This week has seen some interesting changes in the best selling charts for Paranormal Romance, some niches which had fallen out of favour are becoming more popular, while the old favourites are still holding strong, and even going so far as to push out some of the medium sized trends from previous weeks. This means it looks a touch odd, with some smaller niches becoming more powerful, while some intermediate sized ones falling away entirely. It seems likely that a lot of the changes are actually relying on the placement of some particular books on the chart, rather than over all trends.

Two authors who have put out new books and resurrected half dead niches are J. R. Ward and Nalini Singh. Vampires have been losing their place in the chart for a while now, but with Ward’s new book, The Saviour, they have received a transfusion of new blood and are doing better. Meanwhile, angels and vampires are the main supernatural elements involved within Archangel’s War, and they are similarly seeing a bit of a boost from the publication of Singh’s new book.

In comparison, the books featuring Magical Academies are still holding strong. These books often blend witch tropes with shape shifter tropes, sometimes adding in the old Paranormal Romance favourite of a reasonably normal person stuck into the middle of a war between the two. Often the main character is on the outside of the social norms, this helps to make them an easier character for the reader to relate to, and also aids in giving them a reason to be asking the questions the reader wants answered.

Second most popular this week was the Fae or Elf based story. These stories tend to rely on a lot of Fantasy genre elements, including political intrigue, quests, and long drawn out battles and wars across multiple books. They are also very likely to have a main character who has powers, though again she (and they are nearly always she) will still not know everything and will frequently need to ask the other characters questions. There also tends to be a lot of royalty in the stories, this tends to mean that there are lots of marriages of convenience, arranged marriage, and enemies to lovers stories mixed into the plots.

Shape shifters are also very popular this week, and there is a large variety of animals being used for the shifting abilities. This is quite different to previous weeks when the choice has been quite narrow, however this week the choices include;

  • Dragons (very popular, often combined with Fae and Firefighter stories)
  • Wolves
  • Bears
  • Alligators
  • Griffins

All of these books also tend to involve some Alpha tropes, plus Reverse Harem, Fated Mates, Pregnancy Kink, Omegaverse, and various other popular tropes common to the Paranormal Genre.

Finally, there is also a thin smattering of books that are closer to Horror than Paranormal Romance on the chart as well. Some zombies, haunted dolls, and other classic tropes are involved. 

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