Part 4

The world seems to narrow down to just what separates you and the waves. Your boat is relatively sturdy, and with the additions, you have made it is even something close to manoeuvrable.

But you cannot shake the feeling that none of that will mean a damn thing once you get close enough to the rocks.

As far as you can tell, and the water is clear enough here that you have a pretty good view, there are seven rocks you are going to have to navigate around.

That is not an impossible labyrinth, but it is still many more risks of dying than you would prefer to exist in your near future.

Slowly you come up to the nearest one. It is tall and thin, like a needle sticking out of the water. It could be as if a great hand were stitching the waves together, sewing one part of the great ocean onto another part. Like a patchwork quilt made up of currents and tides.

Just as the rock looms so close that you can make out the tiny barnacles and plants that live on it, you manage to push against it with your sword and force your boat to swerve around it! Success!

“Well done!” The Marchioness cries, “Now just the rest of them to do!”

The brief moment of pure joy is doused by those words, you turn to look ahead of you. Yes “just” the rest of them to do.

(Roll your die six times, take note of every time that you roll a number that means you have hit a rock. If you don’t hit any rocks then look to the section that says 7. You can’t number things starting with 0 so this is the easiest way to do it. Each of the sections below has been hidden through the use of the rot13 cypher that you can find here.)

  1. Gur ebpx gung pngpurf lbh vf uvqqra orarngu gur jnirf, lbh arire frr vg, ohg lbh urne gur pernx bs vg fpbevat qrrc vagb gur uhyy bs gur obng. Gur Znepuvbarff yrgf bhg n qrrcyl haynqlyvxr fjrne gung vf fbzrubj jbefr guna nyy bs gur fjrnef lbh unir urneq snyy bhg bs gur zbhguf bs zber hapbhgu cvengrf. Jura vg snyyf sebz ure yvcf lbh xabj gung fur zrnaf vg. Ohg vg vf gur bayl ebpx gung znantrf gb fpne lbhe fuvc. Znluncf vg jnf gur qernqshy abvfr gung pbbyrq lbhe oybbq naq znqr lbhe sbphf gung zhpu fgebatre, be gur bgure ebpxf jrer abg fb gevpxl gb qbqtr, ohg fbzrubj lbh znxr vg gb gur vfynaq jvgu lbhe obng fgvyy zbfgyl vagnpg. Lbh pna hfr guerr cbvagf gb svk hc gur ubyr va lbhe obng hfvat fbzr gne naq ryobj ternfr.
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Eventually, you stop moving, whether it is exhaustion or the realisation that there isn’t anything else you can do right now that motivates you, it is hard to say. But you drop onto the sand and let out a deep heaving breath. You have made it to the island. Well, you correct yourself, an island, you don’t know it from any other. But it is unlikely to sink below you, which is a promising change, and the thick jungle that seems to cover much of what you can see will presumably have something that you can eat hidden within its foliage.

Things have not gone how you would have liked them to, but you are alive and that is better than the odds would have had you believe.