Underwater Sunshine

A new port has been completed on the Semmerlak, Kostyas Respite, and it has brought an increase in taxation to all the neighbouring territories except Holberg.

Unfortunately, all this new traffic across the Semmerlak has woken up a spooky inhabitant of the lake, Dho’uala. There is evidence to believe that she was also responsible for the treasure that washed up on the shores of the Semmerlak in previous seasons, the Varushkan Assembly warned their people not to take these items, but there was no similar warning for the Dawnish. There have been numerous people lost to the lake since the Winter Equinox, including everyone on board the Lady Clementine (yes we’ve got a Mary Celeste situation on the Semmerlak). 

While these mysterious losses continue all fleets belonging to individuals who live in Dawn, Varushka, and Holberg, will be getting a -1 debuff to their fleet production. Likewise, the ministries of the Custodian of the Docks at Ivarsgard, and the Harbourmaster of the Semmerlak in Karov are affected with prices rising and production decreasing.

Dire beavers have started causing problems in Ossium and Semmerholm, recently a group of knights from House Tamerlaine went and defeated the beavers, but the problem may not be stopped there.

Anyone who visited the Maze of Zoria or has a connection to it, or has a Wisdom dedication, may have had a dream in which weasels or otters told them that “Dho’uala is roused from her slumber. She seeks vengeance on those who have stolen from her, and those who have forgotten to show her the respect she is due.” Apparently, there will be something connected with all of this happening at the Spring event between nine and ten in the evening on Saturday. If you wish to have received one of the warnings then there is more information at the bottom of the Wind of Fortune for you to build a story out of.

asphalt road between brown trees
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Daylight Fading

Lots of news about roads for fans of linear ways for the conveyance of traffic.

The Iron Roads are complete and mine and forest owners will see increased production, unfortunately, the Crow Roads will now give less to the area they cover in Karsk.

Ossium is no longer under populated and Varushka can now support a fourth army. There are a lot of options for what the theme of the army should be, to choose it the National Assembly would need to put forth a statement of principle, which would then need to gain a greater majority and if it is worded correctly then opportunities for shaping that army will come up next time.

Several Bourse seats which sit in Varushka have also been improved by the Iron Roads, which is reminding people that several wealthy citizens are trying to buy the Hunt of Alderei the Fair back, so instead of it being sold on the Bourse, it is a National Seat for Varushka. Some people are even being inspired by the actions of the Urizen Sword Scholars and are asking if it would be necessary to make the Senate choose between giving the bourse seats back or losing them entirely. This was encouraged by a statement by the lovely, mad Lenochka Zabotovna Vypalse (totally not a check to see if people are reading these).

It appears that the Sovereigns and Monsters of Varushka are getting a power-up from all this new traffic, including the Charnel Lord who is a pretty big deal. One of their envoys has been seen travelling across Varushka, Tasya of the Black Feathers has been to speak to the Malinovs who guard the magical axe Hunger, to see if they will give the axe to the General of the Iron Helms. However they have a problem with this, the current General of the Iron Helms is the terrifyingly fantastic, Alderei the Fair, (ok this one is a check to see if people are reading these). Now the original Alderei the Fair was a very dangerous person who led monsters and volodny to take over Varushka and war against the Empire, and there is a prophecy that he will return, so they’re a bit worried about handing over what is a very cursed and angry axe to someone with that apparent history. The leader of the Malinovs is willing to take messages from those who wish to argue against them, and she has given her address in the Wind of Fortune.

Instead of handing over the cursed axe they have offered to supply the generals of the Varushkan armies with magical axes of the more usual kind, the artisan items, Ironbound Axe and Vorpal Axe. To do so the National Assembly will have to make a statement.

In addition, Tasya has delivered a proposal to help the owners of military units in Varushka spy on the Thule and the Druj, again it would require a National Assembly statement, then any Varushkans wishing to take up this offer would have to leave a “blood gift” at the Broken Barrow where the Charnel Lord rests. The spy network will cost 15 wains of weirwood, and 30 crowns, but it will have no upkeep and it will stop working after a single season.

The National Assembly needs to clear up some confusion on what was meant in a previous statement of principle about the virtue of the non-human sentient beings that live in Varushka. Do they mean the sovereigns? The orcs? There are a couple of mandates here, but they are not competing, so there is the option for more than one to pass.

And finally, some of the soldiers in the Iron Helms are upset about how their fellow Varushkans are viewing them, they are not actually monsters thank you very much. You couldn’t get monsters to be any use in an army anyway, they’ve got no discipline. 

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Where Do We Go From Here?

The Druj were recently driven from Zenith, however the territory was horribly disfigured by their occupation so the civil service was called in to come up with some ideas to increase morale. They offered up several commission options that would help re-inspire the people of Zenith to one of various new themes for the territory. The Master of the Koboldi decided to commission the Crucible of Fate option, then a coven came up with a special ritual to further speed up the building so that it is now ready months in advance. 

A mandate must be chosen by the National Assembly to pick between one of two priorities, the Form (aka the beauty and look of a thing) versus the Function (aka how well it works and how efficient it is). Once either mandate is passed the morale of Zenith will be boosted and while there are still problems that face them they will have hope to sustain them.

The Kobolds who helped build the Crucible liked it so much that they have made a little hidey hole underneath for them to live in. The conclave may give a declaration over whether or not they approve of this.

There are still opportunities to build the other commissions, but they will not have as much of a impact on the psyche of the people of Zenith. Still very useful though!

And finally, some of the stuff needed to build the Crucible was bought from the League, as such League businesses will receive a share of 140 ingots of metal this event. 

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You Do It To Yourself

This Wind is all about the Druj and the moral and philosophical conundrums that come up in the fight against them.

The most important question being, now that the Druj are close to being defeated (hopefully, fingers crossed, touch wood, etc) what are we going to do afterwards?

The Synod has been conflicted over the various mandates and statements that have come up over it, to the point where a call to fight with Hate almost passed because it was directed towards stopping the Druj. But overall the push to follow the Way over false virtues seems to have taken the lead. 

There is a potential mandate which, if passed, could make destroying the Druj the priority over all other threats and enemies, even the Vallorn. There is a counter mandate which states that the Druj are no different than any other enemy and should not be made the priority. If the first is passed then no mandate that pushes the fight to another enemy will be possible for the next year, while if the second is passed then no Druj-focused mandate will be possible for the next year. Obviously, these are directed against each other and so only one can win.

Priests are invited to weigh in on the question of what should be done, first in the fight against the Druj and then what to do afterwards.