Hello folks,

So I have not been posting as often because I have been writing a lot for my current work in progress.

But I thought I would post something about that fantastic games bundle I was talking about last week. Time is now up for buying it. So I hope you got it while you could.

But today I was looking through the bundle and what was really hitting me was that there were so many Table Top games on the list, only as of yet there is no way to look them out specifically. So I figured I would look through the list and give the title of each one so that you can find it and maybe give a brief idea of what it is and what it is about.

To be quite honest with you, this is probably going to benefit me more than anyone else, because I want to know what games I now have access to. There’s just too many to keep track of. And I know that I will never be able to remember what I have and what I haven’t got without any notes on it. So, here’s my attempt to try and figure out what I have. I am also going to use this list to get the people I play with to pick a game, say hi in the comments if that’s you!

I’ve just included the Table Top Role Playing Games for two or more people, there are also a lot of games in the bundle for people to play on their own, usually with a deck of cards or something like that. However, that feels like a separate thing so for the moment I am not going to include them in this list. There are a lot of games already on this list, editing a few will not make a massive difference. Though It might take a bit of time off my work here. (This paragraph was written after I passed page 20, each page on Itch.io has 25 games on it. I’m only just halfway through, wish me luck.)

Obviously, I will make mistakes. If you notice a particularly glaring one I will try to fix it, so leave me a comment so I know where to go looking.

So, if you have bought the Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality, and want to know what Table Top RPGs you have actually got now, I am going to try and list them for you.

Wish me luck.

