. Mini Loops – Music assets
  78. PQ93 – Game making software
  79. Easy COPPA – Unity Plug In
  80. Modular Walls Asset Pack – Art assets
  81. Summer Garden Set – Art assets
  82. Cassette – Music assets
  83. Lifter – Art assets
  84. Relaxing Ocean SFX – Audio Asset Pack – Music Assets
  85. Outdoor Adventurer Tileset – Art assets
  86. Pixel Button Prompts! (Keyboard/Gamepad) – Art assets
  87. Halloween Game Icons – Art assets
    1. Kawaii Game Icons – Art assets

And I think that’s it. It’s not quite as long a list as the last batch, which is something of a relief, let me tell you. But I think I got a pretty good list of all the things that are there, though I did realise half way through that I should have been calling things “Audio Assets” rather than “Music Assets” because it’s not just music but also sound effects and things.  But you live and learn. I also haven’t been as descriptive as I was last time, but that’s on purpose. I didn’t want to have to write another 4000 words. I’m not that careless of my Carpal Tunnel health.

But yeah, leave a comment if you found this list useful and if you do end up using any of this stuff in a game or anything else in the bundle, please, please tell me. I am severely lacking in gossip at the moment and I am always glad to hear of other people’s successes!

Stay safe,