Well, things are certainly weird in the world at the moment, aren’t they?

Due to… everything, I am planning on staying home a lot more and because of that I’ll be taking on more regular editing work. I am a line and development editor primarily, but I also do proof reading, plot doctoring, and I am available for chats about how the characters won’t do as they are told.

For all work starting now and until the end of March, when I’ll be having a bit of a rethink based on what’s going on in the world, I will be charging £10 per thousand words. And when that sort of maths is doesn’t really work, like with chats about characters and so on, I’ll be happy to work out a different pay scale.

I studied English and Creative Writing at the University of Dundee for both my MA and my MLitt. A significant part of those courses involved editing both my own work and others. And since then I have done a lot of editing for all sorts of people. This has included doing work on engineering dissertations and short stories and articles. 

For academic work in particular, I won’t be able to tell you if your science or maths makes sense, because that is not in my skill set, but I can tell you if your writing makes sense and what you have to do to make it better.

You can get in touch with me on here or at my email, kirstybusinessmackay at yahoo dot com

The above email has been changed a bit so that scam artists cannot scoop it for spam.

But I hope that I can be helpful to anyone that needs it, and, after all, if we’re all going to be stuck in quarantine I imagine we will be needing more books and short stories to read, so send them my way.

Thanks, K