The reading choices being made this week are a bit odd, and are showing that on the Best Selling Non-Fiction chart. There is a lot of interest this week in three primary areas, first the Political one, both modern and historical, then there is a lot of interest in Self Help, and finally a lot of interest in Cooking and Recipe books. It’s not that these areas have not attracted attention before now, but it has not been common for them to do so to almost the exclusion of other niches and genres.

Politics is always a popular genre in Non-Fiction and it is understandable why. There is nothing else which has a bigger impact on someone’s life, than the choices that are being made for them in the political world. So, there are books about and by people who have recently been in the political limelight. Plus, similar books about historical events and the people who lived through them. There are books explaining what a certain political movement or event mean. There is also a clear interest in books about people who have lived on the sidelines of historical places and events. These people may have worked their fingers to the bone to make them happen, but because they were not the famous face, they largely went unaccredited. There are also a lot of books by people telling the stories of their lives and in particular, explaining where they feel things went wrong or what when unnoticed. Similarly, there are a lot of books which claim to be explaining or exposing the truth about these people or events.

Self Help this week seems to be incredibly focused on the idea of Mindfulness and Meditation. From books that were written thousands of years ago, to books at the cutting edge of this topic, people seem to be very intrigued by this idea. There is also a lot of focus on economic self help, whether this is advice on sticking to a budget, or books advising you on how to get ahead in business, there is a clear interest in monetary issues. Mental Health is also a popular subject, with readers particularly interested in not just books about how to help themselves, but also books in which they can learn how to better help those around them.

Finally there is an interesting change in what people appear to be interested in for the Cooking and Recipe books. Normally these are a mix of books focused on a particular diet, books by famous chefs, or books for use alongside particular kitchen instruments. But this week there is a lot of interest in specifically the ways in which you might preserve your food for a long time period. This involves books on canning, fermenting, and making dried trail mixes. It is a very odd niche to suddenly get so much attention, but so it goes.