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Hello folks, I have decided to make an official page on my website for the Virtual Book Club so people don’t have to crawl through tonnes of different stuff looking for links and schedules. So, here goes.

Week one, we will be reading The Only Harmless Great Thing, by Brooke Bolander. Here is an Amazon link so that you can get it.

Here is the post for that week.

Week two, we’ll be covering the first half of Under the Pendulum Sun, by Jeannette Ng. Again here is a link to Amazon where you can get a copy in physical, audio, or ebook form. We will be reading up to page 209, Chapter 22, The Dances in the Clockwork.

Here is this week’s post.

Week three, the other half of Under the Pendulum Sun, starting at page 209, Chapter 22, The Dances in the Clockwork. 

Here is this week’s post.

Week four, back to science fiction with This Is How You Lose The Time War, by Amal El-Mohtar and Max Gladstone. Here are the relevant links to Amazon.

Here is this week’s post.

Week five, The Invisible Library, by Genevieve Cogman, more alternate reality shenanigans. This is a longer one again, so we’ll be doing the first half, up to page 171 which is the start of Chapter 13. You can go here to buy it.

Here is this week’s post.

Week six, the second half of The Invisible Library, so we’ll start where we left off the week before and that’s page 171, the beginning of Chapter 13. The links are the same as before.

Here is that post.

Week seven, we’ll be starting a new book, Gideon the Ninth, by Tamsyn Muir. This is another two parter, so we will be going up to page 232 which is the beginning of Chapter 21. This one’s got necromancers in space, so I’m already looking forward to it! You can find the links to buy it here.

Link to that post.

Week eight, the other half of Gideon the Ninth, starting at where we left off the week before, so page 232, the start of Chapter 21. 

Link to that post.


See you whenever I see you,

Hello, hello. This is a postscript with some extra details about what is happening next for the Virtual Book Club. A few things have changed, I’ve started posting twice a week, for one thing, Mondays and Fridays, so I am going to get through books a lot quicker than I was originally planning. However, this seems to be doing me some good since it is forcing me to take some time out and concentrate on something else, the reading, rather than my never-ending to-do list. Thinking about all the things on my to-do list does not mean that they get done and actually seems to have a negative effect on my productivity. Anyone else have something like that happen with them? You get so caught up thinking about what you should be doing that you never actually get the things done? Well anyway, I’ve got a new plan of the books that I am going to read and I hope that you will read along with me, or if you have already read them you might add a comment about what you thought when I get to that particular part of the schedule.Let’s get started. First off I will be reading, Aliette de Bodard’s, House of Shattered Wings. This is a book that has been on my Kindle for ages, at the very least since last year, so I will be glad to finally read it. It looks right up my alley with magic, angels, complicated politics, and Gothic Post-War Paris. Here’s the link to where you can buy it from Amazon, for some reason I can’t find this book on, even though the rest of the series is. 

Then I will be reading, The Bank Heist, by Brandon Dixon. This is really cool, it’s a book set in an RPG world made by the author so the world-building is sure to be fantastic. I love world-building, as you might have guessed by this point, so this will be a treat. There is the link to Amazon, unfortunately, it isn’t on but I’ll keep an eye out.

Anna Stephens’ Godblind is up next. This looks pretty cool and it’s actually a relatively new book to my list, but it is very mysterious to me at the moment and I am looking forward to finding out more about the story and the characters. Amazon link, link.

Then I will start the first book in Nnedi Okorafor’s Binti series. This is another one of those books that I have heard so much good stuff about. It’s another one that is famous for the setting and it’s another one which blends magic into science fiction, which I love. Here is the amazon link and here is the link.

Then I will be reading a bit of an odd book that was recommended to me without the person having read it themselves, but because they read the description and knew it would be something I would have trouble resisting. Jo Walton’s, Tooth and Claw. It has been described as an Austen book, if Jane Austen were a dragon and quite murdery. I’m not sure what it says about me that reading that description instantly had someone sending a link my way, but I guess it’s good to be understood by those around you. Here is the Amazon link and here is the link.

At this point, it will be a return to a longer book, and I’ll be splitting it in half, though it’s tricky to say exactly what page number that will be since it’s on my Kindle. But I will be reading Jade City by Fonda Lee, which is a book about crime families and mafia, but also magic and it ticks a lot of my boxes. So I’ll read the first half of the book for one review, and then the second half of the book the next. Once I actually know what page numbers those are I will post them here. And here is the link to Amazon, here is the link to

And then I am going to read Marie Brennan’s, A Natural History of Dragons, which is written from the point of view of an esteemed scholar, Lady Trent, who is writing her memoirs after a long life of studying the world’s dragons. I am looking forward to it. It’s another one that seems to be written in a sort of analogue to Regency England, I wonder what it is about that era that calls to fantasy writers who want to write about dragons? It’s an odd commonality, especially since I can think of another couple that also follows that trope. Amazon link, link.

And I think that will do for now, I have a lot of other books on my eventual to-do list, but I’m trying to avoid planning too far ahead.

See you when I see you,


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