This week there appears to be a bit of variation in the books readers are going for, but it is still within the same boundaries as previous weeks. The Best Seller’s list doesn’t really have much in the way of surprises, but there is still plenty to dig into.

Murder mysteries and thrillers are pulling ahead of a lot of the other categories and genres, this week. In particular the main interest people seem to have is in very suspenseful works, where a lot of the mystery and fear is internalised within the characters. People are reading a lot of stories where someone’s home or another safe space, has been turned against them, with hidden threats and danger where people should feel secure. There are also a lot of books about serial killers and mass murderers with a specific target group. It seems to be clear that readers are more interested in books where the protagonist has an emotional tie to the victims, either past, present or future. They seem to be less interested in detective novels where there is no emotional tie between the detective and those who need justice.

In Romance this week there is a lot of focus on books where the characters know each other before the plot. This means that there is a lot of interest in books featuring Second Chance Romances, Enemies to Lovers Romances, plus a lot of Marriages and Relationships of Convenience or Arranged Marriages. There is also a lot of interest in Sports Romances and Bully Romances. These books both tend to feature very heavily in High School Romances and College/University Romances, where it is easier to arrange for these tropes to happen.

Science Fiction is extremely popular this week, there are multiple books by big name authors on the charts, but also a smattering of lesser known books and writers, which helps to prove that it is the genre that is popular, not just the authors themselves. Margaret Atwood and Stephen King are two of the most obvious examples of this week’s popularisation of Science Fiction. Both Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale, and it’s new sequel, The Testaments are doing very well and and placing highly in the chart. Plus, Stephen King’s The Institute is also being read in high numbers.

There is also some interest in Fantasy, especially Fantasy based in Magical Realist tropes. Harry Potter is a good example of this, because while the magic is happening there is also a supposedly normal real world going on in the back ground. This is quite interesting as it shows that this may be a time where the Faux Medieval style of Fantasy may be losing it’s popularity, which is being indicated, also, by the fact that no Tolkien books are on the chart this week.

The Historical Fiction on the chart this week is very focused on books about times of war or political strife. There are numerous books, for example, set in and around the Second World War. They are also primarily about and by women.

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