  1. Lancer Core Book: First Edition PDF – Lancer is a Table Top RPG where you are in space and you and your friends fight in giant robots.
  2. Troika! Numinous Edition – Science Fantasy Table Top RPG where you plane hop and you can cast spells and the art looks like it’s a fairy tale.
    1. Fronds of Benevolence – Duke DeCorticus is Dying! An adventure for Troika!
    2. So You’ve Been Thrown Down A Well – You got thrown down a well for crimes, try to escape!
    3. Ten People You Meet in the Undergarden – Ten NPCs
    4. Chronicles of the Spacejammer – Backgrounds for Troika’s Fantasy setting, but in space
    5. Prismot – A Vapor Wave expansion for Troika
    6. Layabouts and Degens – An expansion for Troika where you play as youths getting into trouble
  3. Sleepaway – You are a camp counsellor during a cosmic horror themed apocalypse and you have to keep the kids safe.
  4. For the Honor – You are a magical ruler and your planet has been invaded, team up with other magical rulers to fight back and become friends.
  5. This Discord Has Ghosts In It – Discord based game where half the players are investigators and half are ghosts in a haunted house.
  6. ECH0 – A map drawing game where everyone works together to build a world with ruined robots in it.
  7. The Ground Itself – A storytelling game where you concentrate on one place and see how it changes through time.
  8. Ironsworn: Delve – An expansion to the Ironsworn game which is a TTRPG. Lots of cave exploration.
  9. Balikbayan: Returning Home – Set on an Earth abandoned by humans in a cyberpunk/supernatural future. You play as an escapee elemental trying to bring magic back to Earth.
  10. Black Heart- Be a cultist and maybe summon a dark god, or do other things!
  11. Blades in the Dark – Be a daring scoundrel in a haunted city.
  12. Michtim: Fluffy Adventures – Be an adorable hamster-like creature and try to reconnect the humans with nature.
  13. Cthulu Deep Green – Shady government agents needed to cover up supernatural hi jinks.
  14. Bakto’s Terrifying Cuisine – Adventurers explore a kitchen/dungeon and create a new dish to appease the overlord, or defeat him.
  15. Damn the Man, Save the Music! – Set in the 90s, keep your record store running and succeed at various challenges.
  16. Glitter Hearts – Play as both your hero persona and your real life identity in a world of magic and superheroes.
  17. Feathers – A game about fallen angels looking for meaning and comfort in our world.
  18. The Dark Below – You have been exiled to the labyrinth and must find your way through the dungeons. Work with or against your fellow exiles to find your way out.
  19. Agents of the O.D.D. – You play as a character brought into a team to investigate the paranormal, the supernatural, and the weird.
  20. Behind the Magic- A mocumentary style fantasy TTRPG where you play as incompetent adventurers.
  21. Trickster – Play as a magical trickster charged with looking after a small village.
  22. Mall Kids – Play as one of a group of kids at a mall, tell stories about the weird stuff you have seen and done.
  23. One Page Dungeons – As it sounds it is a collection of one page dungeons which can be used in various settings and games.
  24. Mythic Mortals – A game here you play as yourself, but with a bunch of cool powers!
    1. Mythic Mortals Multiplied – An expansion for the Mythic Mortals game
  25. Stand Up – A game where you fight in a  rebellion and make friends along the way
  26. Savior of Hog Town – A collection of adventures for use in the Dungeon World game
  27. OmniMyth: Fables – A TTRPG where you subvert the heroes journey and where the important thing isn’t the adventure, but the friends you made along the way
  28. The Sealed Library – Play as a librarian during a siege, you have limited space in your vaults so what books will you save from the invading barbarians?
  29. 6 Bites for 6 Princes – Werewolf princes have been locked in a dungeon along with mutant rats, comes with maps and setting ideas
  30. Aurora – Fight back against the darkness by creating hopeful citizens for your city and using oracle cards to shape your story
  31. Never Knows Best: Ashcan Edition – A TTRPG set in middle school and features kids turning into robots to fight their fears about becoming adults
  32. Godsend – Alternate setting for Legacy: Life Among the Ruins 2nd Edition, in this version you play as the avatar of a god, you can curse and bless people as you travel
  33. Hardship River – Play as one of a group of people on a ship travelling down a dangerous river
  34. Harvest Valley – A game that uses dice to mirror how nature can aid people or ruin them, you gain them on the run up to a harvest festival, but if you use them all then that’s it.
  35. Superhuman Industrial and Immaterial, Incorporated – You play a person who works at a company which supplies superheroes with their stuff, like gadgets and suits.
  36. Far From Home – Play as an immigrant living in a new place, see how your character is changed by the setting
  37. SINS – Play as a being brought back from death with powers to fight the creatures which have taken over your world
