There are several concurrent themes running through the books on the best selling Science Fiction Romance chart, this week. They can mostly be split into three groups, the first is Aliens plus Human woman, then there are the books based in apocalypses and dystopias, and then finally there is the category that could either be described as “every thing else” or, the books that have Science Fiction and Romance, but maybe aren’t the classic idea of Science Fiction Romance.

First the Alien and Human woman category. This niche is the most popular in the Science Fiction Romance genre, and in some ways it is very similar to the Shape Shifter niche in Paranormal Romance. The man is generally part of a warrior culture, high enough up in the society to be respected and left to go his own way. Or at least, there don’t tend to be very many competent and genuinely good senior figures telling them what to do. The hero is usually part of an alien species that looks mostly human, and often they are capable of having children together. In fact, this is often an important part of the plot as infertility is often a part of the world building and back story. They also tend to be in very male dominated societies, either by social mores or by numbers. There is often an ongoing war in the story, humans are in just about every possible position in these wars, from aggressors, to victims, to  that which is being fought over.

The second category, of apocalypses and dystopias, is usually on the fairly grim side of things. Not quite Grim Dark, but a fair ways away from Noble Bright. The world is terrible, everything has gone to Hell (sometimes literally) and humanity must find a way to survive and in the midst of this families are sundered and combined. Most of these books feature a technological doom, such as EMP apocalypses. But Climate Change is also becoming more popular. There are also various disasters from space, aliens, asteroids, and such like. The trope of found families is growing in popularity, as is that of second chances.

Finally, we come to the books that are more Science Fiction with Romance, rather than Science Fiction Romance. This includes some of the best books from the main Science Fiction chart, such as Tamsyn Muir’s, Gideon the Ninth, which is a story about Lesbian Necromancers in Space. It is also one that is very definitely on our To Be Read list. This category is obviously very varied, but it is also clear that readers are really enjoying female led stories, especially ones written by women.

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