This week has seen a big increase in the amount of genre fiction on the fiction chart. These books are typically part of the Mystery, Suspense, or Thriller genre, or Romance, or Fantasy and Science Fiction. There has also been a bump in the number of books from the Historical Fiction genre. As well as these genres, there is also some interest in Women’s Fiction.

So first off, there are a lot of books in the Mystery, Thriller, and Suspense genre on the chart this week. Readers seem to be particularly interested in books where the main character is a woman and is a professional detective. There is also a preference for stories set in country settings, with a lot of wild nature in the imagery and on the covers. Generally, the victim, the perpetrator and the detectives are in some ways linked. Often there is a theme of returning, with the detective going back to look over a mystery that they faced wen they were younger or to which they were connected. The books are also mostly set in a contemporary or near contemporary American setting, and there has been a drop in Cosy Mysteries.

Romance is also set in a primarily contemporary American setting, with few of the books using settings as a major plot point or as a trope. For example, there are few books featuring Holiday Romances or similar. Instead the more popular option seems to be the use of old favourite tropes. For example, there are a lot of Second Chance Romances, and Fake Relationships, and Enemies to Lovers Romances. Weddings are a major theme, with multiple books featuring them as a major plot point and going so far as to use them for the majority of the artwork and marketing. There is also some interest in the use of Sports Romance plot lines, which tend to also have Alpha Male elements and Billionaire/Millionaire heroes.

Fantasy and Science Fiction is doing extremely well this week, there are a lot of new books on the chart, or at least books that are new to the chart. There are several books featuring Dystopias and Apocalypses, as well as some series where Magical Academies are a major plot point. Magical Realism is also a major niche, with the readers apparently preferring books which have been set in a past decade or century to contemporary ones. There is also a new Amazon Collection which is attracting a lot of attention, this Forward Collection has numerous books by some of the biggest writers in the genre, these Science Fiction novels are short (apparently about 90 minutes in length) and varied in their plots and tropes.

Historical Fiction is a mix this week, there is a lot set in the Second World War and other wars. These books tend to be focused on the intrigue and espionage that occurred off the battle fields. They are also very focused on the female point of view, with female writers and protagonists taking the lead.

Women’s Fiction is pretty similar, mostly filled with female characters and authors, plus, with a major priority being given to books where someone breaks away from the unhealthy life they have been stuck in and tries something new. There has not been as much focus as is usual on books where the characters return to a place of their past, instead there is a lot more focus on clean breaks and changing for the better.

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