Hi folks, so I’ve been battling to keep up with the amount of writing I volunteered for when I started this website and basically it does not look like the current schedule and style of website is in any way sustainable. It turns out trying to make a living from freelance writing, plus writing novels, plus writing 6000+ words a week for a website is not really feasible. Who would have thought it! 

So I am going to reshuffle things once more and the website is still going to be here, but it is also going to change A LOT. Apologies if you have started to count on these posts, but it is just not feasible for me to continue them. The extra work was making it impossible for me to do anything else. It was basically like a creative juices vampire, if you want your weird metaphor for the day.

So I am going shake things up a little. Starting from Monday, the pages that have been on the website up until now will become part of the Old Website Pages, which will sit behind their own category on their own. I will also be starting to post a lot more posts that are not linked to a certain date. That was killing me. Honestly, writing an extra thousand words plus a day was not a smart idea. Instead, I will be doing more posts that are timeless and usable at any point. And I will be posting a lot more personal stuff. 

Part of this is because I will be taking this website over as my own personal website. I’ll be doing a page with an introduction at some point so you can know who is actually here on the other side of this laptop, but it will hopefully not be quite so tiring to write a few posts a week about different subjects, rather than writing eleven posts a week about practically the same stuff. Apologies if this is devastating for you, but it was do it this way or just shutter the website entirely. And, to be blunt, the pun in the website’s name is too good and I love it too much for me to waste by not using it. So, I hope you will stick with me as I shift to this new style of website. If you need permission to get out, you have it 100%. 

If you have any questions about why I am doing this, or what the website is going to be like, then just ask them in the comments and I will try my best to get back to you. I would also like to give my most heartfelt thank yous to the wonderful people who have gone out of their way to keep me motivated. I can honestly say that if it wasn’t for them I would have given up on this adventure a long, long time ago. I still feel a little like I’m letting you down, to be honest, but the website was not working and I was feeling half dead from what I was managing to do. So, all things considered, thank you for being by my side as I started down this path and I hope you will stick with me as I start this new one.

Thanks, K