This week in Romance there is a swing back to some of the older niches and trends which have dropped off in popularity in recent weeks. The books on the best seller’s charts always tend to be the ones by the most famous authors and the latest in long series, and that is no different this week, but there are also a lot of newer series getting lots of eyes on them this week. There are also some themes popping up in the covers, as well as the perennial shirtless man photo, there are also a lot of nature scenes and pictures of women in black leather, with and without weaponry.

So first off, there are a lot of Enemies to Lovers books on sale at the moment and they seem to be very popular. These tend to be set in contemporary America for the most part. They are often paired with other tropes, such as Fake Marriage, which is also doing very well, Employer/Employee Romance which is showing up but not in the same numbers as it once was. There are also several Mafia stories which also blend in other tropes, such as these. 

Sports Romance is having a bit of a come back, with a more varied number of sports represented this week than has been the case previously. There are ice hockey players, America Football players, plus lots of others. This is likely a good sign since narrowing it down to only a single sport would likely exclude readers, while using lots of different sports will pull in readers who may have a personal reason for wishing to read about a certain sport.

Paranormal Romance is doing well this week, with Magical Academy books getting a lot of traction with readers. The magical creatures preferred for heroes this week seem to be mostly dragons, and, somewhat surprisingly, vampires who had been having a worse time of it lately. There is also a lot of interest around the new Nalini Singh book, Archangel’s War, which features angels and vampires in a world filled with magic.

Cowboys and Texans are doing very well this week, though interestingly, these tend to be set in contemporary America rather than a historical version, which is where cowboys usually do their best. Firefighters are also doing very well, though some of these are also linked to the dragon shape shifter stories in the Paranormal genre.

High school settings are popular outside of the Magical Academy niche, as well, and in particular these books appear to have a lot of reverse harems, and bully romances.

As well as pure romance novels, there are also several books which are from other main genres, but their popularity and a Romance subplot has pulled them up this chart somewhat by accident. This is happening with Mystery, Suspense and Thriller books, Women’s Fiction, and Fantasy novels, in particular.

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