  38. Dirty Town – Game where you can play as a pigeon in any story you want to play
  39. Eros System: Core Rule Book – A 2d6 game system set in a far future space setting
  40. Shattered – A Grim Dark TTRPG set on a world where a sacrifice of millions of lives destroyed the environment. Lots of monsters and a vaguely wild west look.
  41. A Guide to Casting Phantoms in the Revolution – Summon ghosts to fight the aristocracy in the French Revolution. Does seem to need you to do a lot of printing.
  42. Love Balloon – Play in a 70s/80s style romantic soap opera on a zeppelin.
  43. Meridian – Travel through a magical city and experience all the weird and wonderful sights the city has to show you
  44. Mausritter – Play as a mouse in a sword and sorcery style fantasy world
    1. Honey in the Rafters- A new setting or adventure for people to play in the Mausritter world
  45. Skyfarer – Set in the world of Sunless Skies, Sunless Seas, and Fallen London, navigate through space on a steam train while cosmic horror happens
  46. Ellipses RPG System – A character focused RPG system designed to be easily picked up and adapted to different types of game
  47. What is Here? – A story telling game where you build the myths and folklore around a community
  48. Oath of the Good Traitor – A Dungeons & Dragons supplemental Paladin Oath
  49. In The Light of a Ghost Star – Sci Fi TTRPG set in a far future setting where Earth is abandoned after the sun turned into a white dwarf
  50. Songbird – A TTRPG where knights and dragons team up to fight their emotional issues
  51. Spoken Magic – A storytelling game where the players work together
  52. The Land Whispers – A collaborative game where the players build a home in the wilderness and learn secrets about the land you are inhabiting
  53. Catch the Devil – Play as a normal person caught up in cosmic horror
  54. Rock and Lightning – Play as newly exiled teenage gods who must complete a quest to be allowed back home. Modern day setting with a rock and roll theme.
  55. For the Dungeon – Play as a minion in an evil dungeon
  56. Hello, World – Play as a person uploaded to a digital utopia, where the most valuable resource is Memory
  57. Chalice – Play as an Arthurian Knight as they search for the Holy Grail
  58. Visigoths VS Mall Goths – Play as either a Visigoth or a Mall Goth in a 90s Mall
  59. Fist – Late 20th Century setting where you play as paranormal mercenaries
  60. Fusion – Play as a magical space alien who makes friends
  61. Sundown – Cyberpunk in a Wild West setting, Science Fantasy with guns and swords on the Frontier
  62. ANTological Theory – A Game where you play as philosophical ants
  63. Yokai Hunters Society – Hunt monsters in 1889 Japan
  64. Dragonhearts – Play as a dragon, romance other dragons!
  65. Goblins in Shadow – Play as Goblins in a rebellion against their Elf overlords
  66. Impulse Drive – A Sci Fi game system with space ships that bring their own stories
  67. Dream Aflame – Play as both the trio of adventurers making their way through the dangerous landscape, and the landscape fighting back against the invaders
  68. Heist: Get Rich or Die Trying – Play as a reckless thief on a heist
  69. Oh Maker! – Play as an android coming to terms with their creation
  70. Corvid Court – Play as a baddie in a world of baddies. You take on jobs in the city of Nest where everyone is a criminal
  71. Into the Flames – Play as pilgrims being haunted and hunted by ghosts. Every night one of the pilgrims is taken until there is only one left
  72. #birdsecrets – Play as an owl or other bird in a murder mystery, find out “hoo” the killer is
  73. Our Lady – Play as children who have been visited by a divine spirit
  74. Extracausal – Play as an investigator into the weird and mysterious. Uncover conspiracies and maybe help to save the world, or not
  75. A Wizard – An Eldritch Horror game where you are bounty hunters after A Wizard
  76. Dish Pit Witches – Play as a queer witch working in a restaurant
  77. Kissing Capes – Love, romance, and jealousy as superheroes and villains
  78. Space Goblins – Play as chaotic goblins on a space ship
  79. Ma’amser, Saan Po Kayo? – Play as a helpful taxi driver in a city full of magic
  80. Rebels & Renegades – Play as thieves on a heist
  81. Vultures – Play as a bounty hunter in a post mecha world hunting down pilots who haven’t given their robot driving licenses back
  82. Mission: Accomplished – Play as a spy giving their post  mission briefing and try to get as much glory as possible
  83. Camp Flying Moose for Girls of All Kinds – Set at a summer camp, each session has a mystery to solve and there is weird magic afoot
  84. The Curse of the House of Rookwood  – A gothic horror TTRPG where the players make a cursed family who must stand up to creepy goings on
  85. Savage Blood – A game where players take on the roles of Drow and Orcs to explore colonialism and revenge
  86. Standoff – Play as Fantasy characters telling stories about their most ridiculous exploits as you one up one another
  87. The Steadfast and the Rebellious – Rebel against an evil demon king!
