This week has seen a real push towards Paranormal Romance and Fantasy in the Teen and Young Adult category. There are also a lot of readers looking for Romance and Literature, with a small pinch of Science Fiction as well.

Paranormal Romance is always a popular genre in this category, there are always numerous books from the the Magical Academy niche and this week is no exception. While there are numerous series on the chart this week which are part of this niche, the most notable in their scale is the Harley Merlin series, by Bella Forrest, and of course, Harry Potter, by J. K. Rowling. These two have a lot in similarity to each other, beyond even their niches there is the naming styles of the books (So-And-So and the Very Scary Adventure, etc.). This is clearly a sign post for readers to find this type of book, and while it is not universal it is interesting that the two most popular series in this niche do use it. In general, outside the Harry Potter series, the Magical Academy books feature a female protagonist who is thrust into danger at the advent of their school career. There is usually a romance plot, often it is either a Love Triangle, or a Reverse Harem story. There is usually at least one non-human character in the book, often a shape shifter, a dragon, or something similarly magical.

Elsewhere, there are also Paranormal Romance books that don’t feature Magical Academies, though these tend to be rarer. The Magical Academy trope is often used as a way of keeping the story to a younger age group, and books that don’t feature them tend to be for older age groups.

Romance in general is very popular as well, the use of High School settings is continued here, though. This also means that there are a lot of Bully Romances and Sports Romances featured, since those are story lines that suggest themselves to the setting. These books can get quite dark in some places, especially the Bully Romances.

Fantasy has become really popular this week, with a lot of High Fantasy books with lots of Magic, Political Intrigue, and similar tropes on show.These books nearly all feature a female protagonist and often also include a Romantic plot line, as well. Princesses are a very popular protagonist choice, and they tend to be politically aware and/or militarily trained. This encourages the “Not Like Other Girls” element of the character design, which always tends to be quite popular.

The Literary books on the chart are also becoming more popular. There is a lot of interest in books where young women, in particular, are involved in stories where the plot is dramatic, yet removed from them a touch. The protagonists tend to be watching the action, rather than involved.

Science Fiction is less popular than some of the other niches, but it is still present. The trend for Dystopian Fiction is still continuing, and it is notably more popular than Apocalyptic fiction this week.

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