I have news!

So last year I sent off a short story for an anthology about LGBTQIA+ romances, called Queers in Kilts. And I was accepted! The book is coming out in May and I am thrilled to be one of the authors who has contributed to it! I’ve never written much romance, I like reading it but writing it has never been a big priority for me, I’m primarily a fantasy and science fiction writer, so I was honestly astonished when the publishers accepted my short story.

The story is “Laird is a gender neutral honorific” and it is a meet cute between my characters Hannah and Mal. I had so much fun writing this story, I don’t know if I’ve ever written something so quickly. I don’t tend to have ideas that I can instantly write down. I need to think them over and mull over all the angles, but this was one I wrote as soon as it came into my head! 

I really love this story and all the characters in it, and hopefully you will too! I’ve written this short story under the pen name of Tobi Mackay and I hope that I will get to use this name more in the future. Tobi seems to be pretty lucky since this is the first and only thing I have sent off under that name.

It’s coming out on May 25th 2020 and is available from loads of different online sellers, here is a link to a page which will direct you to a whole host of options. 

If you are planning to buy it from Amazon, could I ask you to use this link? It is an affiliate link and it will mean that Amazon has to give me some money. 

I cannot wait to see what other people think of my story, please tell me if you are thinking of picking it up and if you have what you think of the collection,