This week the choices are extremely varied in the Non-Fiction Best Seller’s chart, there are surprisingly few trends and a lot of different interests on show instead. American History, of varying types is one niche that is getting some traction, as are books on Science. There are also a lot of different types of Self Help books up for grabs and some recipe books. Books by and about women are very popular, and these go the range from political books to historical biographies. There are also a lot of books about politics in general.

American History is one area that really shows off how varied the interest of readers has been this week. There seems to be a clear interest in military history, especially that of the Revolutionary period with multiple biographies of generals and soldiers. There are also a lot of books about more recent wars, such as WW2 and the Iraq War. Historical True Crime is also catching some attention with readers, with stories of mass murder from before the advent of modern forensics proving popular. Books on the Presidency are also popular, often these are politically motivated either for or against a point of view.

Books about Science are doing well. Some of these are relatively straight forward, they are about a singular topic and seek to educate the reader on it in a through manner. Other books are a little more complicated, for example some books are not on one topic, but instead are about a loosely connected or completely disconnected list of topics. Some books in this manner are designed to merely contain things which the writer thought would be interesting enough to catch and hold the reader’s attention. Some books attempt a narrative, to ell the story of an event in an eye catching way. One of these is Kate Moore’s, The Radium Girls, which explains the horrible events regarding the young women who were poisoned with Radium while they were working for the War Effort in WW2. These books that tell a story also include a lot of books about frightening events where people were pushed to the limit of human endurance and beyond it, such as mountain climbing disasters and similar.

Self Help Books and Recipe books are also quite popular, there is a lot of overlap in these two niches as there appears to be a push towards fixing your life via eating the right thing. There are also books about Mental Health and Economic Success which are doing well. Persuasion skills are also doing well as people, in particular, seem to be looking at their work prospects.

Books by and about women are also doing very well. Books like The Radium Girls, which has already be mentioned, but also books such as Michelle Obama’s, Becoming, and 200 Women: Who Will Change The Way You See The World. These are all proving very popular, as are various books about women that are acting as tie-in works with movies and television shows.

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