This week in the History charts the readers seem to be very focused on American History, and American Political History in particular. A lot of people are also interested in books about the 9/11 Attacks, as well as books about True Crime. There is also some interest in World History, particularly Renaissance Europe, Russia, and the Roman Empire. There is also a surprising amount of interest from people in books about very small and narrow niches.

The American History focus this weeks appears to be primarily on the political bubble around Washington, D.C., the majority of books are either directly about the White House, the people who have lived and worked there, or people who have influenced what has happened there. Interestingly, The Autobiography of Eleanor Roosevelt, is outselling the book on her husband. There is also a Ron Chernow biography at the top of the cart, this one on Washington, rather than the biography of Alexander Hamilton which is famous for inspiring the musical. As well as these books, there is some interest on the lives of Native Americans, though it is a much less popular niche in this category. There are also several books on the Military History of America, including several Autobiographies and Memoirs.

The books covering the attacks on 9/11 are principally books analysing the immediate effects. The writers are particularly interested in oral history style stories, ones which are individual rather than reflective of mass scale feelings.

There are also a lot of True Crime books on the charts this week, these books are principally about violent crime and the victims are generally people the reader is expected to empathise with. Most of the books are from older time periods (for this niche, at least) most of them taking place before the First World War.

European History is attracting some notice this week, Royalty in the time period of the Rennaissance or around this period are particularly popular with readers. There is also a lot of interest in Roman history, plus books about where the Romans interacted with other cultures are also getting a lot of eyes on them. More recent history about Russia has also proved popular, people are clearly interested in the changes the country has gone through in its turbulent recent past.

And finally, there are a lot of books about very small niche subjects getting reader’s attention. For example, Melanie Rehak’s, Girl Sleuth: Nancy Drew and the Women Who Created Her, and Susan Russo’s, The Encyclopedia of Sandwiches. These books occupy a very small niche in the market, and it would be hard to see someone only reading for these tiny parts of history, but they are clearly novel enough to catch people’s attention. Perhaps they are drawing in readers who are curious, but not frequent History readers, or they are getting History readers to branch out of their usual areas. It is hard to say, but what is clear is that sometimes a really interesting and thorough book on a small subject can do very well.

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