Science Fiction has seen some changes this week, thanks in part to the release of a new collection from Amazon. As well as this new influx of books, there is also plenty of interest in books that feature Dystopian or Apocalyptic Futures, Military Science Fiction, Space Operas, Science Fiction Romance, LitRPG/GameLit novels, and Reissued Classics of the Science Fiction Canon.

The new collection from Amazon is called, the Forward Collection, there are about 6 books in the collection at the moment, featuring varied authors such as Veronica Wroth, Andy Weir, and N. K. Jemison. These are all big names in the genre, with dozens of awards between them. All of these books find themselves in the very top of the chart, proving if anyone ever needed the proof, that readers love being able to move around in a collection or series. These books will likely pull in readers who are interested in one or another of the authors, and then by dint of being in a collection the reader will go on to read the other books.

Outside of this novel marketing scheme, there is the continued interest from readers in the tried and tested genres of Dystopian and Apocalyptic fiction. These books are primarily relying on the idea of humanity doing something stupid or terrible to the planet which makes it uninhabitable. Typically, the books then diverge. Some are set immediately after the disaster and follow the protagonists as they do their best to survive in the burned out remnants of society while the fires are still burning, or they are set in some far off and distant future where normal life is nothing but a dim and rumoured memory. 

Military Science Fiction, particularly that which is set in space, is also popular this week. There are a lot of books that are set in the furthest reaches of the cosmos with little connection to Earth. These books often feature mostly human casts, despite this, and if there are non-human characters they tend to be secondary ones or foes of the protagonist. There is also an almost Fantasy-like trend towards evil empires and battles in these books, rather than the more expected adventuring and exploring. 

Science Fiction Romance i s still going strong, with plenty of readers enjoying books written to take place within a few narrow niches. The first is the most well known, and is the classic that is the Human Woman/Alien Man who is a Warrior, niche. These books tend to feature a lot of Dark Romance elements and can have an apocalypse or dystopian setting. The other niche doing well is the Science Fiction retelling of a Fairy Tale, which is often a bit of an odd fit in the genre.

LitRPG and GameLit novels are also doing very well, unlike the more fantasy based side of this genre the books that do well in the Science Fiction charts tend to focus more directly on the video game elements rather than just using them as a vehicle for telling the story. So, for example, there may be more of a focus on the mechanics or on the video game reporting to other people outside of the game world. The settings in the games might also be more Science Fiction based, and often include Super Heroes instead of High Fantasy.

Finally, there are a lot of books this week which are reissued classics. Of course, Margaret Atwood’s, The Handmaid’s Tale is doing well, but this has been helped along by the television show and the arrival of the sequel.But there are also plenty of other books that fall under this category too. In particular, there are several collected editions which have the majority or specially picked short stories from various authors.

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