  88. Slayers – Play as monster hunters for hire in a pre-industrial city
  89. Dream at High Noon – Poker based TTRPG where players are cowpokes playing poker and telling stories
  90. Purplest Prose – Play as a romance writer as you compete to make up the most over the top story
  91. Freelancers – Play as freelancers who murder their boss
  92. These Cards Have Hearts – Play as someone at a card game tournament with a dark secret
  93. Font – You leave a dying world to seek out the Font which may save it, the only problem is that it’s found in the perilous Fissure from which no one returns
  94. Orichalcum – Explore the history of a ruined empire and find out what made your community the way it is
  95. Destined – A game about telling stories and community, and what stories are remembered
  96. Solacebound – Young monsters played at the edge between their world and humanity’s, they fell through and are now stuck in a city of humans
  97. One Last Stand – A group of heroes on their way to their last fight with their nemesis, play to build the world and find out about you and your enemy
  98. Hidden Stories – Search out hidden stories among the normal places in your life
  99. The Land of Pán-gǔ – D&D 5e adventure set in Stone Age China. A prophecy has been given and you must find artefacts to stop sacrifices
  100. Save the Universe – Create a powerful enemy trying to destroy the universe, and then fight it with your characters
  101.  Wu De The Five Powers – Setting free adventure using the Element Dice System
    1. Wu De Returning Maiden – Setting free adventure using the Element Dice System
  102. House of Cards – Modern Fantasy setting where you use cards (Tarot and normal) to tell the story and decide what happens next
  103. The Planted TRPG – Play as plants
    1. Succulent Sorcerers
    2. Petal Paladins
    3. Bonsai Brawlers
    4. Mossy Mechanics
  104. Eldritch Care Unit – Play doctors in the special wing of a hospital dedicated to helping those with supernatural illnesses and injuries
  105. The Bloody-Handed Name of Bronze – Bronze Age Sword and Sorcery RPG
  106. Before the Beginning – Work together to build a new city after the apocalypse
  107. As the World Ends – Explore the emotions and grief involved in the end of the world
  108. Moonlight on Roseville Beach: Queer Guide for Amateur Sleuth’s – Play as amateur sleuths protecting a beach town from threats both magical and mundane
  109. Praxis Arcanum – Build a world and your characters together before exploring it to make stories with your friends
  110. Ruby Radiance 6th Edition – Sword and Sorcery TTRPG designed to be easily picked up be newcomers
  111. Get Your Game On! – TTRPG set in a card game obsessed world
  112. The Sword and the Loves – Arthurian Legend based TTRPG
  113. In the Light of a Setting Sun: Saddlebag Edition – Collection of adventures set in a Wild West TTRPG
  114. Duet of Steel – Play as long term enemies in a duel of words
  115. Smash the System – Play as characters sneaking into a capitalist world to bring it down
  116. Satan, Pay My Rent! – Your rent is too high, get Satan to pay it for you
  117. Rainbow World – World Building game using sweets
  118. Tomb of George DiMaggio – A setting and adventure for Sword and Sorcery type games
  119. Apotheosis – Work together to create a culture and a legend, then watch as it changes over time
  120. Dirty Aces – Play as ne’er-do-wells in a game that uses cards instead of dice
  121. MELWAFF: My Exciting Life With a Fantasy Foreigner! – Magical people have come to Earth to live pretty normal lives, play as an Earth local, a Magical person, or an MIB Agent
  122. Our Hero Neighbors – Play as the citizens of Smalltown, USA. Save the town in the face of cosmic horror
  123. The Harvest: 5e Adventure – A harvest themed adventure for D&D
  124. Journey Away – Leave home for the first time for an adventure in a sword and sorcery TTRPG setting
  125. Operation Penguin – Play as secret agent with gadgets and also you are a penguin
  126. By the Author of Lady Windermere’s Fan – You are the actors of a play, only you haven’t rehearsed, nor have you seen the script, and the performance is starting
  127. Haiduc – Play as vagabond villagers in 14-1500s Romania protecting a village from tax collection
  128. Mythtaken – Tell stories collaboratively
  129. Atomic Robo – Play as a scientist or a robot or anyone you want in a world with robots and science run amok
  130. Spare the Rod – Set in a Magdalene Laundry in the 1940s
  131. Immanence – Play as characters on a colony ship in the year 3020 travelling through space
  132. Garrote Couture – Play as a supermodel trying to get to fashion week events without spoiling their outfits
  133. Moss Creeps, Stone Crumbles – Tell the story of a clearing in a forest over decades
  134. Seco Creek Vigilance Committee – Play as a character in the Old West as you try to keep the different factions in your town happy
  135. The Cool Zone  – Evade fascists to get to the mythic “Cool Zone”
  136. Critical!: Go Westerly – Play as adventurers from a small town, only you’re not trained and really you’re a pig farmer
