Hi folks!

So if you started following me last year you may have noticed that I have decreased the number of regular posts about genre trends and what niches are selling well and so on. This was primarily because each post would take hours of work, and while that was possible to do when I was less busy I have got more on my to-do list these days. I am currently in the midst of re-writes for a novel, for one thing, so I have had to reduce the number of hours I give over to this website.

BUT, I know for some of you these posts were very useful and there are several people who I got very used to seeing appear in my notifications when they liked the posts.

And to be utterly transparent it would be quite nice to have some more money coming in since like I said, my freelancing hours are currently being squeezed. My hope is that by doing it on an as-needed basis I will be able to free up my time in general. For example, if ten of you ask for a post about the popularity of certain trends in Erotica then I can provide that and get paid. Which will take several steps out of the normal freelancer work method even with the significant amount of work that goes into these analyses.

So, if you would like a personalised analysis of the genre of your choice, you can find me on Ko-Fi here.

The price will be $200, for this you will get;

  1. An analysis of the genre and what trends and niches are selling particularly well. Included in this will be a list of the three most popular trends, four books as examples of each trend, and an analysis of each book and how it relates to the genre and trend. This will usually end up being in the 2000 to 3000 word arena, so this part of the analysis alone will be about twice to three times the size of my posts. It will also go into a great deal more detail, and in Erotica and Romance genres I will be able to be a lot more specific than I was capable of being online since I don’t have to keep it PG13.
  2. A spreadsheet filled with data such as keyword choice, Amazon rankings, categories, and links to the books themselves. This should be especially useful for anyone who regularly writes descriptions for selling books and who is a dedicated planner.

I hope there are those of you who will find this helpful. I know that my posts on “Best Selling Trends and Niches in Erotica” and so on are very popular, people read them daily, so I hope that this offer will give those of you who want this info an avenue to get it. I have gone back and forth on how to do this a few times, but I hope that this time it will stick.

Please let me know, either here or on my Ko-Fi page if you are interested.

Many thanks and stay safe,