Hi folks, so fresh off yesterday’s blog post about the books that are selling well on Amazon in this weird time, I thought I would do a second one, this time about the Romance and Erotica books that are trending. There are some quite interesting trends and niches that are doing very well and I think that they likely show some insight into current priorities.

Anyway, I just find it interesting to know what in the Romance and Erotica world is selling well. There’s always a surprise or two to be found and it’s one of the few genres that can be seen changing on a day by day basis. Also, a lot of the books are by small publishers or even independent authors which is cool to see.

First is the most obvious trend, that of books which are in the news and thus have a lot of marketing pushing them up the charts. These books are generally ones with an adaptation on TV or in the cinemas, or which has won a big award, or which have a big name author that the publishers think are worth the risk of spending money on. In Romance, this is definitely Sally Rooney’s, Normal People. The book in its various forms manages to take up three different slots on the top fifty through physical copies, eBook, and audiobook. In Erotica it is the book, Call Me By Your Name, which was a movie last year and seemed to do well on the award circuit.

Secondly, there are books which are placed in holiday settings, with characters both at home and away. There are several books in this niche for both the Romance and Erotica categories, the main difference appears to be that in Romance the characters are picking sunny seaside villages in England, while in Erotica characters are more likely to be exploring the Mediterranean or the Caribbean. This may be because there are more plots happening between “normal” people in Romance, while Erotica is still finding Billionaires, Millionaires, and Heirs in general irresistible. This is a clear point of distinction between the two genres and can be epitomised by the Fifty Shades of Grey series in Erotica, and The Corner Shop in Cockleberry Bay, by Nicola May in Romance. There are two more in the series and they are both on the list, along with a host of other books set in small countryside towns. This is definitely a trend that seems to be growing while people are trapped inside their homes and unable to escape on holiday. Given that, it is probably likely to stay on track for the short term and likely the long term as well.

There is also a clear trend in the Romance genre for books that reflect blended families. This is likely because people are looking for books that represent them and their families, and so is unlikely to fade or disappear any time soon. Books with small children and their romantically challenged parents are particularly popular.

In addition, Romance readers are clearly favouring books with Thriller plot as well as Romance as many of the books on the top fifty are perhaps only slightly romantic, with a heavier reliance on Thriller elements. This is also true in Erotica as a lot of the books doing well there are also heavily influenced by Thriller plot lines and tropes. This includes Mafia and Dark Romance Erotica books which frequently incorporate thriller plot hooks.

In addition, there are a lot of Supernatural themed books that are doing well, Urban Fantasy especially. There are a variety of different types, from Vampires to Shape Shifters, and even some Demonic heroes. Given that Midnight Sun, the new book from Stephanie Meyer, was announced yesterday I would not be surprised if there is a big increase in the number of books featuring Vampires and Shape Shifters which become popular in the near future. As well, of course, as books that were already seen as connected to the Twilight Series which are likely to see an increase in their sales numbers. Fifty Shades of Grey comes to mind as an example.

There are also some books blending the usual Urban Fantasy plotline of a warrior from the past who has vowed to follow the commands of a particularly powerful entity, such as a god or demon, with other niches. One, for example, features a Bodyguard storyline with a hero who is under the command of a Greek God. This is only one example, however, and so there are many opportunities to take a particularly favoured niche and put it into a sub-genre where it is less expected.

One Shape Shifter story breaks the traditional mould of featuring mostly Wolves, Big Cats, and Bears to instead feature a character who can turn into an armadillo. This is quite an interesting change of pace for the genre, but it does seem to come from a book series which heavily features less used creatures, so perhaps it is a one-off rather than a change in trends. Or at least, it is the latest in the series so the series is the one-off. The book, in case you were wondering, is Armadillo Packin’, and is by Charlie Richards. It is Number 28 in the Kontra’s Menagerie Series, which tells Erotic Romance stories featuring Shape Shifters who are part of the LGBTQIA+ community.

One author who is doing particularly well this week is Jodi Ellen Malpas. Multiple books by this author are showing up on the best selling erotica book list. These books feature Erotic Mysteries, with Alpha Male characters. These Alpha Male characters tend to hold a position of responsibility or control over their romantic partners. The books also tend to feature naive or vulnerable young women as the main character.

I hope everyone found this useful, I always find it so interesting to see how current world events are being shown through the niches and trends popular in the Romance and Erotica genres. As we can see from this post one of the things that is really doing well are books featuring holiday or vacation themes, likely because people are starting to feel claustrophobic at the current state of matters.

Tell me what you think, do you disagree with how I have read some of this? If so feel free to leave me a note in the comments I am always happy to read them.

Stay safe out there,