Hi folks, so I have a question for you: When does an idle game stop being an idle game? Because I love Idle Champions, the game that is an idle clicker game set in the world of Dungeons & Dragons. And the game is progressing to the point where I actually had to go to the wiki and look up some things, while of course the game was on in the background, so hence my question. Is it idle, if I am looking up research for it, while it is playing in the background?

Anyway, what I was looking up has to do with one of the new updates that has been added this week. The game now gives you weekly challenges to earn extra stuff from the Patrons. I think it is fairly typical to pick one of the two patrons currently available and do most of the work for them, rather than a bit for both, so that is what I have been doing. 

I picked Vajra Safahr to concentrate on as the challenge for her is to complete quests with only characters who have a stat above a certain amount. Which is kinder to my everyday formation settings than the alternative, which is Mirt the Moneylender who wants adventurers who are either good or evil, no neutrals. 

One of the challenges this week was to defeat 1000 Fey enemies in a game under the auspices of Vajra’s Patronage. Which made me think for a bit, because it wasn’t immediately obvious to me that any of the adventures were very heavily biased towards Fey, which is obviously what you want to do to make getting the numbers as quickly as possible. 

But I was sure I had to be remembering this wrong, there had to be plenty of adventures with mostly Fey villains and monsters?


No, it turns out that after I went through the wiki looking at the different adventures and all the different monsters they have in them that Fey are actually pretty uncommon. If you are looking to finish this challenge you are going to have to just ignore the Tomb of Annihilation and Welcome to Waterdeep settings. There is a single adventure in each of those that has any, one has a boss, the other two levels with fey creatures in them. So, stick to the Sword Coast. 

But even then, the options are not entirely clear. Out of all of these adventures there is really only one that has you going up against Fey on a reasonably frequent basis, The Mad Wizard. The rest, if they have Fey, have them as bosses for a single level or for only a handful.

So, for this challenge, you really need to be ready to do The Mad Wizard adventure there isn’t really an option for the other ones. And even then, the Fey are only in about 15 levels so it’s not going be quick, unless you park your formation at one of these levels, stick in a bunch of speed potions and go do something else. Like the washing up. Or climbing a mountain, or something. This is definitely going to take a bit longer than some of the other challenges, in comparison finding 1000 humanoids or undead to defeat is going to be pretty easy.

Another couple of tough challenges in this bit of the game involve playing 500 levels with the characters Shandie, Nerys, and Delina, and playing 1000 levels without a tank. Now, these two can probably be combined as you do daily free plays, presumably even as you slaughter your way through the local Fey populations. But they are a bit out of the ordinary, so you might need to be reminded to have your formation set up that way.

In the Mirt challenges there are also some similar issues to deal with, however, the monster types you have to fight are the much easier to find Beasts and Fiends. Beasts are everywhere, and Fiends are not exactly thin on the ground either, so you can most likely find a couple of adventures with them on board, but like I said. I am not focusing as much effort on the Mirt challenges as I am the Vajra ones, so I could be entirely wrong on that front and I would never know.

Anyway, I like this new addition to the game, though I play it far to much already so goodness only knows where I will find the time to actually do any of the challenges. I mean this is the same week that a new area has been released (which should be a pretty good place for people to find Fiends,  FYI) and at some point there is also going to be a Time Gate.

How do people do all the things in this game, do they just not sleep or do they make some serious investments in speed potions? 

If you know a better way to get through these challenges in an efficient way (without breaking the game obviously) then leave a note in the comments. Bye!