Hi folks, so I’ve got some news for you!

Starting next week on Monday and Tuesday and continuing on for most of the weeks until the end of April, I will be running some writing workshops at the Cromarty Old Brewery. It’s a building owned by the Cromarty Arts Trust and for a few hours, twice a week, I will be taking over one of their rooms. 

Which isn’t terrifying at all. Obviously.

On Mondays the topic will be Fiction, while on Tuesdays we’ll cover Non-Fiction. I figured it would be a good idea to split the classes that way since techniques can differ quite a lot between them. I’ll be using the Iowa Method of writing workshop which I learned when I was at Dundee University, I hope that I can do my teachers justice in my mimicry!

The classes will be £30 each.

And I lied, I am a little bit terrified.

If you happen to live in the North of Scotland why don’t you come along and join in? The room is massive and has plenty of tables and chairs for people so I’m not worried about having too many people, more the other way around. It does require going up quite a lot of stairs, so apologies for anyone who will lose out thanks to that. If you are tempted, leave a comment below so that I can know that at least a few people are coming!

I’ve been brainstorming lots of interesting writing prompts and I think I have a good handle on what is going to happen, of course if people hate it then I’ll be changing my plans before long, but I prefer to over plan rather than under plan. I’ve also been working on all sorts of things to bring along, and I think I have found some items which will definitely help get people thinking and thinking about writing!

The Cromarty Arts Trust website with directions of how to get there is here.

The HighlandLIT website is here, and their Facebook page with a post about the course is here.

And below is the poster for the course that I made and which I have been handing out to various places in the Highlands.

See you soon?