  137. Vampunks – Play as vampire hunters in a gothic cyberpunk setting
  138. Rolling with Laughter – A high fantasy comedic TTRPG
  139. The Boughs – A campaign setting with an infinite forest and lots of monsters
  140. Cyborgs and Cigarettes – A cyberpunk retelling of the Prohibition era, where the characters are Torpedoes, people who take any job, no questions asked.
  141. Our Pantheon – Play as gods creating a world
  142. Flintlock – Fight as a sailor who has had their soul bound to their ship in a world full of scary sea monsters
  143. Hemophiliacademics – Play as vampires getting into higher education to avoid being hunted down by vampire hunters
  144. Brinkwood: The Blood of Tyrants – Play as vampire hunters in a Robin Hood style setting where you must fight back against the tyrannical vampires
  145. Zoom Scouts – Play as teens in a giant robot fighting the bad guys
  146. Star Ship: A Vessel RPG – You and your fellow players are the crew of a spaceship
  147. Campers & Counsellors (A Lasers & Feelings hack)  – Play as the campers and counsellors at a summer camp when the Camp Program Leader is injured
  148. Anaseidos – An anthropomorphic duck race for 5e
  149. LONGSHIP: A VESSEL RPG – Journey with your friends in a longship, magic, gods, friendship?
  150. Costume Fairy Adventures – Play as fairies in costumes in a magical world. Draw power from the magic of mischief!
  151. Godeater – Set in a world littered with the cavernous bodies of dead gods, a sword and sorcery TTRPG
  152. No Rest for the Wicked – Play as a supervillain on your day off, try to avoid the superheroes and get your chores done
  153. Uneasy Lies the Head – Play as the members of a royal court, you are in the midst of disaster and trying to get out on top
  154. Knights of the Kitchen Table – Play as the knights and kitchen staff trying to prepare for a banquet
  155. Koboldly Go! – Play as a kobold, go to space, explore and find new civilisations
  156. Ikigai : One Tiny Life – Play as a tiny fey creature and work together to tell the story of them growing up and growing old in a single day
  157. The River – A science fantasy story set in space with magic users, save the Goddess and save magic!
  158. The GUTS+ System – A system that allows you to play as yourself in any world you make
  159. No Stone Unturned – Humanity is trying to pick up the pieces after another apocalypse, explore outside your settlement
  160. Together/Alone – Tell stories about your home to an ambassador you are leading to your main city
  161. My Jam – Play as powerful magical musicians at your school dance
  162. Geese At The Beach: Creatures Tasked With Collecting Things For The Feathery Overlord – The goose king demands that you go out and find him shinies
  163. Obachan Panic – Play as an auntie or grandmother saving the world
  164. Build Your Own Apocalypse – A collaborative storytelling game where you build your own apocalypse
  165. Research Arcanaum – A collaborative storytelling game about making up a magical system and all the bits that go into it
  166. Dragon’s Grave – Two massive dragons fought and their bodies have become living dungeons, magic in connection to the dragons is rife
  167. The Curse of Dread Pirate Zarr – A adventure for a sword and sorcery game, there is a ghost pirate harassing a port, stop them!
  168. Savage Tokusatsu: Shimmer Guardians Adventures! – Play as children newly given magical powers to fight the bad guys
  169. A Touch of Glamour – Play as fey beings trapped in the modern world and hinted by humans who would steal their magic
  170. Mage Against the Machine – Play as time travelling wizards trying to stop the robot apocalypse
  171. Nowhere Kingdom – To get rid of your tyrannical king you made a deal with some demons to let them rule your kingdom for a year, play the council that has to manage that
  172. Setealém: The Seventh Beyond – Set in a Brazilian style Twilight Zone, try to survive in amongst the strange and unfamiliar magics and people

And that, somehow, is that. I have definitely missed some. I have also left some out because they were TTRPG adjacent and I had enough to do already. If you see any that I really, really have to include, feel free to leave a comment.

The Black Lives Matter Bundle on itch.io is massive, there ended up being more than 1700 items added to it. As of yet, there isn’t much to help people sort through them yet. But hopefully, by writing out all the Table Top Role Playing Games I have given you a chance to look through them and find out what you have? Goodness only knows that I have been surprised multiple times by the things I found out that I now own, and even more games that I have never heard of but am now desperate to play. Maybe this is the same for you? Let me know, and if you found this helpful please leave a comment and maybe even donate to your local Black Lives Matter charity?

I think I might do another post like this for the novels, visual, light, and regular, that are in the bundle. But that might not happen for a while because I am exhausted.

I will see you again soon, stay safe,