We’ve got info about trade, treaties, and Pride this time!

Round Here

This Wind of Fortune deals with trade and, in particular, the foreigners coming to Anvil to sell goods or speak with individuals or groups who can be found there.

  1. A group Tamazi (freed Orcs from Axos) will be visiting Anvil at 18:00 on Saturday, they wish to speak to the Imperial Orcs about the idea of Worth. There is also a Bonecarver among their number who may visit the rest of Anvil.
  2. Heralds of the eternal Janon are coming to Anvil at 13:00 on Saturday. They wish to speak to Kahendrin Wordsmith, Dame Aurum de Castellan, Rafael Barossa and Aracelis i Erigo, members of the Imperial Orc nation, and anyone else who feels strongly enough to turn up. Janon is impressed with the Empire’s passionate stand against slavery. In fact, they want to speak about Passion in general as that is a big part of their eternal’s portfolio.
  3. The Axou are back with their foreign narcotics, they will be setting up shop in front of the Forge at 13:00 on Saturday.
  4. Traders from the Sarcophan Delves are coming with cursed items and will be visiting the Hub at around 17:00 on Saturday.
  5. A small group of Yerende Orcs will be visiting Anvil at around 18:00 on Saturday, apparently they have seen something that excited them and would like to know more about healing traditions or the use of the rune Rhyv.
  6. Abigail Ashill and her spouse Theodora Ashill von Holberg are coming to Anvil at 16:00 on Saturday to talk to Bernhard Kleist Von Ennerlund about their menhirs project and why it has stalled.
  7. Friends of dead playwright, Eduardo Boschetto, are coming to Anvil at 19:00 on Saturday to perform one of the playwright’s plays and to discuss with the Cardinal of Ambition the possibilities of making him an exemplar or paragon.
  8. This event is the Illium seat event where places that collect Illium are auctioned at the Bourse. There are also numerous other seats being auctioned as well as the Imperial Wayleave (which lets you build a thing) and the Rogue Declaration (which lets you say a thing in Conclave).
  9. Various nations also have national seats that are up for grabs so look to see if yours is on the list.

Shallow Days

  1. The Grendel Peace Treaty is due to come to an end in the Autumn, however, there is the chance to extend it through diplomacy starting this event.
  2. Emissaries are due to arrive at 22:00 on Friday night, and expect to be met at the Senate to discuss the potential for a new treaty.
  3. There are currently two Grendel navies off the coast of the Empire, they have been buying things for the last few months but various mandates would be needed to fully capitalise on their presence and give businesses a boost.
  4. The Cerevado Nets were completed, they were mentioned last event in a Wind of Fortune. They are a series of nets up river from nets now under the control of the Grendel, and catch Illium as it flows down the river and before it can go out to sea. Governor Rahab is apparently FURIOUS about this, but has had no recourse as there are clauses in the treaty that prevent him sending raiding parties across the border. Instead, he appears to be raising defences around the city of Oran with suspicious use of Autumn magic.
  5. A Grendel Questioner (kind of like a Cardinal) is coming to Anvil at 11:00 on Saturday to discuss the Virtue Wisdom and it’s similarities with their virtue Cunning.
  6. Several important people have been invited to an event in Outer Anvil (the OC area, I think?? Maybe it’s a special tent they’ve set up?? Not very clear) for 13:30 on the Saturday. Someone VERY important seems to be there as there are a whole host of bodyguards hanging about. They have asked Harlequin (the League Egregore) to invite Flávio Capra Gláucio van Holberg, Cesare Sanguineo Rezia Di Tassato, Giuseppe Sanguineo von Temeschwar, Jarrigk Orzel, Paulus of Holberg, Shauni di Vergo, and Viviane de Coeurdefer and it’s not suspicious or worrying at all/

Tooth by Tooth

Just in case anyone had forgotten that the Empire is a Religious Theocracy, here’s a WInd of Fortune all about making people of other faiths align with the state religion.

Where’s that “Are we the baddies?” GIF when you need it?

Thanks to various mandates that have been going out in previous summits, for the next year the Pride Cardinal will be able to focus the missionaries of the Way to focus on a single group living within the Empire. They won’t necessarily convert the people in the group, but they will be able to speak with them and learn about them, which may help to make converting them easier later on.

The groups available are;

  1. The Faraden, mostly traders and diplomats the Faraden seem to follow a for of the Way, but it has Courage, Loyalty, Prosperity and Pride and a fifth “Virtue” – Vengeance, or “Justice” as the Faraden call it. 
  2. The Feni, these humans live in small communities in forested areas, often surviving thanks to banditry. They appear to worship gods that may or may not be analogous to various Eternals. Any interaction with the Feni would likely be dangerous as they are often hostile towards Imperials, especially priests. 
  3. The Great Forest Orcs, these Orcs take their name from the Great Forest of Peytaht which they also seem to believe is alive and able to communicate with them. They appear to be idolatrous and do not like to discuss religious matters with Imperials. 
  4. The Hylje, we know next to nothing about these shapeshifters and do not even know if they can use Liao or what any of their beliefs are.
  5. The Marracossans, these humans were rebels in the Asavaea Archipelago, but they did not disagree with the idolatrous religion that was followed there. Because they live in a small enclave that is under their own control, any negative repercussions missionaries might face would be difficult to respond to.
  6. The Montanians, descendants of those who were part of the Freedom Heresy, they follow much of the Way, but include the False Virtue Freedom in their beliefs. They were originally to be found in Therunin, however they have started walking the Trods again and so can be found more widely.
  7. The Sand Fishers, refugees from the Barrens they are settled near Holberg. They have shown themselves to be quite friendly on the subject of the Way so these would be the easiest group to speak to about their religion.
  8. The Septs of Skarsind, there are four of these septs so they would each need to be approached separately. Plus they are currently in the midst of complicated diplomatic negotiations so setting in missionaries may do more harm than good.
  9. Axos, if the Cardinal sends missionaries to the various people of Axos who are living in the Empire currently then the mission will fail because we already know as much as we can about them (aka Profound Decisions are happy with what people know and they don’t want to write any more about this group)
  10. Mournwold Thralls and Iron Confederacy, while quite a lot is known on the field about these groups very little of it is officially written up, so if the Cardinal sends people to investigate these groups then the information will be formally written up and put on the wiki for easier access.