Hello Internet!

So the big news from me today, a short story I wrote last year is being published in the Queers in Kilts anthology by SinCyr Publishing!

The story is called, “Laird is a Gender Neutral Honorific” and it features a Non-Binary character. I am using my pen name, Tobi Mackay for this one.

I am thrilled that this short story is getting published. I had so much fun writing it. I wrote specifically for this collection of short stories, I heard about it and my brain immediately snapped into gear! I hope I can persuade you to buy a copy, and if you do, to leave a review where ever you bought it. I am massively hyped about this since it is the first thing I have had published in a long, long while.

You can pick it up at most online bookshops, it’s available as an eBook and as a physical book.

  • Here is a link to where you can buy it from Amazon.
  • Here is where you can buy it from bookshop.org

I hope I have tempted you, it was fun to write and hopefully will be equally fun to read,

Stay safe,