Hi folks, another busy week, with masses of political nonsense happening all over the world which has been very distracting for everyone, I am sure. Luckily, you have my weekly round up of the niches and trends in the various best selling charts this week to look forward to and to help you get caught up again. As always, there have been lots of interesting changes in what’s popped up on the charts this week, but there’s also plenty of old reliable trends and niches doing well.

First off, in Fiction. Lots of Mystery, Thriller, and Suspense books are doing well, mostly they seem to be leaning pretty heavily into the contemporary American murder novel, with thriller and suspense elements extremely popular. There is a preference for women detectives as the lead protagonist, and a lot of them have a personal tie to the mystery they are involved in. There is also a lot of Romance on the charts, and funnily enough weddings as a major theme are also very popular. This means that there are a lot of fake weddings and stuff like that proving popular. War fiction has been popular in History, while clean breaks and new lives are increasingly popular in Women’s Fiction. And Apocalypses and Magical Academies are all doing well here too.

In Non-Fiction, History is pretty popular, with a lot of the focus going onto American History and True Crime. War biographies and memoirs are also very popular. Political History is catching a lot of readers’ attention, for not entirely surprising reasons, while a lot of people are also interested about Science. Some of these books look at Science as a Historical topic, while others as a modern or futuristic one. But Science, in  general, seems to be pretty popular. There are also a lot of books looking at Self Help, and Recipes that are linked to this, so healthier diets or diets for specific issues. There are also a lot of inspirational books about women, women who have changed the world and have been made into icons for it, or women who have been forgotten, are both popular topics.

In Fantasy, there is a lot of interest at the moment in Viking styled Fantasy, whether that is historically accurate or not. Magical Realism has also been popular this week, and these stories tend to be set in a more modern era, either contemporary or within the last two centuries. Interestingly, there seems to be more interest in looking at real issues, but exploring them in a world with magic, than there has been before. And importantly, real issues are explored with the correct context rather than throwing together a mishmash of cultures to make a fake one in a fantasy setting. Magical Academies are still going strong, there appears to be little capable of standing in their way. And LitRPG novels with a serious slant towards the fantasy side of the spectrum are also doing fairly well.

Science Fiction has seen a bit of a boost thanks to the recent publishing of a new collection by Amazon. This collection has numerous big name authors involved and they are helping to attract readers in to the genre. There is still lots of interest in Apocalypses and Dystopias, they are happily holding steady in the midst of the other shake ups. And the books in the LitRPG genre which fall on this side of the spectrum are also doing well, though there are more books featuring Super Heroes than previously has been the case, so that’s notable. And lastly, a lot of the books doing very well that break with many of these recognised trends are classics which are being reissued or have caught the attention of readers in some other way.

In Teen and YA books, there is a big push towards Fantasy and Paranormal Romance. A lot of this is because of the general trend for Magical Academy books, but there are also books which do not follow that trend and instead feature other tropes. Over all, young women are the most popular of the protagonists, and this crosses over into the Literature side of the category too. Again, like in Fiction, there is a lot of focus on books where people start new lives or cast off the traumas of their old ones. But there is also a trend for books where the protagonist is not the character that is the centre of the action, instead they are a point of view character that is slightly outside the drama.

History is on similar lines to what was popular in the Non-Fiction category, but there are aslo some changes. Over all, the most popular niche is probably the Second World War. There are a host of books high up on the chart focused on this subject. Next, and in a mix of factual and fictional, are Cowboys and Western stories. True Crime books are still very popular, with people seeming to enjoy particularly gritty and gory stories this week. Science and Tech continue to be popular, and women are a particular focus within this niche. Biographies are also doing well, particularly ones about famous Americans.

In Romance this week Enemies to Lovers is a major trope that seems to be getting people’s attention across many of the sub genres. There is also a lot of focus on Second Chance stories, and Fake Relationships, Employer/Employee, and similar tropes. Sports Romance is doing very well and is being set in both High School settings and Contemporary settings. High School romances are doing well in general, with lots of Reverse Harems and Bully Romances proving popular. Books with cowboys and Texan heroes are also doing very well. Vikings, Highlanders, and Regency Nobles are all still pretty darn popular. These three niches are always selling well, though there are some interesting nuances this week – including an increase in the number of LGBTQ+ books available. Also Christmas themed novels have also started being sold, so heads up. In Paranormal Romance, there has been a boost to the Vampire and Angel niches, thanks to the publication of some new books by big name authors. Otherwise, the usual niches seem to be doing well, Shape Shifters, Fae, and Magical Academies in particular. In Science Fiction Romance things have also not changed overly much, the most popular niche is still the Alien Man meets Human Woman, one and it seems to be going from strength to strength. Dystopias and Apocalypses are also doing well, and aside from that there isn’t much to say about the category.

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